BRII: Round III Entries

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BRII: Round III Entries

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Alicia De'Lories (Kevlar)
Chapter I

Private Vor'ka of the 21st assault division of the Order of the Unifying Force's 3rd expedition cursed as he tripped on a corpse in one of the many post-battlefields on the planet Forbis IV.
Quickly he regained his balanced and sidestepped another shattered remains of the soldiers who belong in the Sith battalion whom they had fought here this morning. In the distance he could hear another battle raging on, as it had all over the planet throughout the past week.

Vor'ka hated the dead wagon duty which is was currently assigned, it was his team's job to search through the battlefield for the fall remains of OUF soldiers and bring them back to base for proper treatment. Despite it's relative safety, the grisly job did nothing but remind him how easily he could end up like one of these poor shmucks laying amongst the wreckage.
Oddly enough, he'd rather have been in the thick of things, where he didn't have enough time to think about it.

Looking around the piles of corpses, he found the mostly intact corpse of an OUF female trooper, laying partially buried in a pile of sith marauders. Vor'ka sighed as he thought what a waste of a perfectly shaped arse, even through the battle armor she wore.

“Vor'ka!” His Lieutenant yelled through his comm. “Quit drooling and get a move on, we're almost full and about to r-t-b. Get your sick ass moving!”

Grumbling without actually triggering his mic, Vor'ka turned to wave his acknowledgment to the Lt. But the man had already had already turned back to direct the loading of the transport hopper.

Grabbing a hold of the dead troopers legs, he pulled her from the pile and began to drag her unceremoniously towards the waiting transport. Not three paces into his walk however, the corpse got stuck. Growling in annoyance, Vor'ka let go of a hand and using his weight, gave a mighty yank.

Much to his surprise the corpse failed to move, his sharp jerk instead pulling him violently off balance as he cartwheeled. He never felt the foot strike his neck.

Chapter II

Lieutenant Whisley studied the loaded transport with a grim expression, the hopper was currently taxed to capacity, with barely enough room for himself to fit on. The war for Forbis IV. Had not been going well, not that command would say as much of course.
But between supply shortages and the latest batch of substandard munitions, he knew the the 3rd expedition was currently in a world of hurt, he still thought they would accomplish their objective, the destruction of sith forces on this planet and the capture of key mining complexes. But at what cost?

Shrugging at these questions above his pay grade, he turned his mind back to his job and noticed one berth still missing on the hopper.
“Vor'ka!” He yelled through his mic in extreme annoyance. “I swear you are the slowest piece of-” his expletive cut off as he turned about to find the Private standing before him shouldering a corpse.

The private made a one handed gesture across the throat and tapped his full helmet and shook his head. Signaling dead comms and started to unseal the helmet.

“Stop!” Whisley cried, “Are you mad, you want to catch something from this slaughterhouse? Put the guy in and get loaded, we'll have your comms checked back at base.”
“Well? What are you waiting for?” He called as the Vor'ka was slow to obey .
”These blasted subcontractors, between them and your sorry excuse for troopering, you are going to be the death of us.” Whisley muttered as he climbed aboard the now fully loaded transport, crowding in Vor'ka.
Thumping the side of the transport twice, he told the pilot to take the team and its cargo back to base.

Chapter III

A dead hopper came in low over the base and circled around for landing, the damned things had been coming and going all day and was beginning to get on Sergent Major Va'la's nerve.

The ridiculous loads being put on the poor machines were taxing their capabilities beyond specs and that was leading to increase maintenance cycles. Which mean that Va'la and her engineering team was getting absolutely no rest.
Between one thing and another, they had been on call non-stop for the past three days and had resorted in resting in shifts.

The latest dead hopper landed in it's reserved slot with a crunch and it's team aboard immediately disembarked to begin offloading it's ghastly cargo. All but one officer and a private, who was being chewed out.

The corner of her mouth ticked upwards in what she would deny was a grin as she watched the spectacle. But that amusement turned into an audible groan as the aforementioned officer pointed her way and with head hung, the private started in her direction.

“Let me guess? Faulty comms?” She asked the Helmeted and armored private before he even came to a stop infront of her and the Private hesitated before nodding his head. Va'la sighed again and cursed under her breath.

“Why am I not surprised. Cursed bloody last minute contractors, this is what happens when you field untested gear into combat situations. Your just asking for a poodoostorm.” She complained vehemently. “Anyways, lets get you sorted out.” Va'la motioned for the private to unseal his helmet and hand it over.

