BRII: Round II Entries

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BRII: Round II Entries

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Judges, please submit to me via PM your choices by no later than this Sunday (February 28th).

Note: With Arashi's recent resignation, we are need of a fourth judge. As long as you hold an Officer Rank or higher, you can do this. Please PM immediately.

else, feel free to support your fellow members and comment here as they
are working very hard to make this an enjoyable and competitive Royale.



"Squad, suit up and get to the hangar, we have a mission," Apollo said over the comm as he left the briefing room.
In ten minutes everyone was in the hangar in full combat armour ready to board the ship that would take them on their mission.
has discovered a temple on a planet in the unknown regions, there is
energy emanating from the site and we are being sent to investigate
whatever is creating this energy. Images of the sight indicate an old
stone temple. There is enough space for a landing in front of the
temple. The sight is surrounded by forest for quite a way before
another clearing large enough for our ship. We have no idea what could
be there or what danger could be there so be ready for anything and, if
possible, everything."

Their shuttle took off from the cruiser and quickly headed off into hyperspace.

another sector of space a black suited figure was receiving similar
instructions, "... we believe there is an artifact located at the
temple, retrieve it as you see fit. Also, the Republic has sent a team
on the same mission, beat them to the artifact or get it off them, so
long as it comes to me. Half of the agreed amount has already been
sent, the other half will come on delivery."
"One minute, there was no mention of a Republic team before. There may have to be some renegotiations."
Republic team is already on its way," came the reply, too bad there was
no video feed, it would have been nice to see the man squirm.
"Well then I suggest you just agree to pay me more."
"Very well, now bring me the artifact!"

Their shuttle touched down on the planets surface, it was dark, overcast, it looked like there was a storm coming.
team, switch to night vision and get a move on, I hate fighting in the
wet." As they raced up the temples stone steps one gave way a bit
underneath Apollo, he ignored it as it hadn't affected his balance.

Inside the temple things started to move.

made the top of the stairs and moved into a small alcove before the
main doors, almost instantly darts shot out of tiny holes in the walls.
The wooden darts simply bounced off the teams heavy armour.
weapons, but guarding something with such a large energy signature, it
doesn't make sense. At least this will be easy. Let's get these doors
With a heave the team manages to push open one of the 20 ft
tall solid stone doors just wide enough for a trooper to pass through.
"Good job team, now spread out, scans indicate this artifact, or
whatever it is, is located in the center of the temple. We have no idea
how to get there. Follow any passages leading up, that's generally
where these things are located."
The team split up, each going in a
different direction from the entrance hall. The temple was cavernous,
30ft ceilings and hallways wide enough for tanks to easily pass
through, whoever had designed this temple had obviously wanted to make
newcomers feel small and insignificant. Apollo was walking down a
narrow corridor, the floor was slick black rock due to the tiniest
trickle of water as though, over the centuries this place must have
stood, nature was wedging its way back in. He'd only been walking a
short while when a low rumbling broke the silence shortly followed by a
loud *BOOM*.

"Team, report," Apollo said over the comm.
"Two here, it didn't happen here, sir."
Static filled the channel where Three was supposed to report.
"Shit, Four, you still with us?" asked Apollo.
"Yes, sir, all good at my end."
everyone regroup at the entrance hall then we'll follow Three's path, a
trap would seem to indicate he was on the right path."

