OUF - The Fornax Incident

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OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Carlen Darko on Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:10 am

...Initializing database
“Command Search: logs dating 21ATC”
...searching archives
...logs located
“Command Search: The Fornax Incident”
...searching logs
...log 117.01.413 located
“Command Line: open historical logbook”
...opening log
...error, off limits
"Command Line: override"
...enter name and passcode
"Command Line: Sa'athis, Quinlan"
"Command Line: *********"
...override excepted

Carlen Darko

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Carlen Darko on Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:32 am

...load complete
"Command Line: initialize video interface"
...video feed start

"Hey, check, check, is thing running. Rodger, can you fix that feedback. I'm hearing an echo. Check...check, alright, it's good," Field Marshall Cursor rambled as he fiddled with the video device attached to his helmet.
"Great, all is working. Okay, let's get the team in here for the breifing."

The room slowly filled with a montage of members. Some robed, some in trooper casuals, even a peculiar unarmored woman with flame-licked hair. In the very back, hidden away, a hooded figure could also be seen, unmoving, as if dead.

"Alright, for those who know me, welcome. For those who don't, I am Field Marshall Garn Cursor. I will be second in command on this mission under Grand Vizier Marco. Vizier Marco has many things to tend to before we depart, so he has left this briefing to me."

Cursor runs his hand along the wall as a holo screen buzzes to life. After a moment, a planet, orange and surrounded by five rings, spun on the screen.

"This is planet Fornax in the Glythe Sector of the Mid Rim. 6 days ago, we sent a team to investigate a missing member of our Order. You remember her as Farath Haan. 3 days ago, we received a distress beacon from our team. They have not made contact since."

"People, this is a serious matter. The team sent was one of our best and it is not like them to fail nor to stay out of contact. Also, within the beacon, we discovered something out of...." Cursor cut short when he heard a low grunt in the back by the hooded figure.

"Right, well, that isn't important. Our mission is simple. Rondevu on Fornax, locate the missing team and Haan, and head home. Are there any questions....no, then get your gear together and meeting in the bay in 6 hours."

The room quickly emptied as the team made their way out to prepare.

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Jasterk Staren on Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:14 am

Jasterk filled out of the room along with the rest of the team and headed for his quarters. Not much was clearly known about the mission so he decided it would be best to wear his complete set of armor. He didn't usually wear it because it was less then inconspicuous but the leg plates and especially the helmet had saved him many times.

Jasterk finally made it to his quarters and stepped into the spotless and rather bland room. Coming from a militaristic family, Jasterk liked it that way, the only things on the walls were weapon schematics and a map of his three hundred year old ship he had managed to find in a library on Coruscant. Jasterk removed his uniform and hung it neatly in the closet next to the jumpsuit that he pulled out.

He slipped into the fire proof mandolorian under armor and put on his spiked combat boots then put on the blaster resistant fiber vest. After that came the vest on which the chest, shoulder, neck, and back plates where attached, this time with a jetpack. Jasterk fed the tube and activation switch for the jetpack through the loops on his left sleeve, and the tube for the flame thrower on his right. After that he latched on the gauntlets and put on the spiked gloves. He had smelted the beskar gauntlets him self on mandalor, they were capable of not only deflecting lightsabers, but a blade could extend seven inches out the bottom and deal a serious and fatal blow.

Jasterk sometimes felt as if he had to many weapons, but then remembered that with each one he had killed someone, and only because that weapon was needed for that particular kill. Next he put on the thigh, knee, shin and boot plates. Now it was time for the weapons, a utility belt containing all manner of poison darts, grenades, tools, comlink jammers, comlink transmitters, and a sith lightsaber he had taken from his first bounty.

after that came his holsters holding duel blaster revolvers, then he picked a rifle from his gunrack. A CQB rifle would be good for the close quarters conditions they might come upon but Jasterk put the scope on and the barrel extension just in case, he decided in addition to the lightsaber he should take a blade and picked the short blade out of his strong box containing cortosis swords then clipped the sheath to the left side of his belt. Jasterk couldn't wear his bandoleers with the jetpack on and elected to just wear five extra pouches with about a thousand shots worth of ammo. He figured he was ready and walked out the door grabbing his helmet and holding it under his arm. He was traveling heavy so the five minutes of flight time on his jetpack would come in handy when traveling fast.

He had fought in a small mandolorian war in the same suit with similar armament to what he was wearing now and he had only been able to run for about two standard minutes before he started to slow.

Five hours till he had to leave, perhaps he would go check on the other team members.
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Kevlar on Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:30 am

Alicia De'Lories watched as members of the Order filed from the briefing room, thinking of the rather odd short briefing.

Turning slightly she looked across the room at the hooded figure, the hood shifted her way as the figure noticed her attention. For a few seconds neither made any movement.

Finally at some unseen gesture, Alicia gave a curt nod, unfolded her arms and straightened from the wall to slip into the line of personnel leaving the room to join into the some what busy hall.

She felt a little out of place moving amongst the crowd of the great hall, mostly because she was unarmored, feeling a little vulnerable dressed only in the OUF uniformed jumpsuit.

Ignoring the sensation she made her way towards the turbolifts which would take her to crewquarters.

'Lita, what do we know about Fornax?' She mentally queried her AI. The sentient intelligence had no doubt already anticipated her request and had already been compiling information since the planet was mentioned in the briefing.

'Not much I'm afraid, it's unsettled and barren, a distance from any tradelanes. Here, I'll bring it up.' Lita said in her mind as a dozen images, dataspreads, graphs and charts sprang up in Alicia vision as the AI began the summary of her curiosity.