At that moment however, the dead hopper exploded in a giant ball of mushrooming flame. The blast of the explosion deafening her senseless.

Va'la didn't make Sergent Major for nothing however and she recovered before the private did. Grabbing a fire extinguisher, she threw it at the private and shoved her towards to burning inferno.
“Go! Go!” She shouted as she ran to gear up in protective gear to fight the blaze.

Chapter IV

“Move aside!” Screamed Chief MedTech Sculley as she shoved aside a shellshocked trooper wielding a fire extinguisher. Behind her followed her team of trauma specialists and junior medtechs bearing Repulsor Stretchers.

Gather a sense of the burning nightmare, she saw several bodies littering the area and she couldn't tell who was already dead before the explosion and who was injured by it.
“Alright, I want you all to spread out and triage. Mark those who are salvageable and cross of the fatalities. Hurry!” She yelled at her team over the din of the roaring inferno and raced into the smoke filled blast-zone to do the same.

In no time at all she and her team had identified the most critical of the salvageable and loaded them up on stretchers. The converged back to outside the blast-zone.

Looking at them she noticed she was missing a team member, “Where is Corporal Anders?” She asked them and they all looked around confused. “Blast it, now is not the time to get lost!” She barked angrily, then noticed a unfamiliar medtech crouching over a sprawled figure. “You! Yeah you! What unit are you with?” She asked before following on immediately “Never mind, get over here stat! Grab a stretcher and follow me!” She told the medtech who ran over immediately and complied.

Together the team raced through the security checkpoint between the hanger area and the medical sector.

Chapter V

“What the hell happened?” Commander Bluestone asked as he grabbed the arm of a soot smeared medtech scrambling by.
“S-S-Sir!” The poor, young looking panicked girl stammered. “I don't know! We were in the infirmary, w-w-when all of a sudden a dead hopper just e-exploded!”

Letting the medtech loose, he watched her as she scrambled to catch up with her team bearing stretchers of the dying.

Turning to the direction of the explosion he thought about that had happened, chances are it was sabotage, there had been reports of Sith forces trapping OUF casualties, using such tactics as their own facilities were being snuffed out one by one.
But it was odd that such a trap wouldn't be triggered until the shuttle landed at base. There was also a chance of course that it was simply a catastrophic failure of a piece of the shuttle. Of late they had been getting more and more reports of failing equipment, especially ones made by a certain sub-contractor. If only their arms deal on Ord Mantel last month had gone as planned.

It seemed the OUF had suffered a number of suspicious coincidental setback in the past few months leading to this operation, Bluestone had a bad feeling that this was all part of some greater picture he was not seeing.

Keying his comm, he turned his mind to the task at hand. “Report!” He ordered.

“Sir! Sergeant Major Va'la here. Preliminary studies show that the explosive cascade started in the RGE-Flux Capacitor and spread into the Aux fuel cells, causing a catastrophic overload.” The Sergent said almost accusingly.

“Very well Sergant, We know about your previous complaints about the substandard parts you have been receiving, it can't be helped for now however. Are there any wide spread effects of this failure?” He asked over the comm.

“Well, I'd like to take a look at all of the installed Flux Capacitor units from the same batch. As one of those includes the Supreme Commander's shuttle.” Va'la cautioned.

“Make that a priority Sergeant. Bluestone, out.” He pocketed the comm just as a Trooper ran to stop in front of him holding out a datapad with some obscure diagram and graphs over it.
“And this is?” Bluestone barked as he snatched the thing from the Trooper's trembling hands.

“Sir.” The trooper said out of breath from her sprint. “Couldn't raise you on comms. Have to see this. Radiological alarms are off the chart!” She said between muffled breaths through her visor and Bluestone felt a chill in his heart.

“What do readings say?” He demanded as he quickly studied the charts, but he knew before the trooper even told him.

“A mid-sized anti-matter warhead somewhere on this base!” The trooper gasped.

“How did it get in? Wait, never mind. Round up the demolitions squad five minutes ago and get them to run a sweep, I want this thing found and disabled.” He ordered and the trooper saluted before running off again.

Quickly Commander Bluestone strode off to find the Supreme Commander.

Chapter VI

Supreme Commander Jacan Na'al of the Order of the Unifying Force stood in at the center of the base of operations, at the heart of CIC, amidst a see of technicians overseeing their battle boards.