later the team was back at the entrance hall and heading down the path
Three had gone. A few minutes down the path and they came to a line
where the floor changed colour, going from jet black to a dark blue and
purple checkered pattern. Down the path they could see jungle fatigues
just like their own, only these, the remains of Three, were completely
crushed and confined to a blue square.
"What do we do sir?" asked Four.
not too sure about that Four, they taught us how to deal with traps,
but those were traps set up by an opponent with troops, not goddamn
puzzle traps."
"I vote we leg it, sir" Two chimed in.
"Well, although I'd usually disagree with you on principle Two, I can't really think of anything else to do."
"You lead, I follow, sir."
"Alright then, on my mark."
guns safely stowed behind them Apollo counted down and they were off.
They made about fifteen paces in before a grinding noise started,
"Keep moving!"
end was in sight, only a few more paces. Four was faster and dived for
the safety of the black floor, just making it before the purple squares
shot up towards the ceiling. From the ceiling, blocks descended on the
blue squares, crushing anyone unfortunate enough to be on them, or to
have fallen in when the purple squares shot up. Two, despite his best
efforts, had been on a blue square and was instantly crushed.
on the other hand, had caught himself on a purple square and was
whisked up to the ceiling where his block stopped just before his head
touched the ceiling. A panel in the ceiling opened up and of all things
a ladder descended to meet him. Not knowing what else to do he climbed
the ladder. A few rungs up and the panel slid back into place. There
was light coming from far above, Apollo started climbing
"Boss, you still there?" came Four's voice over the comm.
"I'm still here, I'm in a tunnel of some sort, what happened to you?"
"I made it out the other side, Two didn't, he's gone. What do you want me to do sir?"
"Keep going, look for the objective,I'll see where this tunnel goes, we might even meet up."
"Roger that sir."

Apollo climbed to the top of the ladder and emerged in a room full of light.
"Two, looks like I'm in a control room of some sort, you're on screen."
"Any ideas which way I should go sir?"

guys, I've just had another ship come in system, looks like they're
headed to your location, and it looks like they're in a hurry too"~

"Captain, maintain your position, we could be onto something down here but be prepared for a hot landing."
ready Four? I've got a map on another screen here and it looks like
there's a large chamber about 500 meters ahead of you. We'll go for
that room. Go straight ahead 100 meters then there should be a passage
to your left."
Four had only gone about 30 meters when a collection
of buttons lit up on the console in front of Apollo. Four lights
buttons had lit up, white, red, yellow and green.
"Hold up Four, I've got some buttons lit up here, you might have triggered something."
Four stopped... and nothing happened.
"Ok, Four, I'm going to push the green button, tell me what happens," Apollo pushed the button.
Blaster fire rang out in front of Four's position as turrets fired from behind hologram screens.
"Looks like a bit more than primitive weapons, sir," said Four from the floor.
"Ok, red button."
The blasters stopped.
"Try moving forwards now."
Four moved up in a crouch, he could hear the turrets turning to follow his movement.
In the control room, the yellow button glowed brighter.
the deck!" Apollo shouted over the comm as the green light lit up all
by itself and he started frantically pounding the red button. That
failing, he hit the last remaining button, white.

The blaster fire stopped.

"That was too close," said Apollo.
"You're telling me!" Four replied, staring at a blast mark millimeters from his helmet.
whole console was now lit up in front of Apollo, "I think I have full
control now," he said, staring at the buttons arrayed before him. In
the far corner of the room one flashing console went unnoticed.

Now in 'full control' the rest of the traps were passed in just under five minutes.
"Alright, I have the artifact, it's a black ball about the size of a melon," reported Four.
"Alright then, see you at the front door, I think I've figured out how to get ou-"
He was cut off as the console in front of him exploded.
A section of the roof rotated and the command room containing Apollo was dumped into the jungle outside the temple.

slender figure emerged from the temple, red hair flying behind her, it
had been almost too easy, like taking candy from a baby. Still, you can
never be too careful, you have to always be alert!
This thought ended as twenty battle droids erupted from the damp jungle soil and opened fire on the red-headed assassin.
dive-rolled into a crouch, pistols at the ready and two droids were
taken out. It helped that the droids were old and slightly rusty from
years in the jungle, but she never stopped moving, always jumping and
diving and constantly adding to the scrap pile forming around her.
there were only three droids left, at this point a *whumph* was heard,
possibly the last sound Alicia ever heard as, fractions of a second
later, the ground around here exploded in lovely blossoming orange
flames sending her flying into a nearby tree trunk. To her credit, she
had managed a shot off at the source of the sound, just missing
Apollo's head and instead grazing the armour over his shoulders.
remaining droids were quickly taken out by Apollo's blaster. After the
explosion in the command room he had been knocked unconscious for a few
minutes. Recovering and checking the comm for Four but receiving no
reply he had blasted a hole in the wall of the room and raced back to
the front of the temple in time to see the battle begin. He had waited
until there were few enough opponents to be easily taken care of, but
still enough to distract this masked assailant, before taking the shot
with his mortar tube.
He walked over to Alicia's body putting two
shots to her head before inspecting the body for the artifact. Lucky
Four had described it or he would have had no clue what it looked like.
He found what he was looking for in small pouch on Alicia's back. Four
people had already died for this thing and they had no idea if it was
even useful yet. He called in the pilot and minutes later he was headed
back to the Cruiser and what he knew would be a terrible debriefing.