'Planet Fornax of the Fornax System, Glythe Sector, Mid Rim sector G-7.'
'Registered population Zero, Planet Terrain Barren.'
'Local space traffic Negligible, No nearby tradelanes. Smuggler activity reported High'
'Military space classification Contested, High Republic Fleet presence, Medium Imperial Fleet presence.'

'So what's an Order member doing missing all the way out no where?' Alicia puzzled as she stepped into the turbo lift with a few others.

'Accessing personnel files.' Lita quickly replaced the current displayed information with the personnel file on Farath Haan.

The information on Farath Haan was pretty sparse, barely beyond the cursory bio's all OUF members submitted. A few after action reports where scattered here and there as well as performance reviews. None of which suggested what she should be doing out on some backwater planet.

Alicia swept the data from her vision in disgust as the turbolift doors slid open on crewquarters.

'Keep digging, something is definitely off with this little adventure.' She told her mental companion as she step from the lift and turned down a corridor.

'You always say that.' Lita complained halfheartedly as she returned to her cyber snooping.

"And I'm always right" Alicia muttered out loud as she palmed open the security locks of her quarters and step through.

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Arashi Storm on Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:13 pm

Arashi was the first one out of the briefing room. Not that he was in a hurry, he was just sitting closest to the exit. He headed towards his quarters to pack his gear. On the way there he was trying to make up the list of gear he would need. This proved difficult due to how vague and short the brief had been.

Arashi said to himself
'guess I'll pack heavy.'

Even though he wasn't a Mandalorian, he spent ten years being trained by one named Atin Vau. Arashi didn't really like the Mandalorians very much, but he was thankful for the training he had received under Atin. He pulled out his set of blue and green Mando armor. The blue representing Reliability and green for Duty. The rest of his gear consisted of rifles, pistols, knives, sealed food packs, and such. Of course all gear had to be tested and inspected before stowing it away. It was a bit time consuming, but the members of the team had several hours to prep for the mission. After getting all his gear together the only thing he had left to do was notify his second in command in the Judicial Committee of his mission.

Now it was a waiting game.
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Kevlar on Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:31 am

Alicia stepped from the sonic shower cubical and secured the sash to her Tauntaun fur robe as she stepped into the main foyer of her quarters.

Growing up in the lower levels of Coruscant was a very filthy experience, subsequently, being clean was one of the few luxuries Alicia thoroughly enjoyed in her adult existence. So she had spent an extra amount of time relaxing.

Considering where she was going next, who knew when the next time she was going to be clean?

'So any luck on a background for our missing Haan?'
She mentally queried her AI Lita as she shook out her crimson hair and walked over to the side of her quarters, a large flat, featureless wall which split open to reveal her personal armory.

'Relevant information is oddly sparse, I've uncovered an endless litany of your average paperwork for normal activities. But actual information on the subject is strangely rare.'

A list of data scrolled down one side of Alicia's vision.

'From overall available information, data is extrapolated recording Farath Haan as a crafter assigned to the Economic Council. No current assignment is recorded in Caarimon databases.'

"Rather odd." Alicia voiced her opinion absently as she visually skimmed over the array of lethal tools. Red flags popped up on a couple of data entries in her scrolling display followed by a few lines of data.

'This might be something, I found some references to non-existent files and some encrypted links.' The AI said excitedly glee. She absolutely loved it when they ran across encrypted archives, seeing it as a personal challenge.

'Encryption? Any chance we could see what these links lead to?' Alicia asked, thinking perhaps the missing Order member was a little more then she appeared on the surface.

'Already done, I'm back tracing the links to the data-sites now.' Lita replied, sounding a little occupied as she tunneled through the encryption.

Alicia ran one hand down her skin-suit hung inside the center of her armory space, the tight-fitting armor splayed like a life sized mannequin with its legs slightly apart and its arms out wide to both sides.

The armor itself didn't look like much, being far thinner and frailer looking then the huge bulky powered units she'd seen many of the Orders commando stomp around in, but in actuality, the skin-suit was a master's work of art in personal protection and physical augmentation.
It was a unique piece of technology, its dedicated design and fabrication cost as much as a few shuttles. Alicia knew, she'd spent her entire life's fortune on her gear.

In comparison to liquid assets, she knew she was likely the poorest person on the base. The fact seemed rather at odds to her profession as a top tier Acquisitions Expert, but in reality every single credit she has ever earned has gone into her tech and gear. She knew for a fact that the contents of the armory she was standing in front was worth at least couple of Republic Cruisers.

'For binaries sake!' Lita suddenly barked in frustration. 'The encrypted links dead ended.'

'Corrupted data?' Alicia asked.

'I would say not, the dateline was corrupted, I would wager it was tampered with, but I manage to reconstruct the pathways, but the data-site the pathways lead to has been physically removed.'
Rather overkill I would say, what possible reason would someone go to such lengths to hide information. Plus doing something like removing hardware is just rude!'
The AI complained, sounding a bit indignant.

'I think we are being sent a message.' Alicia gave a small grin as she dropped her robe and stepped forwards into the open armory and climbed into the skin-suit.

'Oh?' Lita asked in a curious tone as the skin-suit collapsed around Alicia with a suction slurp
, forming a second polyalloy skin with thin ablative plating.

'I think someone is telling us to stop snooping.' Alicia replied as she stepped from the suit cradle within the armory and started some basic function tests, stretches to insure her skin-suit's performance.

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Jasterk Staren on Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:44 am

Jasterk was walking to Arashi's room to ask him if he wanted to get in some simulator time in the shoot house before they had to leave.

He didn't often wear his armor around base and usually put it on en-route to a destination and wearing it now drew many looks of puzzlement and surprise that there was a heavily armored mandolorian in the ranks. With the amount of mandos around the galaxy these days though Jasterk was sure there had to be more then one suit of beskar on this rock.

