To our Friends and Allies

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To our Friends and Allies

Post  Guest on Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:00 am


Welcome friends and/or allies to the Order of the Unifying Force's forums. Please feel free to post anything regarding our friendship/alliance here. Of course any sensitive information should be sent in a private message to the supreme commander, your assigned ambassador from OUF, or the Procurator of Justice Garr Talon. When making your post please put the full name of your guild in the subject field. Also, be sure to make only one thread per guild.

If you have not been contacted by OUF directly then know that each guild will eventually be assigned an ambassador to be the mediator between our guilds upon assignment as an ally. We also invite you to provide us with an ambassador of your choosing to receive messages from OUF.

As a member here, your ambassador will receive the special Ambassador rank and color on the forums to be recognized as our friend/ally and special guest.

If at any time your guild would like to begin communications on becoming a full ally with the OUF please contact the Procurator of Justice. Before you contact us please read through the guidelines we have set for allies below.

Alliance Guidelines

The requirements for a guild wanting to maintain an alliance are:

  • Allies must be a Republic only guild.
  • Declare an ambassador.
  • Disclose all information regarding current and past enemies, friends, and allies.
  • Provide an official statement which will include the intent of an alliance.

We look forward to your continued involvement with us as we strengthen our guilds relations.


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