Alicia De'Lories (Kevlar)
Unspecified location

An small blue indicator light blinked in a pitch black room. A blastdoor slipped open to bath the room in harsh illumination.

A slim lady stepped from the bright glow to step into the dark room and made her way to the blinking light. Reaching out with one gloved hand she pressed the light and stepped back as the blastdoor behind her whispered shut behind her.

A circular ring of light flowed down from a ceiling fixture and resolved into a hologram of a robed and hooded figure.

The lady quirked an eyebrow in wry amusement at the clocked figure. “Again? So soon?” she asks the hologram.

The hooded figure gave a small gesture with one hand as to dismiss some idea. “Unfortunately yes, your successful operation last month has accelerated certain chains of event and certain matters' resolution has come under urgency.”

Without further comment from the hologram, a series of information and graphs again appeared around it. They outlined everything from the objective, target, time constraints and other miscellaneous information.

Alicia De'Lories appeared to study the data, though she was really actually reading the contents inside her neurolink, which operated far faster then the clumbersome interface of the hololink.
“Again I must point out that wetwork is not my field of expertise.” She cautioned.

“Yet you keep proving most effective at it. Regardless, it is necessary and you will be more then well compensated for this particular service. As you can see, the target's stature and other attributes make this a unique challenge. It was decided that a conventional hit-squad would not prove to be the most reliable tool in this case.”

Shrugging with indifference at the explanation, Alicia turned and left the room without bothering to reply.

Chapter 1 – Two weeks later
Ord Mantell – Open Bazaar

A giant of a man stepped from a speeder, his immense stature combined with his armor worked to seemingly to dwarf the grey utilitarian vehicle. Nearby denizens of Ord Mantell's rather lawless Bazaar scurried away from the intimidating figure, clearly realizing this particular newcomer was not going to be a easy mark. Even the hawkers and stall keepers at their trade-stalls quieted their normally raucous trade calls.

Apollo Stern paused as he surveyed the busy Bazaar through his black tinted shades. He normally wore them and kept his actual armor's helmet on a rig on his back for easy access.
While he enjoyed his intimidating profile, there was no need to scare people silly by actually walking around as some faceless helmet mountain. Although some of his closer friends have informed him that if anything, he was probably more intimidating unhelmeted with his scarred face, rugged stubble and patchy hair.

He turned his gaze upon a human sitting nearby the vehicle, probably a scout for the local gang who control this bazaar and gave him a smile. The human paled and attempted to shrink into his chair.
Satisfied, Apollo started into the busy crowd of the bazaar, people parted before him like water under the prow of a giant ship.

Initially Apollo remembered that he had been a bit annoyed at being set on a mission to the infamous lawless planet of Ord Mantell, but the order needed him to scout the planet for the viability of establishing a covert staging area.
He had begun to get whispers in the barracks at the temple on Caarimon about a huge campaign about to go underway. He guessed that this was an important part in what was to come.

He had since lost his reservation about the mission though, there was a certain charm to Ord Mantell, from its markets, bazaars and flat sprawling cities.

Despite it's lawlessness and almost constant gang warfare in open streets, business of a nature was booming here in Ord Mantell. Most likely because of the lawlessness, there were no taxes, no restrictions and no galactic oversight. One could find almost anything here, already he had brought many things from various markets and shops since his arrival here on the planet roughly two weeks ago.

As for his mission? Well, so far he had yet to run into any Sith agents, not that he looked particularly hard however, he figured his very presence would ferret them out soon enough if there were any around, until then he just had to have faith that his training, equipment and weapons would help him out of any situation that may arise. As it had done in the past.

A while later as he strolled leisurely through the bazaar, he finally came to his favorite part of Ord Mantell and although he would never admit it, likely the main reason to his change of opinion.