He reached Arashi's room and knocked on the door awaiting a reply.

(OOC I would of PM'ed you Arashi but wanted to continue the RP and you're not online at this time, if you don't like this please say so. OOC)
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Arashi Storm on Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:58 am

Arashi had just finished sending his message to Garr when he heard a knock on his door. He shut down the terminal and made his way to the door. Jasterk was waiting on the other side.

'What can I do for ya, Jasterk?' Jasterk was caught off guard because he had never seen Arashi wear Mandalorian armor. After a few seconds he replied 'Uh, I was just wondering if you wanted to run a few sims in the shoot house before taking off?'

Arashi figured he wasn't expecting to see the Mando armor and said, 'Not many have ever seen me wear this before. I don't call myself a Mandalorian, but I was practically raised by one. With there being so many unknowns for this mission I decided I better wear my best, which I'm sure you would agree. And to answer your question, Hell yes I would love to run some sims! I'm glad you stopped by, because I didn't want to be twiddling my thumbs for the next few hours before we leave. Just let me grab my gear real quick.'

Arashi grabbed his gear and headed out with Jasterk to the shoot house.
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Jasterk Staren on Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:38 am

Jasterk and Arashi arrived at the shoot house and ran into two OUF recruits. They decided to teach them a few things and began a duel simulation in parallel rooms, first one to kill all the holo-OPFOR wins.

Jasterk and Arashi stepped into the grid covered room that had a welcoming blue glow. In his helmet the timer ticked down from thirty seconds until a random room would be constructed from extending walls. It was the best shoot house Jasterk had ever been to, capable of making almost any layout that would fit within the one hundred by one hundred foot room. Plasteel walls would extend from the floor and surrounding walls to form a maze of rooms and depending on the difficulty different enemies would be placed along the path taken by the people playing.

The timer reached five seconds and he looked over at Arashi who nodded in unison with Jasterk. The two recruits were in the room next to this one, and they sure as hell weren't going to beet him. Suddenly a sound of sliding plasteel resonated through the room and before them was a door way and beyond it a hallway. The walls were white or black depending on the difficulty and simulated light conditions, this simulation was set to hard mode so they were black and the overhead lights were turned off, but Jasterk had night vision.

The duo stepped through the door way at a tactical walk, rifles raised. They had fitted them with training power cells that would fire a dissipating blast that could only affect a hologram and over their armor was worn a series of sensors that would go off if one of the holo-OPFORs scored a kill shot.

Jasterk and Arashi moved down the hallway that dead ended and presented two door ways on either side. Jasterk had linked with Arashi's comlink and spoke.

"You take the right, ill take the left." He nodded and both stopped next to the door ways before they nodded again in time and both spun stepping into the rooms. As soon as he entered the room he sighted a hologram of a trandoshan with a heavy blast rifle and sent two well aimed shots first into its heart then it head. The better your hits the higher you're accuracy rating at the end of the simulation.

He heard Arashi's shots die down and spoke, scanning the room.
"How you doin?"
He replied happily.
"Two down, theres a door in here."

The room Jasterk was in had only one entry way so he headed through it but in the hallway his 360 helmet vision allowed him to spot an OPFOR at the end of the hall where they had just come from. The shimmering sith trooper sent a blue blast flying toward Jasterk but he dropped and rolled as its flew over his head and dissipated through the plasteel wall. When he came up one blast was headed for the OPFOR and it quickly materialized.

He got to his feet and went into the room where Arashi waited.
"Any trouble?"
"yea, there was this blue floaty guy, kinda weird but he's gone now."

Arashi chuckled and raised his blaster to continue on.

The team went to the end of the blank plasteel room with the open ceiling and headed through the doorway to finish the course.

In the end Arashi and Jasterk scored an odd number of over eighty five kills including a hologram of a sith lord that almost virtually severed Jasterk's arm. They had a 97% accuracy rating and the recruits were impressed enough to try and improve by going back in for another round by them selves.

It had taken a little over two hours to complete the course and Jasterk couldn't think of anything else to do besides some routine ship maintenance.

"So, what now Arashi?"
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Kevlar on Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:11 am

Jasterk turned to see Arashi had taken his helmet off and was frowning across the room, he turned to look also and saw that there was a third sim room that was in use. Though he recalled it wasn't when they and the rookies went in to theirs.

He saw on the panel that displayed its status also read a bright red writing. "Warning! Live Fire! Sim sealed."

From within the shielded room he heard the soft but completely unmistakeable sound of a heavy battle repeater go into full operation before abruptly going silent again.

Following Arashi's lead they headed over to an observation room, unlike the observation room for the other sims, this one had no direct port, instead the spaces where the clear transpriplas windows were replaced by a selection of screens which linked to holorecorders situated through out the sim room.

Arashi leaned over a console and depressed a button and the screens flicked to life.

Jasterk could immediately see that someone was using the sim room. The holoprojectors had made the bare room into a small urban park, a clear forum with little cover, except for a small man-sized sculpture fountain in the center of the space and some benches around the periphery of the space.

Another thing he could immediately see was the park was littered with concentric rings of corpses, standing in the center of them beside the fountain was a red-headed woman holding off a dozen or so assailants with a blaster in each hand.

As he watched the figure turned and dropped two figures with two shots from a blaster in one fluid motion, leaned aside and pivoted, narrowly avoiding a white hot streak that would have removed her face and blasted the shooter backwards with her other pistol.

Flipping side ways she avoided another barrage from several directions and made three seemingly impossible shots, one while she was rolling in midair, one from a pistol she was holding behind her back as she landed and the last from over the shoulder with her other hand. All three shots found their mark's heads with chilling accuracy.