“Are you sure of this? Why are we only hearing of this now!” He asked in a rather hurried tone, a bit out of his usual calm character.

“Unsure Sir, could be because of the shuttle explosion on the hanger sector. The incident has thrown the base into a frenzied state and comm channels are getting backlogged.” Bluestone told his Commander. “I have ordered a security sweep by our best demo people and they assure me they will have the device located within the hour.”

“How sever is this situation? What are we talking about here?” The Ithorian asked the armored trooper, his trusted companion throughout all the years.

“Quite Sir, a successful detonation could destroy the majority of this base.” He admitted.

“How did the warhead get past our screens?” Jacan asked.

“Unclear at this moment, though as I have told you for weeks, I suspect an traitor in our midst, helping the Sith infiltrators foil our operations.” Bluestone insisted.

“Let's not jump to conclusions my friend. I agree we may have a security problem. But I'm not so sure the sith are involved in this.” He told the trooper.

Just then the door to the command center burst open and in strode three techs, the lead tech. An elderly looking Captain pausing in mid wave of her sophisticated looking scanner as she stared at Bluestones combat rifle leveled at her face.

“Ah... SpecOps demo Sir? We are tracing the Matty and we think it's in here somewhere.” The Captain said carefully, not making any sudden moves.

“In here?” Bluestone said in disbelief. “How in blazes did they get it in here?” He asked Jacan as he lowered his rifle.

“Inconsequential at the moment.” The Ithorian said quickly. “Finding it and disabling it is the first priority. The spy hunt shall come later.” and he waved the techteam forwards.

The Captain moved forwards, zigzagging across the room, following an invisible energy signature and occasionally asking her two assistants for various obscure data points and figures. The two followers held portable holo-projectors and were studying intensely complex diagrams of some kind.

Finally the team stopped before a console and the Captain looked up from her task. “Here.” She said simply to the room in general.

“H-h-here?” The CommTech who sat at the console stammered, face going white and promptly toppling from his seat unconscious in fright.

The team wasted no time as then opened up the console carefully to scan the interior. When the scan was complete, the Captain gave a whistle in appreciation. But her two assistants looked slightly ill.

“What have we got Captain.” Bluestone asked the elderly officer while he tried to peer into the interior of the console.

“Scans show we have a class-5 planetary antimatter warhead.” She said in dead-pan.

“I thought these things were completely illegal!” One of her assistants whispered to the other.
“You'd have to be insane to use something like this, I thought they were made up, a scary myth!” The other replied.

“What are the odds of disarmament.” Jacan asked the Captain in a calming tone.

The captain stared at the diagrams of the scanner for a few silent moments. “Not too great, sir.” She said, showing the first signs of deference. “I'm willing to give it a try however. But I suggest you start evacuating.”

Without pausing to consider it, Jacan grabbed the comm and hit the all channels key. “OUF personnel, this is Supreme Commander Jacan Na'al, begin emergency evacuation procedure Zeta-Gamma immediately.” He said into the comm.

“That's you too sir.” Bluestone told his Ithorian friend, who started to protest. “In this instance sir I know you want to stay until every person is out, but we might not get that lucky.” He glanced at the captain who gave a grave nod.
“So for your safety, I insist that you evacuate to the orbital ships immediately.”

Sighing Jacan agreed and turned to the captain. “I'll be staying sir, this might not be necessary, who knows, at the very least I'll buy you all some extra time.” She told him.

Jacan paused briefly before nodding his hammerhead slowly and saluted the Captain, “Very well Captain, it was an honor to fight beside your, may the force be with you.”

“The force be with you” The elderly officer replied nonplussed.

Quickly following the rest of the command staff, Jacan and Bluestone left the CIC and headed toward the OUF command shuttle.

Chapter VII

“You two can go if you like.” The SpecOps demo Captain told her two aides.

The two looked at one another, came to some agreement. “We'll stay.” They said in unison.

“Look.” the captain said with the first sign of annoyance, “There is no point of you two winding up dead.”
But the two aides shook their heads in determination. “We'll stay ma'am. Even though we've only just started serving with you, it has been an absolute honor.” The bravest of the two aides said to her, straightening with pride.
“Very well.” Alicia De'Lories said with a sigh and shot them both through the forehead.
“There really was no point.” She said in disgust at the corpses.

Throwing aside the demoscanner, she disconnected her feed to its input channel and abruptly all the warning indicators all over the scanner and its two slaved holo-projectors evened out in pacifity. Showing an all clear signal.