“Hello Nina.” He said to the figure's back behind the counter of the small nondescript bazaar stall.

Turning the beautifully attractive shopkeeper beamed at him, causing his stomach to drop. “Ser Stern!” she exclaimed with a grin and came out from behind the small cluttered counter to exchange pecks at the cheek. Though she had to tiptoe just to reach. “Looking for anything special today?”

“Please Nina. I've told you before to call me Apollo.” he said with a grin, “And yes, I think I maybe looking for something special.” he replied with some amusement at his words as he looked about the familiar store and its chaotic clutter of goods.
The mess almost defied expression, something that first caught his eye about the stall. As far as he could tell, there was no specialty, just a collection of the most randomist of items and mechanical junk. But what kept him coming back was Nina, it wasn't often that he met a human female that didn't appear intimated by him, he couldn't understand why at first, but he since decided that a lady who made her living on the streets of Ord Mantell had to have some spine and he liked that fact.

“Oh?” Nina said with a lifted eyebrow and what Apollo thought was a hint of a blush. “You need to tell me one day what you could possibly do with some of those parts that you have brought.”

“Perhaps I will, the day you tell me how you could possibly survive selling some of these parts.” he joked in good nature as he picked up something he swore had probably come off the assembly of a hyperdrive core.

“I don't know either.” Nina admitted with an amused grin, “I guess people just enjoy hunting for that brilliant gem hidden amongst the junk.”

“Truer words have never been spoken.” Apollo said as he smiled at her. “You know, speaking of that one day, why not today? I found this great place down by the-” he stopped speaking as suddenly his suit picked up an increase in activity on a military bandwidth.

While by itself increase in chatter wasn't anything to frown over, this particular band he knew was only accessible by high grade military tech and was generally used to coordinate fire teams on joint actions.
Such a sudden increase in activity only meant that something was about to happen.

Turning as he slipped his helmet from his rig and slammed it over his head he stepped from the shop while Nina followed with some concern.

“What is it?” she asked as she followed him out to looked around.

But before he had a chance to reply, his now online helmet sensors detected trace emissions of a targeting laser from a highgrade weapon system. The fact that he could detect it at all meant that the weapon was pointed very close in his general direction if not directly on him.

Look out! Apollo called as he shoved Nina back into the stall, wincing as his powered armor turning his shove into a push that sent the woman flying back over her counter with a crash.
He winced but didn't have time to regret his actions as the emissions from the targeting laser spiked, he dove to one side, a fraction of a second in time as a high-powered disruptor beam cleaved through the space he occupied a moment ago.

Chapter 2 – Now
Ord Mantell – Open Bazaar

Apollo wasn't quite quick enough however, the outer edge of the lethal beam had made a glancing strike as it his the side of his armor and his armor's computer told him that the disruptor energy was eating it's way through his armor plates.

With swift practice he reached from his wrist mounted computer and input a command with two strokes. With a bang the armor plates on his armor disintegrating under the disruptor's energy blasted loose from his armor, dissolving into plasmatic gas before they even managed to hit the ground.

Hopefully that isolated the corrosive energy before it turned him into the same, he didn't really have time to worry about that though.

Using a special targeting system, he poked his heavy repeating blaster around the pillar and using the helmet link, sprayed off a massive barrage towards the general direction he thought the shot had come from.

It turned out he wasn't far off, though his shots at the building found no enemies, he saw the shooter fire from a neighboring building's window.
The new disruptor beam burned a incandescent line through the air to slam directly into the pillar. The power and nature of the weapon's energy had no problems at all eating it's way through the stone. Luckily for Apollo, the beam had weakened enough that his personal shield was able to absorb most of the energy of the beam that made it through. Still, the thermal bloom that the shield was unable to stop stung like crazy.

Ignoring the pain as he was trained to do, he reacted almost instinctively to the shot and leapt out from behind the pillar to shoulder his rifle which kicked as the proton grenade leapt from the rifle's multishot launcher.

With almost pinpoint precision the plasma grenade sailed through the window and blew the room out onto the street in a rain of rubble.