"Kandosii!" Forgetting himself for a moment Jasterk exclaimed out loud in Mando, he turned to Arashi. "Who is that?" he asked.

But the reply was cut off as the figure dived behind the cover of the fountain just in time as a maelstrom of blaster fire from a hulking enemy in powered armor and a hip mounted heavy battle repeater reduced it to near rubble within moments.

As the monster wielding the giant rifle shot himself dry and moved the reload, a slim hand holding a blaster appeared around the side of the shattered fountain and fired two shots, the first warping the loading mechanism of the repeater and the second severing the barrel of the weapon, the giant reacted quickly by drawing a sidearm the seems dwarfed by his giant gloved hands and took cover behind a bench.

At the same time a huge wookie with a bowcaster had flanked the hidden figure and fire a shot at her.

Jasterk saw the red-headed figure flick a wrist as the wookie fired and released a pistol, putting her hand palm forward, a small disc of shimmering blue energy the size of her splayed hand appeared in front of her palm and neatly intersected the green ball of plasma, bouncing the projectile back along its trajectory. In almost the same moment the figure caught her pistol which conveniently fell back into her hand and fired a snap shot back.

Jasterk heard Arashi grunt as the plasma bolt blew the bowcaster from the wookies' hands and the blaster shot removed the wookies' face.

"Neat trick." The senior commando commented.

Just then reinforcements for the enemy must have arrived because suddenly a few more enemies leaped from concealment and cover around the periphery of the arena and charged forwards.

The red-headed figure leaped from behind the fountain and began a deadly dance of death, blaster bolts seeming to fly out in all directions without aim, yet every single shot killed a hologram. Yet the hailstorm of bolts flying at her all seemed to miss by a hairsbreath as she twisted, turned and rolled from every shot.

Jasterk stared in amazement, but in his gut he knew the woman's luck wouldn't hold and as he thought that a sharpshooter nailed the figure in a chest shot, a kill shot for such a lightly armored combatant.

To his puzzlement, the red-head stumbled but didn't fall, he saw however the telltale flare of a energy shield and the incadscent puff and knew immediately that she was wearing a shield and ablative plates on their clothing.

The brief interuption was however long enough for a roaring Trandoshan to charge in swinging a mean looking pike, instead of falling back like he expected however. The figure leaped into the arc of the Trandoshan's swing, turning at the last moment to present her back and shoved a blaster underneath its jaws to pulled the trigger.

The explosion of grey matter was spectacular. At the same moment the next sharpshooter's deadly blast meant for the red-head hit the Trandoshan's corpse in the back, exploding it's spine.

The woman rolled out from the other side of the collapsing corpse with both hands leveled and streaks of blue hot blaster fire leaped from her extended pistols and struck the sharpshooter dead through his rifles optics.

Jasterk watched as the several more combatants in a ground stood from their concealment off to one side to take advantage of this distraction as it was happening and felt like yelling out in warning, even though there was no possible chance of warning the red-headed figure.

But as he watched the red-head blow apart the sharpshooter, he saw her violently jerk on hip, something fell from a pouch. He thought for a second that she had fumbled something until the red-head kicked up slightly behind her and caught the object as it near the ground, the object bounced from her foot up to chest height and Jasterk could see a red arming indicator light.

As the red-head finished firing her pistols she spun and kicked the object in a perfect roundhouse kick and set it flying straight into the crowd sighting down their rifles.

The explosion was a white puff of incandescent cloud, from within the cloud he could hear shrieks of agony and pain. A badly burnt enemy ran from the cloud tearing at his face before collapsing to the ground to writhe.

Haar'chak! What in blazes was that?" Jasterk called out in alarm and turned to see Arashi wincing.

"That was white phosphorus, very low-tech, but a very, very bad way to die." The trooper said with some sympathy.

Jasterk turned back quickly to watch just in time to see the last enemy, the giant armored hulk shoulder aside the shattered fountain in an explosion of plasteel and permacrete, giant vibroblade in hand.

The red-head leaped backwards at the unexpected shower of rubble and fired off a snap shot which struck the figure in the face, blowing chunks of metal and transpriplas apart but the hulk seemed to ignore the hit and leaped forwarded with a deadly eviscerating swing.

The redhead threw herself in to a airborne backflip, narrowly avoiding the sweep. The armored hulk however was prepared for such an event and reversed his swing in another broad stroke just as she landed.

Unexpectedly however the redhead had pivoted in her flip and as she landed side on, one foot flashed out with a double snap, catching the monster in his hand and disarming him, then slamming into the damaged helmet.

The armored hulk stopped for a second and shook his head before letting loose a deafing bellow and swung a fist the size of a repulsorball at the red-head's face.

The figure's arm which had some how conjured the deflector disk earlier on came up to intersect the swing, but this time a solid looking bar of bright blue energy appeared along the back of the forearm and used it to block the bone-crunching blow.

The hulk was clearly an experienced melee fighter however because he didn't relax his momentum, turning his failed blow into a rushing tackle to overwhelm his smaller opponent.

As he closed in however, the blue bar of energy disappeared from the red-head's forearm, collapsing and shooting forwards to form a brilliant blue spike of power in front of its fist, which punched clean through the hulks armored chest and a bright blue tip of energy poked out from the armored hulk's back as the giant started to collapse on the figure.

The red-head followed the surgical strike through with a shoulder-ram before the falling mass of armor could crush it and gained enough space to yank back the spike.

Spinning on a heel she turned to let the hulk fall past, as the brute fell, the red-head opened her hand to form a blade and followed the turn through to swing at the falling giant's neck. The thin band of energy along the bottom of her flat palm cleanly severed the brute's head from its corpse in a spray of holographic arterial blood.