Walking over to a commpanel she studied a message log to find the entry she was looking for while she removed the highly sophisticated chameleon disguise kit from her face to reveal a much more youthful and angular looking features.

'Emergency Service Replacement, RGE Flux-Capacitor (Unit:20391), Ship: OUF command, Part replacement, RGE Flux Capacitor (Unit 00319, Previous batch). Emergency Service completed.'

Satisfied with that entry, she walked over to watch as shuttles began lifting off from the base's hanger sector in flocks.

One particular shuttle bearing the OUF command personnel was underway, about 10km up in the sky when it exploded in a blinding flash, when its freshly replaced RGE Flux Capacitor overloaded.

The new flux capacitor which Alicia had swapped out for a sabotaged unit when Sergent Major Va'la was getting suited up hours ago.

Jacan Na'al
A lone trooper in full OUF armour sits hunched over a small camp fire slowly roasting what looks like a huge rat with scales.

There is the tiniest sliver of light coming through the upper canopy of the dense forest, deep in the most uncharted sector of Mandalore. Concordia is hidden tonight, so there is no reflected moon light to guide any midnight travellers in this dangerous environment.

Not more than ten metres away a silent hidden figure crouches patiently with eyes intently fixed upon the lone trooper in his small clearing. She can just hear him chanting a short rite over and over under his breath:

“Ba'jur, beskar'gam,
Ara'nov, aliit,
Mando'a bal Mand'alor—
An vencuyan mhi.”

There is a slight breeze in the air but Alicia barely notices in her hiding spot. She does notice when the wind picks up though, steadily the slight breeze becomes a strong burst and the clearing goes pitch black before her eyes.

Alicia calmly gives the mental command to activate the night vision mode of her ocular biotics. Scanning the clearing she notices the trooper is no longer at the fire which has gone out completely, not even a single glowing ember remains.

Damning herself for leaving behind her face plate unit to lighten her load she tries to tap into her latent and untrained force senses only just in time to get a bad feeling as Bluestones foot collided with the back of her head.

Reaching the height of combat awareness that serves as a fuel to her in battle Alicia spins to face Bluestone and dodges his follow up jab from a heavily armoured glove. Fists and feet fly from all directions as the assassin and trooper square off in a classic bar brawl in the middle of a dense isolating forest. Alicia suddenly drops to the floor and swings her right foot around in a swift sweeping kick knocking Bluestone from his feet.

As the trooper lands squarely on his back with a heavy armoured thud Alicia takes a moment to gain some distance to finish him off with her heavy repeaters. Moments before she could draw them from their holsters however, she steps on a switch that triggers a cache of explosives hidden in the shrubbery to her left. Tough enough to not find her end there Alicia finds herself on a thick branch in the upper canopy of the ancient Mandalore forest.

Bluestone now back on his feet runs for a large tree and starts climbing and swinging from branch to branch gaining altitude and closing the distance between himself and Alicia coming in and out of cover in his advance.

Alicia, now steadily on her feet draws her ‘Fury’ heavy repeaters and takes aim as her AI implant informs her that accuracy calculations have been compromised by the explosion. She opens fire anyway upon the rapidly encroaching trooper and is thoroughly surprised by his speed and agility in full heavy armour.

Several shoots make contact with Bluestone but do little damage until he is within a few feet and Alicia manages to blow his left hand shoulder armour right off just before he tackles her from the upper canopy branch.

Both trooper and assassin fall the great distance to the ground, wrestling for the advantage the entire way, each trying to reach for the others weapons.

The entangled combatants hit the ground of the clearing with an audible thud but take no notice at all of any resulting injuries as they continue to wrestle and thrash around in the shrubbery.

Both regaining their footing at the same time Alicia and Bluestone spin around a mere arms length from each other and draw their respective blasters resulting in a standoff. Alicia has a Heavy Repeater squared on the trooper’s forehead and Bluestone has his blaster pistol jammed under the assassins chin.

What seems like an eternity passes before Alicia becomes aware that Bluestone has drawn a two foot Ryyk blade with his free hand. She rolls back defensively and engages her miniaturized kinetic deflector generator just in time to deflect Bluestones swing reminding her of the aggressive tactics of Wookie Berserkers.