Apollo wasn't dumb enough to think it was all over though, he knew sith assassination squads always came in pairs and knew his little display had revealed his location to the first sith's buddy if they didn't know already.

So he made a lumbering dash forward towards a permacrete half-wall for a more defensible location with a better field of fire.

He almost made it, despite his encumbering gate. Unfortunately he didn't, a few steps short of cover, another disruptor fired from a office next to a warehouse a few buildings next to the one he had destroyed. This time the beam blew clear through his shield and hit him directly in the face.

Crashing to the ground with the cacophony and force of a crashing orbital shuttle and rolled to a stop against the wall. Apollo ripped his disintegrating helmet off from his head with a sharp yank, breaking the seals and locks with brute force. The helmet collapsed to dust in his hands. Though he remained otherwise unharmed, despite burns to his face and hair.

Apollo swore out loud “It's ALWAYS the hair!” he fumed. Now, he decided, they had really pissed him off. Now the gloves came off.

Unluckily for his assassins, Ord Mantell didn't have much in the way of a police force, so he didn't have to worry about what levels of violence he used.

Rolling to a crouch he aimed from the cover of the half-wall and shouldered his rifle once more and switched the grenade launcher to fully automatic to let loose a barrage of plasma and fragmentary grenades.

The barrage hit the office with a rolling thunder of explosions, the building leaned and collapsed in a majestic thumble.

In disbelief he watched as a indistinct figure of movement drop from the collapsing office onto the neighboring warehouse.

With a roar of frustration he threw aside his blaster, unslung his mortar from his back and aimed it like a rocket launcher.

"Sit still and die like a man!" He yelled at the distant figure as it landed.

Flicking the automatic four shot mortar to rapid fire, he sent four proton grenades into the warehouse.

The devastating explosions completely vaporized the warehouse and left glaring white spots even through his shades.

Chapter 3 – Moments ago.
Ord Mantell – Open Bazaar, Nina's Trade-stall

With a few cluttering rings and various parts fell, Nina gingerly picked herself off the floor, extracting herself from the messy tangle she had landed in as sounds of explosions rumbled from the outside.

Scrambling across the wreckage she drew a small blaster from underneath the counter and raced outside.

Emerging from her stall, she was just in time to see Apollo cast aside his helmet and unsling his giant mortar from his back.

Sit still and die like a man! Apollo roared as he fired the mortar in rapid coughs, unaware as Nina ran towards him from behind.

Raising a hand to shield his gaze from the devastating glare of the explosions from the proton grenades, he never noticed as she placed the blaster against the back of his unhelmeted head and fired.

Alicia watched as the mark dropped as if some marionette's strings had be suddenly cut.

The massive armored bulk of Apollo Stern crashed to the ground with enough clattering noise to almost compare to the roaring inferno that was the warehouse.

Checking her neurolink, Alicia cursed as she failed to re-establish connection with her remote weapons platform that she had been controlling wirelessly through her neurolink interface.

'You could always charge the expense to the client' Lita, her AI told her within their mind.

'That's not the point, I really hate losing good tech.'
She replied as she removed the chameleon wig to reveal crimson hair tied to a bun to conceal it's presence underneath the wig and pulled the smart-sculpt putty from her face, losing the soft beauty to a more cold striking elegance.

Lita gave the AI equivalent of a snort. 'I really hate losing good tech.' she mimicked Alicia with unnatural similarity. 'You are such a charmer, its no wonder I stuck with you.'

'Really? Was that humor I detect?' Alicia quirked her lips at the AI's snark.

'It's a high level function I'll have you know. Available to only the highest form of “tech”' The AI huffed indignantly.

'Without a doubt.' Alicia agreed as she casually fired three more blasts into the corpse's skull before walking away from the scene and down an alley.


Jasterk Staren
Jasterk was still aching from the fierce battle with Benson he had only
three weeks earlier. Although his ankle where Benson’s blade had pieced
him had mostly heeled, a slight limp was still present after physical

Jasterk was on the planet Aargonar, a barren rock
similar to Tattoine with sprawling deserts and deep canyons. Once part
of Darth Revan’s empire it was a planet rich in sith ruins and
bounties. He occasionally came this far into the outer rim looking for
odd things such as parts for his three hundred year old ship. This time
he just wanted to get away from the mid rim and do something in an
unfamiliar place. He had been to a moon of Aargonar but had never
actually been down to the surface.