Suddenly, all was silent and still in the sim room. Arashi chuckled beside Jasterk and he turned to look at the trooper.

"That's an interesting and unexpected application of deflector technology." He said with a grin.

Beside them the sealed door to the sim room wooshed open and out strode the red-headed figure, a striking looking young woman holstering a blaster underneath one arm. Noticing the two observers she turned to gave a slight nod of greeting.

"Hello Arashi." The woman said nonchalantly.

"Greetings Alicia." The trooper said with a grin. "That was quite the show! Alicia, meet Jasterk Stern, a some what new addition to our order. Jasterk, meet Alicia De'Lories, the Black Hand."

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Jasterk Staren on Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:30 am

Jasterk had put his helmet back on and just nodded at Alicia. Wherever the team was going he was glad she would be there, he'd only seen mandolorians fight that hard and of those half usually walked away without a scratch, or their lives.

Jasterk said his goodbye's to Alicia and Arashi then set off to do some maintenance on his ships top quadlaser cannon. It had been sticking and sometimes not firing from the lower left barrel.

He walked down the old temple hallways, the architecture reminded him very much of the temples he had seen made of cortosis in the unknown regions, luckily at this particular stone building he wasn't being stalked by strange cloaked figures.

Jasterk made it to the hanger and waved his hand in front of the sensor causing the door to open onto the large stone floor cluttered with an array of ships and speeders. His Core Galaxy System's freighter was landed on the edge of the hanger close to where he was standing so he jogged over and pressed a button on his left forearm gauntlet. The ramp lowered and he trotted up it headed for the cockpit. In the cockpit he flipped open the red safety switch cover and switched it to open the hidden keypad next to each gun port. If you didn't enter the right code the gun ports would shut and the quadlasers would remain inactive.

He was climbing up to the quadlaser a moment later but stopped and decided to take off his helmet and jetpack. He set them next to the ladder and climbed all the way to the top this time with a hydrospanner and other manner of weapon related tools. He would be here for a while, the damn swivel mount was corroding and the lower left barrel needed replacement. If he was lucky he would get it finished with a half hour left before the mission would begin.
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Beadle on Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:45 am

Apollo waited patiently until most people had left the briefing room then headed for the gym, thinking about the mission to come, what was an OUF member doing at Fornax? There must be something important there that Farath had been investigating, something the OUF obviously wasn't sure of, or the reason for Farath's disappearance would be known, that or Farath had gone to Fornax without telling anyone, his mission not even known to the OUF.

He got to the gym and started working out, it always helped him think of what gear to take on the mission. Of course explosives were important but on a mission with so many members perhaps some smaller, more directed charges could be used. He always took his heavy armour and shield, a repeating blaster with a good amount of ammo, for this trip a hunting knife and a skinning knife considering Fornax was still an unpopulated planet there would likely be some local fauna to hunt and eat, if time permitted or if they were somehow stranded. His tube and a few shells within reaching distance on his pack joined the list. Ammo food and portable shelter would fill the rest of his pack.

Finishing his workout took about an hour and a half followed by a good half hour long shower. Afterward he headed to the armoury, nodded to the armorer and donned his gear. Half an hour in the shooting range was spent getting his spray on full auto down to two and a half meters from three. A meal before he left, some unknown steak and lots of salad. There were a few strange looks from personnel seeing a huge suited up trooper was a strange sight and he was lucky he could even sit down to eat, but after he put his suit on he didn't take it off until either the mission was over or he had to run reeeeeally fast. In hindsight it probably would have been better to eat first but at least the suit was warmed up.

He headed to the shuttle bay, still a few hours 'till take off but he had nothing else to do. Except paperwork, but that could wait...

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Gerard Halcyon on Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:40 pm

Gerard flipped the switch on his shiny new lightsaber, admiring the purple glowing blade in all it's magnificent glory. A suitable weapon for one who prefers to stray away from any conflicts. The humming brought a new wave of peace over him, much like being washed of filth and grime. With only a couple more hours left until departure, Gerard turned his saber off and attached it to the rear of his belt then lifted his pack.

"This 'ought ta' be fun..."
Gerard mumbled to himself before lifting his head to stare out the window. He lightly sighed to himself and recited a few lines of his Mentor's philosophy before heading for the door.

Today was a day he felt he should be outside tending to the gardens, caring for every fiber of life that he was blessed to be around. The days had become extremely long recently which, in turn, made him a bit uneasy around others. Sometimes, it just felt like he wasn't supposed to be here, living like a pilgrim. Then, as quickly as the thought arrived, Gerard dismissed it from his mind. This was his home! This was where he belonged. These people had accepted him as one of their own- something he had longed for. Although, the idea of returning to his gypsy ways had always been quite tempting.

After a quick mental checklist, Gerard rounded the corner to the hanger bay, his long gray robe trailing behind him. The sound of his boots echoed around him, even though his steps were as smooth and even as possible. SHHHHHHOOP! The doors from the Hangar hissed open, leaving Gerard in awe as he examined the ships around him, paying no attention to any of the people around him. In a quick movement, Gerard tightened the straps on his breastplate to silence his nerves.

He dropped his pack on the ground and took a seat on a plasteel cylinder to double check his bag. Extra robe, Scoundrel outfit, data-pad, comm-link, a couple MREs and a canteen full of triple-filtered Corellian fresh water. Everything is accounted for, he thought to himself, No need to worry. Now, it's time to play the waiting game. Gerard proceeded to fit his comm-link's ear-piece when he heard a few familiar voices from the bay doors...
Gerard Halcyon

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Kevlar on Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:40 am

Alicia and Arashi made their way together to the hangerbay, walking leisurely side by side in silence, each comfortable with the other's presence without the need for small chatter.