After deflecting several heavy blows, Ryyk blade against kinetic deflector, Alicia manages to push off Bluestone and gain some breathing room. Wasting no time the assassin draws her heavy repeaters for the last time and buries Bluestone in an onslaught of relentless fire, strafing around in a wide arc to keep distance between them.

Bluestone is forced to deflect several blasts, dodge others and scramble behind a rock outcrop but Alicia manages to connect a few times in the troopers legs severely limiting any further movement.

Alicia stops firing and slowly begins to advance on Bluestone’s cover still holding the heavy repeaters at arms length ready to re-engage fire.

But out of nowhere Alicia feels a slight prick on the back of her neck and spins around as she loses all feeling in her body and collapses to the floor.

Out of the corner of her eye she sees a young brunette woman dressed in Jedi robes and Bluestone embracing one another as the assassin loses all consciousness and her vision fades in black.

Quinlan Sa'athis
The galaxy was infested with them and some of them were even competent, why then had this fool been recommended to him, these thoughts flashed through Quin’s mind as he impaled the hapless intelligence agent on the end of his light sabre. Now for the bounty hunter, failing Quin was a death sentence.

The child had been the key, a strongly force sensitive with a uniquely rare gift and this shutta had killed him, Quin was in a rage so deep that he could not see the bottom of it and the rage was fuelling his powers to monumental levels. His last thought before slipping into a meditative state was Jasterk would suffer for his incompetence.

The ship hurtled through hyperspace on its way to a destination few knew. It was a Hub and the dark energy emanating from it alerted Quin that they were nearing the point where its automated docking procedures would take over and bring them in. This particular Hub was responsible for the organisation of data from a large portion of known space in the outer rim and it was here that Quin began the search from the hunter.

Three weeks past before an answer came, the hunter had landed on the planet of Alderaan and was said to have met with a representative of the Organa family. Hmmmmm mused Quin, a hunter aligned with the Republic that would explain much. He manipulated the console for a few minutes and transferred all data on the hunter and Alderaan to the computer on his ship; he was out of the dock another 30 minutes later and engaging the hyperdrive. It would take 4 days to reach his destination.

Four days in hyperspace, not the most pleasant way to spend the time however much of it was spent in meditation in preparation for the battles that surely waited at his destination. During his time onboard the ship Quin made sure to prepare himself for by reading all he could on the planet and on his target. The more he read the more convinced he was that this mission was botched on purpose, Jasterk seemed too skilful for it to be any other reason, Quin smiled, now he was hunting a traitor.

The ship’s proximity warning sounded and Quin saw the planet through the windows fast approaching. Drawing on his force energy he masked the dark presence within him exuding an aura of peacefulness and calm, with that done he contacted the control tower at the Organa Palace.

“Organa Control this is Jedi Master Carthis requesting permission to land”

At the end of the sentence Quin transmitted a stolen Jedi Ident code that he obtained at the Hub and waited for the reply.

“Master Carthis this is Organa Control, you are cleared for landing in Bay 3. Welcome to Alderaan Sir, the Jedi Ambassador has been advised of your arrival”.

“Thank you Organa Control, starting my approach now, Carthis out”.

Quin’s droid skilfully piloted the ship down through the atmosphere and into the designated Bay 3. He saw that the spaceport was actually built into the huge palace that made things easier as there would be less security inside and he was already invited in.

The sleek ship made is flawless landing; with a droid pilot most things were flawless with the operation of the ship. As Quin disembarked he saw an elderly man in robes approaching. He headed towards the man and smiled in greetings.

“Master Carthis, I am Ambassador Romald, Knight in service to the Council, we are honoured to host your visit to Alderaan. May I ask what brings you to this side of the Galaxy”?

“A pleasure Ambassador, I am hunting a dangerous spy, my intelligence puts her on Alderaan and I thought this would be a good place to base myself for the search”

The lie came easily to Quin; it was a small thing with just enough truth to sound correct to the ears of a Jedi Knight. It may have taken more had he been dealing with a Master, it was a stroke of luck for Quin that wasn’t the case, and while he was sure he still would have succeeded he could never be completely certain at the outcome.

“Ambassador, I require a private space to work and a terminal with full access to the Council archives and the Alderaan Planetary Network”

“Of course”

Ambassador Romald was more than happy to help this Master on what was obviously an important mission, this could turn out very well for him and if he impressed the right people it may lead to him becoming a Master himself. These were not the thoughts of a Jedi and Quin picked up on them easily, making a mental note to pass on Romald’s details to imperial recruiters, a man with ambition could do well in the Sith and most of them saw the opportunity when approached.