The Errant Venture, Jasterk’s
ship, was resting on a rusted Dura steel landing pad that protruded
from a building built into a sand dune. It was sort of a cantina slash
mechanic station slash hide out and was two stories tall and was about
the size of the cantina in Mos Eisly.

Jasterk was again clad in
his full armor, this time freshly painted in a beige and green desert
scheme and thankfully he had a spare revolving blaster on board,
although he would miss the one Benson threw over the roof on Nar Shadda.

eased to his feet in the cockpit and to his surprise felt less pain in
his ankle then earlier. He had decided that he would go to the cantina
and pick up an easy going planet side bounty, he had heard the
bartender was some sort of sith middle man and any bounties from the
sith and crime lords were given to him then he would pass them out to
all the bounty hunters that came though, if asked, and he would get a
few credits. Although he also recieved the bounties from the republic,
the ones they didn't want the public to know about.

mandolorian in desert attire trudged down the Errant Venture’s ramp as
it continued opening, letting in the slight gust of wind and sand that
drifted over and down from the distant dunes. With his helmet filters
the air was refreshingly clear and lacked any pollution, or sand, which
was a nice change from the mid rim.

This particular little town
was fifty clicks from any inhabitants with a barely defined road
running down the center with the saloon on the end and five or six
other buildings on each side. The three landing pads, all three of
which were now occupied by aging vessels, and the shuttle port were
located at the opposite end of the town from the saloon. Jasterk
glanced over at the shuttle port that was more of a small shack.

accommodated a mere eight seat speeder that was run by an aging Anomid.
Jasterk eyed him from the bottom of the ramp as it moved upward back
into place.

For being one of the most social species in the
galaxy, he didn’t seem very friendly. The space port was ten or so feet
away from Jasterk’s ship and the Anomid just sat there on his rocking
chair, straw hat pulled over his eyes with dirty overalls, tattered
slippers and not even a tip of his hat to see who had arrived.

decided not to pay him any attention either and set off to the cantina,
it was about eighty degrees outside without an air conditioned suit and
the main doors to the cantina were locked open in favor of double
swinging doors at shoulder height. Another gust of wind blew across
Jasterk causing his cape to swing in the breeze and his boots kicked up
puffs of dust.

He glanced at his 360 degree vision and saw a
couple of salty looking folks. A Trandoshan with a heavy blaster
smoking his pipe, a republic trooper, or what used to be one, with an
assortment of unauthorized things such as a flame thrower and disrupter
rifle. They simply looked at him momentarily, sizing him up, before
going back to doing nothing besides sitting outside their hotels, no
doubt hiding out from some ten thousand credit bounty or republic
battle curiser on assignment to find them. He could now hear faint
music from the cantina and kept walking.

Staren looked up at the
faded red sign that hung crooked from the second floor of the cantina,
it half obscured two windows but that kind of thing seemed to fit this
town. He slowly moved up the four steps leading up to the boardwalk
that protruded from the front of the saloon and leaned against the
doors. He was careful to not let them swing inward and throw him to the
floor like an idiot.

He scanned the room quickly and stepped in,
the building was largely constructed of wood with Dura steel patched
over spots on some of the walls, probably coving blaster marks. The
doors swung back and for a few times before coming to a halt behind him
and the music coming from a Aqualish with a flute in the corner stopped
momentarily as the occupiers of the smoky dank room sized him up.

eyed his assortment of weapons, wookie scalps, mandolorian crest, teeth
from a wampa and the rest of his trophy collection. They accepted him
silently and looked away from his blank T-shaped visor after a few
seconds and the music continued its slow desert like tune.

walked toward the bar that went from one end of the freighter sized
room to the other and surveyed the ruff old saloon again, leaning
casually against the chest high wooden construction. In the corner
behind and to his left was a blue alien of unknown species to him. He
was sitting in a shadow as if ready to shoot anyone in the back who
came through the door, but Jasterk could make out a black set of robes
and he was sipping on a fingerprinted and dusty glass full of blue jawa
juice. To his right was a Fosh, they were a rare thing to see but from
Jasterk’s standpoint nothing was rare here.