Alicia was deep in thought about the coming operation, there were far too many unknowns for her liking as well as too many dead ends. She extremely disliked playing on alien fields.

She finally asked glancing at the Trooper walking beside her with some grace despite the heavy armor he was sporting. "You are the Procurator, it's not exactly your department, but you must have some idea what a Crafter in the economic guild is responsible for."

The Procurator of Justice considered the question a moment. "It's a fairly versatile position, in general they can be anything from prospectors, traders, fabricators, researchers or work in material designs."

Alicia thought about that for a moment as they entered the half filled turbolift and keyed the hangerbay with a mental command.

"Why would the Economic council dispatch any of those things to a planet like Fornax? It is listed as a barren planet." She asked, hoping the Senior Commander would have some foresight into the question that had be bothering her since the briefing.

"That's a good question." Arashi said. "Planet's devoid of civilization does not preclude the presence of valuable resources. It is an unusual event however, typically it is more costly to setup an entire extraction process from scratch. Normally such things are built upon existing civilian infrastructure." He admitted as the turbolift stopped to let some of the passengers off.
"A better question would be, what is unique about Fornax that warrants such a costly investment in OUF resources?" He asked her.

Alicia considered this for a few microseconds she consulted her databanks for any correlations that she may have missed, but found none. As far as she could tell, the only thing unique about Fornax was its distinctive ring of debris orbiting the planet, so she said so.

"Interesting." Arashi said as the turbolift stopped on their level and they exited into the hangerbay to see the rest of the team gathering by a shuttle.
"You know, sometimes such distinctive features in the galaxy are indications to unique properties found in such places. Very unique minerals and crystals that Jedi and Sith value alike can sometimes be found at such locales." He wondered out loud as they made their way towards the group.

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Gerard Halcyon on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:50 am

Gerard rose from the plasteel cylinder as Arashi and Alicia came into his view, completely oblivious to everyone else. His hood was down, leaving his dirty-blond hair to hang around his face. The lighting in the bay made it hard to see through to his full features, aside from his nose and his chin. With his pack in hand, Gerard casually strode up to his compatriots.

"Arashi, Alicia," he nodded to them, "Has anyone obtained more details on this mission? My resources are limited in some regions, particularly those not visited often. At least, not by my people."

The tone of his voice suggested that he had not made any attempt to do any background research, yet. Of course, he knew he wouldn't have to unless he was working alone. The short briefing wasn't enough to work with unless you happened to be good at taking mental note, which Gerard was not, and thus resulted in individual footwork. He started walking along side them, speaking a bit louder to compensate for the noise in the bay.

"I managed to procure a few files about the sector from the library," he told
them, reaching for his datapad,
"but, all I could get was that our target planet is between the Droma sector and the Haldeen sector. Also, the only distinguishing features are the rings surrounding the planet. Other than that, it's pretty much a dead planet."

Gerard walked onto the loading ramp of the Kalicur, wrapping his robe around his body more so to prepare his body for the dead-cold of space flight. He looked for a console that would give him an idea of the crew that would be traveling with them for this mission.
Gerard Halcyon

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Jasterk Staren on Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:20 am

The repairs of his ship had taken less time then Jasterk had expected, so he decided to check how long it would take to travel to Fornax. He had a .5 past lightspeed hyperdrive so he would be able to keep up with the Kalicur but it would take a while to get to there from here. Jasterk had a HK-101 assassin droid in his room but its central processor needed some re-wiring and he had been holding on to the new assassin protocol brain for months, wanting to install it.

Within that brain he had uploaded the specs and proper use of all his weapons on board the ship and had even included a database of mandolorian fighting techniques. He would go get the HK-101 and put it aboard his ship before they set off then on the way he would fix it and install the other random components he had managed to collect on the black market. Maybe an HK droid could be of some use on this mission.

Jasterk walked through the hanger and to his room where inside, in the closet, under a cloak was the HK-101. It was about five feet eight inches tall. Not to tall to be noticeable, but not to short to be hindered as an effective warrior.

He put his head and right arm under its left arm facing him then with his left arm reached around and with a great mandolorian burst of strength lifted it off the floor and let it rest on his shoulder. Jasterk walked slowly to his ship and lugged the HK-101 up the ramp of his ship the Errant Venture, then strapped it down to the chair next to his work bench. Once they set out he would begin installing the new components and fix it's wiring.

He had acquired the deadly droid as part of his payment for a bounty. It didn't work but he was good with droids and excepted the payment, instead of blowing his employers brains all over the place.

Before leaving Nar Shadda he had payed a few visits to illegal droid shops throughout the city and picked up lasers, armor plating, new optics, servo moters, weathering equipment, paint, knifes, a shield, and a assassination protocal brain for an HK-57. It was old but one of his first droid brains he had worked with had been one from an HK-57 so he was familiar with it, Jasterk had installed it inside a service droid that tried to kill everyone in his house, but that was a different story.

He brought in the crate of HK parts and set it next to the workbench then went to the storage area and started checking all his weapons, not much longer to wait...
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Arashi Storm on Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:50 am

Arashi couldn't add much to what Gerard had come up with and said 'I'm afraid we have nothing to add to the data you researched. That being the case I hope everyone has prepared for all scenario types. It's never fun going into a situation with such little intel, but that's why we are bringing you along.' And he gave Gerard a strong pat on the back with a half smile as they went their separate ways.
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Rebel Marksman on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:41 am

“How much longer am I going to have to stay in this tin can”, Tynovi whined. For the last 15 hours he had made it abundantly clear that he hated flying, and the pilot was beginning to think about opening the air lock and let space take care of his problem. “How many times do I have to tell you to shut up”, the Pilot yelled.