Romald led Quin to a small shielded room just off the communications complex and gave him a scrambler code for the door.

“This is yours Master Carthis, as long as you need it; none shall enter without your leave”

Quin thanked the Jedi and closed the door. After firing up the terminal the first thing he did was disable the tracer that all standard terminals had, the network would be blind to this terminals existence as long as the tracer was deactivated so there would be no way for anyone to eavesdrop on what Quin was doing.

He skipped right past the archives, nothing in there was needed for his mission, it just seemed to be that asking for access to the archives would be a natural thing for a Jedi Master, Quin knew full well that his stolen ID would not gain him access to this most secure system and in trying he would set off alarms from here to Coruscant. He accessed the local net and began his search.
Starting at landing records Quin soon located the hunters distinctive ship, from there he tracked the hunter through the network and got a rundown of his activities since he landed, he could see that the hunter was not too careful about staying off the grid and this suited Quin’s purposes well.

Quin tracked a probable location after a couple of days going through the records and it seemed that the hunter was also based in this region, not in the palace but close by and the hunters ID had been logged as passing into the palace on several occasions. There was only one other spaceport in this region so unless he landed in the wilds that is where his ship will be, it took Quin less than an hour to find the ship’s berth and from there a plan began to formulate in his mind.

Jasterk was relaxing in the cantina with his work on Alderaan complete and nothing especially interesting to be getting too, he had decided to spend a few days here and soak in the local culture. For the Mandalorian that meant drink all he could and crack as many skulls as possible before being kicked off world. He was holding one hapless victim up by the throat when his communicator started to beep; casually tossing the guy through a window he strode out into the alley behind the place to answer it.

A familiar electronic voice came through directly to his helmet so no outside source could hear it; it was just a garbled mess of noise. Jasterk keyed in the encryption code IMP33794 and the message came through loud and clear.

Subject: Staren
Bounty prospect, expected yield is 75000 credits.
You have 48 hours to get to the rendezvous for further information.

75k, that was big even by his standards, he quickly did the math in his head, and he had to leave within two hours to make the time frame. Time to go he thought, and headed back to his quarters to gather his gear.

Quin closed down the communicator and did one final sweep of the hanger. The technicians were dead and out of the way and the place was completely locked down. It would allow the hunter entry but he could not exit, as a final precaution Quin had wired the ship to explode on takeoff.

Jasterk punched in his code and entered the hanger making his way to the bay controls. He was very pleased to see the ship had been refuelled and had already undergone the maintenance he had paid for.

He heard Quin drop to the floor but Quin was the faster, Jasterk felt his throat constrict even through his armour and he was lifted effortlessly off the ground, he looked over and saw Quin with an angry grimace on his face.

Not a word was said but Jasterk was in no doubt who his attacker was. The faceless Sith that had issued the orders through Imperial Intelligence. With a flick of his wrist Quin sent the hunter flying at great speed towards the hanger wall, the hunter ignited his jet-pack a split second before hitting and soared up into the hangers cavernous depths, drawing his blasters in a easy motion started to rain death down upon the Sith Lord far below.

Quin had his sabre out and was furiously deflecting the blows, settling in to a rhythm the hunter realized that he would not be able to hit the sith with blaster fire. Swooping down he continued to fire to keep up the pressure stopping at the last minute, dropping the blaster and activating the flame thrower trying to catch Quin in the conflagration.

Quin moved fast but not fast enough, his cloak was aflame and he had to get rid of it quickly as he could, summoning his power while he burned he force pushed Jasterk away, he flew the length of the hanger. Quin threw his sabre skyward and spun out of his cloak deftly catching the weapon as it fell back to the earth. At the other end of the hanger Jas had recovered from the push with the power of his jetpack and was streaking back towards Quin.

Quin decided on an unconventional move, focusing his power he concentrated on the jetpack and sent out waves of force energy where it interacted with the molecules in the metal changing their properties and causing it to contract. The resulting force crush caused the pack to explode hurling Jasterk over Quin’s head and into the back wall. Jasterk got to his feet and produced the last weapon he had, a blood red light sabre.

Upon seeing this Quin actually laughed, his own sabre pulsing as Quin sent force energy through the hilt and into the blade.