The Bartender noticed the mandolorian who looked toward him silently and walked over to Jasterk from behind the bar.
“what’ll you have stranger?” Jasterk had eaten on the way here and wasn’t hungry. Before that he had slept and now just wanted to get a easy bounty.
“I would like some info from you on any planet side bounties, I hear you’re the man to talk too.”

The Bartender leaned closer, and so did Jasterk. “If you give me five hundred credits right now I’ll tell you about one in this very room.”

hadn’t expected that but maybe it would be a good fight. Jasterk
silently slid a pair of 350 credit chips across the brown wood bar and
into the stubby waiting hands of the bartender, who promptly slid them
into an unseen pocket.

The bartender whispered leaning closer so Jasterk’s black visor. “Well, don’t look now that guy in the corner right behind you, five thousand credits.” He said it slow as if it was a million credits. Jasterk nodded “Many thanks.”

bartended turned away as if nothing had transpired between them and
starting cleaning a glass freshly left by a Bith that stepped past
Jasterk and into the desert heat.

In his rear helmet vision he
would see the blue being, he was in a shadow so Jasterk blinked at the
night vision icon inside his helmet. Suddenly the little screen showing
a rear view turned green and flared bright white on the right side
where sun was sneaking through the doorway.

He could make out
the features, black robe, cold eyes, gloved hands, and a light saber
barely noticeable, only the emitter was sticking out from under the


Jasterk contemplated for a second and
then decided on using his right revolver. He would turn 180 degrees
while pulling the gun out, once the handle had cleared he would switch
it to full power, then it was all down hill.

Jasterk took a
breath and stood up strait removing his hands from the bar. As he did
this the bartender quietly went to safety of the back room.

Jaserk exhaled slowly flipping the holding loops off his holster.







Jasterk stood motionless pointing the gun where the blue being used to be.

Used to be….!

Jasterk was caught off guard when the blue blade came down and he nearly lost his right arm.
He had dropped down from the ceiling and was now standing to Jasterk’s right about to strike again.


dropped to dodge the next strike and rolled across the floor. He came
up just it time to move his sholder out of the way of another strike.
His pistol was still in hand so he tried to bring it to bear but Mr.
Blue jumped off the ground and kicked him straight in the chest.

He groaned and flew backwards into an unoccupied table, most of the
other occupants in the room and moved to the bar to watch or left the
saloon, and the bartender was peeking around the corner of his back

The table collapsed and Jasterk again rolled away from another strike the severed the table in half.

rolled to his back and caught him off guard, this time kicking up and
into his exposed chest, unprotected by his arms raised to strike. His
enemy was knocked off his feet and stumbled backwards and out into the

Jasterk regained his foot and replaced his revolver
in its rightful place. He stepped toward the doors at an even pace and
when the sun gazed across his view plate dimming the lens, he had only
a millisecond to duck and save his head. Another strike came right for
his neck and the blue being stepped out in front of Jasterk following
the strike.

Jasterk took this chance and landed a hard punch in
his enemies gut, who released a pained gasp and tripped backwards off
the boardwalk that was built a few feet off the ground in front of the
Jasterk stood straight and looked down at his enemy who finally spoke.

“Not a very sporting thing to do mandolorian, punching me like that.”

“I figure whatever you did to get a bounty on you’re head like five thousand credits warrants at least one good punch.”

“Ha! I killed a republic ship captain, and I’ve killed hundreds of mandolorians.”

“Looks like that’s about to change, what’s you’re name anyway, so I can identify the body?”

was standing above him and had the high ground, but he couldn’t spot
where his enemies light saber had went, and it wasn’t in his hand.

“My names Blaqk, Rygal Blaqk , and its the last name you'll ever hear.”