They where on their way to Caarimon. Tynovi had been asked to inspect, though most would call it spy, on the order of the unifying force by the Jedi council. Who themselves had been asked by the Republic which was asked by some senator from some far off world. “Politics always seemed to have a way to screw me over”, he thought. He was sure that they were closes to the planet now. He could feel the ripples in the force which meant they were close. “Ok he said to himself time to stop being angry I’m going to be here a while I might as well set a good impression“, and just like that he was back to his usual optimism. He walked back to his room and got his stuff ready. Then came back to the cockpit and said, “How’s it going”, the pilot turned around and was about to say that they were finally there before realizing that for the first time the question was not are we there yet.

“Fine”, he said suspiciously “Where here just got to land, but I’m not taking you to the ground”.

That’s ok I already got a transport ready”, he said cheerfully.

20 minutes later they were on the ground and Tynovi was on his way to the transport.
He didn’t speak much on the way to the planet‘s surface, he was to focused at the odd plant life. They kept flying tell they got to a clearing with a large temple. They made their way to the ship docks where a clearly unhappy officer stood.

As he climbed out the ship Tynovi yelled, “hello there Mister...” "Field Marshal cCursor”, Cursor said angrily, “What are you doing here”

“I have orders to evaluate this temple and accompany you on some of the missions here”, He said as politely as possible.

“Orders from whom”, Cursor said shapely.

“A lot of people, though I guess the top one would be the senate” He pauses for a second then adds, “I was told that you knew I coming, though by the look on your face I guess you weren’t ”.

Cursor looked at him for several uncomfortable minutes before saying, “You have a Lightsaber”

“I got 2 why do you ask”?

“We're leaving get on that ship, go to Cargo hold 1 and don’t leave tell someone comes to get you, understood”.

“Ok where are we going”?

But by that time Cursor was walking away. Tynovi turned to look at the ship and thought, “Great, off one tin can and on to another”.
Rebel Marksman

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Jasterk Staren on Mon Feb 08, 2010 10:18 am

Boarding of the Kalicur

Ten Minutes Till Launch

A message went over the temple intercom telling all personnel going on the Kalicur were to board, the ship would be setting out in ten minutes headed to Fornax.

Jasterk sat in the cockpit of his ship, the Errant Venture, and powered up the engines. They hummed beautifully to life thanks to the maintenance he had done on them a few days earlier. He had received the boarding message but on this mission he was taking his own ship. Once in space Jasterk would dock magnetically to the Kalicur and ride it all the way to Fornax, whereupon he would disengage and land farther off then the Kalicur, to scout the area and report any odd findings.

Jasterk activated the repsolifts and floated off the floor of the hanger while retracting the three landing pads at the same time. He taxied the ship out onto the open floor then spun it on it's axis till he was facing the opening of the hanger and then pushed the throttle to a quarter to exit the temple. The sun glistened majestically across the almost new green paint and he punched it to full rocketing into space.

The atmosphere faded away quickly and the Errant Venture burst into the dark sparkling void of space. Jasterk flew the ship just out of Caarimon's gravity well and shut down the engines to wait for the Kalicur.
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Jeme'Maer on Mon Feb 08, 2010 10:36 am

As Jeme heard the alarm, he quickly began Gathering his gear. Jeme rushes out of his room, feverishly trying to get to the Kalicur before it lifts off without him.

"Why must this always happen!"

Sliding across the halls and out toward the hangar Jeme gapes at how close he is to The Kalicur. Running up the ramp and into the ship Jeme lands on the floor gasping.

"made it"

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Beadle on Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:55 pm

Apollo offered his hand to help Jeme off the floor.
"Sometimes it pays to be early," he said as others boarded the ship behind Jeme giving him strange looks.
People variously headed to the cargo bays and crew quarters to stow their gear as the engines hummed to life beneath them.

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Kevlar on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:56 am

A few moments ago...

The Kalicur had an excellent electronic security screen, not state-of-the-art however, it only took Lita, Alicia's resident AI, a few minutes to finesse her way through the various protocols and firewalls.

Subverting a few minor systems not actively in use, she used them to control various sensors outside and throughout the ship to observe the various going-ons simultaneously in her mind via her neurolink.

While Alicia worked to manually bypassing the physical lockouts of the blastdoor she was standing in front of, she watched through the link with some suspicion and curiosity at the Field Marshal arguing with a last minute arrival of clearly some kind of Jedi Council lackey.

As she connected the J3 junction to the L8 terminus she noted the Field Marshal's irritation and his wave off to the Jedi. To her surprise the Jedi started heading up the ramp into the ship. While she emitted a sharp burst of electronic white noise to isolate the triggering of the JG31 security subsystem from the rest of the circuit, Her mind raced in speculation at this extremely odd event and its possible implications on the coming mission.

While this was happening she noticed through the ship's aft camera, Jeme'Knuxx come tearing out of the turbolift at the far end of the hanger and race towards the Kalicur's boarding ramp. Alicia laughed softly with some amusement as her hands flew over the exposed panel. She piggybacked the JG31 subsystem's signal through an alternate path she provided to use its own security protocols to overide the electronic lockout and open the blastdoor in front of her.

Removing her little additions to the circuit, Alicia closed the panel and stepped through into Field Marshal Cursor’s cabin aboard the Kalicur. With a quick check to make sure no personnel where about to drop in to crash her little field-trip, she made a beeline straight for Cursor’s personal console a top his desk.

Clearly Garn never considered someone would have the audacity and skill to break into his room, past his impressive door lock for the express purpose of hacking into his console, because the security on the thing was a joke.

‘It’s downright insulting.’
Lita sniffed haughtily in her head and Alicia grinned as she quickly introduced and initiated a pre-programmed search algorithm into the system. She kept an eye on it in case the Field Marshal was canny enough to have electronic traps ready such an event as it raced through the system, searching for thing’s relating to the mission that Alicia might be interested.