“You think to challenge a Sith Lord to Light Sabre combat; your arrogance will be your end”

Quin advanced on Jasterk ready to battle. The hunter attacked swinging the sabre in a wide arc, Quin blocked it easily and with a brief flurry had disarmed Jasterk, his sabre clattered to the floor in two pieces as Quin’s precise strikes severed it through the middle.

Holding the sabre to Jasterk’s throat Quin let force lightning build up in his hand ready to unleash the killing blow.


Quinlan Sa’athis was overlooking a training session, he could not feel the dark energies in his body and below him Jasterk was training a collection of... recruits Quinlan realized, their recruits.


In a ruined city, a fresh attack, Quinlan was holding rubble up and out of the way through the force while Jasterk was pulling out the survivors below.

Quin knew what he saw; it was not the first time the force had given him a vision. He deactivated his Light Sabre and allowed the lightning to dissipate.

“It seems it is not your destiny to die here Bounty Hunter”

Quinlan triggered the explosives on the ship and the resulting blast tore through the roof of the hanger, replacing the sabre on his belt he turned and left the hanger.

Jasterk Staren
Captain Staren stood atop a cliff overlooking the quieting battlefield below. He was on Mandalor, a fight had broken out between Republic separatists and the Mandalorian tribes when the Mandalor denied them access to a Mandolorian battleship to attack the sith.

Jasterk thought this was most wise, although the separatists operated a respectably sizeable and capable land based military they only had miscellaneous unarmed and lightly armed vessels for transport. This forced them to only wait for the sith to attack them.

The Republic had made a treaty with the sith and it confused Jasterk why these former Republic citizens chose to drag out the conflict.

It didn't matter now, they had tried to fight the Mandolorain battalion stationed her and failed miserably. Jasterk had returned to his home here a month earlier and being a optional member of the military he joined the fight reclaiming his rank of captain.

“Captain sir, we are sending all enemy troops out of this sector to load on the transports, area secure!”

Jasterk nodded saluting the young sergeant who returned the gesture with a snap before performing an about face in the darkened dirty earth and trotting off.

Perhaps the battle would have been more pleasant had the rain not been coming down like the whole ocean had evaporated only to ironically stop just as the battle ended an hour later.
Jasterk was relatively unscathed and clean compared to the troops he had been providing sniper cover for.

His helmet speakers activated with a crackle.

“Captain Staren, a message for you from base Alpha Seven.”

That was the main command base for this sector of mandalor, it was obviously important.

Jasterk wordlessly accepted the message by blinking in his helmet at the flickering comm icon.

“Captain this is General Ock’ Tuso, we have a mission for you, are you up for it?”

“Im always up for it general, what’s the job?”

“Our security trackers have picked up a disturbance in level seven of our weapons research sector.”

“Why do you need me for that? Just send some lackey with a blaster down there to kill the rodents.”

“Its not that simple, we believe the intruder is a highly skilled operative and you‘re the closest and most skilled soldier we have in the sector.”

“So you know the intruder is dangerous, how?”

The general cleared his throat.

“We haven't heard anything from the guards down there and if whoever it is has made it as far as we think they have we only have about twenty minutes till they get to what they're probably looking for.”

“And that is?”

“A weapon we've been working on, the one we'll be installing in that battleship the separatists wanted.”

“Right, no specifics huh?”

“Sorry Captain, not over an open channel.”

“Mission accepted sir, ill take a squad and check it out right away.”


The general cut the channel from his end and Jasterk turned away from the cliff edge heading for the turbo lift building.

Along the way he signaled his two best lieutenant to follow him.

The building was only one story high and made of Dura steel, containing three turbo lifts. One went to underground living quarters, one to weapons testing, and the last to weapons research, off limits to unauthorized personnel.

Jasterk stepped across the Dura steel floor and removed his helmet. As he approached the door he noticed a saber burn down one side, obviously the way the intruder had entered.

“Well I guess I wont need to use the retinal scanner and our friend has a light saber down there.”

The lieutenants wordlessly nodded and approached the door.
Jasterk then replaced his helmet and motioned for them to pull the door open.
With a long screech and the sound of buckling metal the cylindrical door moved to the right, both lieutenants straining with their fingers.

They finally opened it enough for a man to fit through and stepped back. There was no turbo lift in the empty shaft.

“Guess we're mandos on a rope today boys.”

“Yes sir!”

They replied in unison, one of them uncoiling a long fiber cord from his belt.

Jasterk looked down the shaft and didn't see any lights.

“Night vision on, in helmet radio only.”