In a desperate move Rygal moved with his left hand and threw his light saber as it ignited mid flight.

turned to intercept the blade the best he could with his breast plate,
successfully. The blade merely hit the plate and left a burn mark
before it deactivated and Jasterk caught the falling hilt in his right

He tossed it back over his shoulder into the dank darkness
of the saloon. He then rested his hand on his belt with his thumb
curled around the top. “You know, I came here for a little fun, lets settle this the old way, a one on one duel. what do you say?”

examined him standing without weapons drawn, but he eyed the blaster on
Jasterks gauntlet that was conveniently pointed at his forehead.

“I would say thats a deal, mandolorian.”

Jasterk nodded and motioned with his hand for Rygal to move back into the street.

hated Rygal now more then ever, if the story about the mandolorians
were true which he doubted. But the clans had slowly degraded over the
years and most mandolorians weren’t what they used to be.”

stood and brushed sand off his shoulders as he backed into the street
as it extended behind him. Jasterk moved in unison down the steps and
into the street.

“You got a gun, murderer?” He said it calmly testing Rygal.

“Yea, I do.”

slid back the edge of his robe to reveal a holster containing a DC-12
pistol, very powerful, one hit to the space between Jasterk’s plates
and he’d be dead.

Rygal clipped the edge of the robe behind himself, presumably on his belt, and let his hand float above the pistol grip.

don't think its really fair for you to wear all that armor, maybe
remove you're helmet, so I can blow you're brains all over the place.”

Normally Jasterk wouldn’t oblige but he felt compelled to make this and honorable and sweetly vengeful fight.

removed his helmet and dropped it on the soft sand to his left.
Immediately the baking sun started to make it neatly shaved head sweat,
and the armor cooling system had little effect without full circulation.

looked in his peripherals and the characters he had seen earlier ahd
been joined by a few other folks that leaned and sat watching quietly.

Jasterk let his hand rest right next to his revolver’s grip, he was a fast draw, even against a force user.

“Ok Rygal, whenever you’re ready.”

Rygal didn’t waist any time and Jasterk could see the excitement and pure hatred in his eyes for the man who tried to kill him.
grabbed the grip and began drawing but before his barrel had cleared
the edge of his holster Jasterk was already in the air and pulling back
the hammer. Both of their barrels level and Jasterk fired a second
earlier then Rygal, but it wasn’t early enough.

His opponent was
slightly slower but as Jasterk bolt struck him straight in the heart,
He too pulled the trigger and let loose a bolt as he fell backwards.

tried to dodge but it got his shoulder under the plate and didn’t hit
his skin but tore the plate completely off from the under side and
burnt his shoulder. “GAH!”

He took a
step backwards feeling the tremendous push of the blast. He reassured
his balance and looked over at the dark spot of robes on such a bright
sunny day. A thin line of smoke rose from where his bolt had connected
precisely. He slowly blew away the smoke from his blaster, satisfied,
then replaced it with a practiced twirl. The onlookers began to clear
out or just started staring at something else.

What a Great vacation!


Rygal Blaqk
No entry submitted. Forfeited.

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Re: BRII: Round II Entries

Post  Kevlar on Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:06 am

haha, great entries you two!

Beadles feels like something from an Indiana Jones movie, while Jasterk's is like a western =P

Mine... well... the moral of my story is... Never turn your back on a dame! It could be Alicia! =S

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Re: BRII: Round II Entries

Post  Jasterk Staren on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:54 am

Yea i LOVE westerns so thats what i was going for. thanks!
Jasterk Staren

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Re: BRII: Round II Entries

Post  Mictian on Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:14 pm

28th Febuary's a Sunday, FYI xD

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Re: BRII: Round II Entries

Post  Beadle on Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:50 am

Yes, that was the aim!
Indiana Jones/Jack West Jr (if you're interested check out the novels by Matthew Reilly)

Nice entry from you too Kev, you've probably described Apollo more than I have :P

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Re: BRII: Round II Entries

Post  Carlen Darko on Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:45 am

Mictian wrote:28th Febuary's a Sunday, FYI xD

Thanks Mic.
Carlen Darko

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Re: BRII: Round II Entries

Post  Carlen Darko on Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:08 pm

The winners are declared:

Beadle vs. Alicia De'Lories (Kevlar)

Jasterk Staren vs. Rygal Blaqk

Battle Royale II - Round III topic opened
This topic closed.
Carlen Darko

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Re: BRII: Round II Entries

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