Almost immediately it identified and copied an entire directory regarding the system Fornax and saved the information to Alicia’s Neurolog for later perusal. Following some obscure links it also stripped and dumped a folder entitled ‘Lance Industries’.
Finally the search ended with another three additions to the log. Three folders identified with the obscure tags of ‘Primary investigation’, ‘Secondary investigation’ and finally ‘Tertiary investigation’.

All seemingly linked to Fornax and this mission.

Alicia didn’t have time to study these folders yet in depth, for she just picked up the activation of the nearby turbolift, headed for this deck and this corridor.

Racing against the clock, she and Lita worked to erase then double check all electronic and physical footprints they might’ve left in this little expedition.
Finding nothing, she took off for the door as the turbolift came to a stop on the deck, as she exited the door she whacked the seal and the door swifted shut while the security lockout reengaged.

Turning her back to the turbolift as it shifted open, Alicia pressed the query button on the panel beside the door to the room she just broke into and a chime rang from within the Field Marshal’s quarters.

“Can I help you?” A female contralto asked from behind her and Alicia turned to see Captain Kerry Rodgers, Cursor’s aid exiting the turbolift.

“Ah yes.” Alicia said hesitantly with a slightly puzzled frown to her brow. “I was looking for the Field Marshal.”

“Oh right, Garn was called down to the boarding ramp to resolve some last minute irregularities, you should be able to find him at the bridge now, overseeing the launch departure." The Captain explained.

“Hmm, alright. Thanks.” Alicia beamed disarmingly at her and headed for the turbolift that the Captain had just exited with a bounce in her step.

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Jasterk Staren on Tue Feb 09, 2010 6:23 am

Time Till Takeoff- 0:00

Jasterk waited in space for roughly five minutes till a bleep appeared on his radar screen.

The Kalicur drifted calmly into space with its three rumbling engines and as Jasterk rotated the ship in place he could almost make out the crew on the bridge.

"Kalicur this is Errant Venture call sign 1138 requesting permission to dock on you're port ship to ship airlock."

The captain came over the comm. "Permission granted 1138, rotate thirty degrees and prepare to dock."

Jasterk pushed the control yoke as directed and was powering up the magnetic pads of his landing gear as the Kalicur drifted by, dwarfing the Errant Venture. Docking a small freighter with a ship this much bigger while moving and trying to attach something about three feet wide was no easy task.

The OUF pilot was a real ace and slowed down with the circular airlock right under Jasterk's ship. Jasterk activated the magnetic power and using the bottom camera lined up his airlock. With a satisfying click and a thump he was attached securely to the gray hull and as the Kalicur turned he was almost blinded by the beautiful orange glow of the sun above them, had it not been for his helmet lens tinting to maximum.

Jasterk was a tight fit in the man sized airlock, wearing full armor and a jetpack, but he managed. When the airlock opened below him he saw the captain in his white uniform, but he was standing as if lying on his back in relation to Jasterk. When docking to a ship sideways gravity had to be deactivated in the airlock chamber as when entering the other ship you are usually upside down or lying on your back. "Permission to come aboard captain!"

The captain replied with a snap and a salute that Jasterk awkwardly returned. "Granted!"

He hastily clamored into the hallway and onto his knees where he stood up and motioned toward the bridge. "Shall we sir?"

He could see the captain had suppressed a laugh because he had probably never seen someone look so silly coming into a ship that way, but back during the war with the trandoshan slavers on mandalor Jasterk had boarded many ships and most people didn't realize that the way he had just done it was the practiced professional way.

He went to the bridge with the captain and they jumped to hyperspace.

In thirty minutes they would drop out of hyperspace momentarily to prevent tacking back to or from Caarimon.
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Arashi Storm on Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:27 am

Arashi always disliked the waiting game with space travel, but he always tried to make the best of it. Since he had already checked and re-checked all his gear he didn't have to worry with that. He felt the urge to mingle with some of the crew. Being a leader in the OUF made this task awkward most of the time, but it sounded like a good idea. Most of the lower enlisted members respected leaders that were willing to get to know the troops.
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

Post  Rebel Marksman on Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:33 am

Tynovi could count the number of times he had flown into space on both hand. He had decided it was enough time for him to know that he would never catch a liking to it. Most of the times he had ridden in some small light frigate, they were the worst they had light armor hulls which made it easy to see out of. It was like floating in complete nothingness with the exception of little white dotes shooting randomly at you. He had since learned to bring sleeping pills with him. Luckily this ship was made of some pretty sturdy stuff and it was hard to see through the hull unlike the ship he had been on just under 3 hours ago. Unlike the hull however the doors were clearly made of light metal and he was able to see into several of the room beside his own. There were more people here than he thought, he had already counted around 20 and this was only the first level of the ship. Several of them had come in the cargo bay; each time they came in they would give him a confused look. Obviously they hadn’t been told he was here, but it didn’t bother him much he just sat there meditating as they search for what ever it was they needed. Soon though he found it boring and decided to take a walk around the deck.

As he opened the cargo bay door the voice of Captain Cursor came on the comm. speaker. “Sit back down Jedi”, Tynovi shifted his head toward to the speaker. “I need to use the restroom; certainly I can leave for that”.

“No actually you can’t, now get you ass back in there” Cursor said clearly angry, “Alright, alright I’m going by the way do you always treat your guest this way”.

Get in before I decide to have you locked in there for the whole mission”, He treatened.

See that he didn’t have much choice so he sat back down in the same spot he had been before. "Today wasn't going to be his day was it", He thought.
Rebel Marksman

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Re: OUF - The Fornax Incident

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