They again accepted his orders but this time over helmet comms.

The three armor clad men hooked them selves to the line with it secured around a support beam near the opening to the turbo lift and dropped down into the waiting abyss.

A few minutes later….

This turbo lift allowed access only to the weapons research lab as to not allow access from any other floors.

This made it easy to get to the place they were going by just rappelling the three hundred feet down to the bottom.

As the bottom of the shaft came into view Jasterk could make out some wreckage.

It was spread out across the bottom of the round Dura steel shaft and a few sparks could be seen emanating from the underside of the debris pile. Obviously the intruder had thrown some sort of explosive into the shaft sending
it down here in pieces.

The trio reached the bottom and floated from the fiber cord. Jasterk was on the end of the cord below the two lieutenants and told them over his comm to detach.

They unclipped from the cord and quickly drew their rifles. Jasterks was magnetically attached while the lieutenant had straps over their back.

Jasterk motioned with a gloved hand to move toward the door he could clearly see now within the green luminance of his night vision.

They moved through the door and into a hallway. It was completely devoid of any lighting but it didn't take long for Jasterk to make out the details.

Bodies littered the hallway stretch away before them, black marks along the walls, from blasters and saber.

“Check the bodies.”

The two mandos knelt beside two of the corpses and made the report Jasterk saw coming.

“Lightsaber sir, one clean slice or stab, obviously a professional.”

Jasterk nodded and pointed again with his left hand down the hall. They moved at a tactical walk, rifles held high.

“We need to make it to the secondary turbo lift and go down to the seventh floor.”

Several minutes later…

The trio of silent soldiers crept into the turbo lift room to discover another door with light saber burns running down one side. Only this time the door was halfway open and the turbo lift was there waiting.

“Activate it.”

One of the lieutenants pressed the turbo lift switch next to its door and the lights inside flickered to life, only dimly lighting the interior and barely brightening the room with a thin shaft of dusty light.

“Lets go.”

They piled into the turbo lift and descended seven floors to their destination.

The door slid open this time without saber marks or any sign of tampering.

They proceeded into the dark room that contained only one door leading to special weapons research. It had a sign above it denoting this, and not surprisingly its control box was destroyed by a light saber leaving it half open and sparking.

In the room lay six dead mandolorians in full battle armor.

“One of you stay here.”

They wordlessly decided who would stay and Jasterk walked with the other into the special weapons room.

Through his night vision he recognized power cells and on the tables that stretched across the starship sized room were blasters and starship weapons of every make and model from every world in the galaxy. Some dissembled with strange satellite dish additions on their barrels or long compensator's or power packs attached to the sides.

Republic scientists and mandolorians alike used the facilities here to conduct the secret operations that warranted the protection of a planet covered in warriors. It was funded by the republic after all, but the public didn't know of its existence let alone its creators.

“You go right.”

Jasterk went left around the tables and looked across the room. He could see no movement so he looked up at the ceiling a few feet above his head. Nothing sat suspended waiting for him so he scanned the room for the secret weapon.

Most of the scientists were off today and as such he hadn't seen any bodies in here. Although he could barely make out was seemed to be a man over near a large table in the center littered with hydro spanners and all manner of tools used by a skilled weapon smith.

Jasterk glanced over at the lieutenant who was scanning the other side of the room. Jasterk looked away and looked back a second later to send him an order to check out the table, but he was gone.

What the!….

He had completely vanished, no sound.

Jasterk heard a ringing in his ears for a second before it dissipated, along with his night vision.


Jasterk immediately tensed scanning the room with his rifle held ready. Nothing moved but he had the strange tingling feeling he was being watch.


Suddenly a pressure appeared on his neck nearly crushing his wind pipe. His rifle clattered to the floor and what Jasterk knew now was the intruder spoke.

“You picked the wrong day to inspect the labs soldier.”

Jasterk would have come back with a snappy remark but he didn't have the air. He had to act quickly or he'd be dead from this choke hold in ten seconds.

He did something rash but effective. In his helmet he could activate his jetpack, so he did just that.

With a blast of fire he was flying toward the ceiling, however short a distance it was.

His attacker was taller then Jasterk and directly above them was a glass lighting fixture. It shattered as the intruders head smashed through it raining glass across the floor that had now disappeared bellow them in the darkness. He cut the power to his jetpack a second later and they fell to the floor separating in the process.

Jasterk landed on his feet, knees bent, and drew his blaster turning at the same time to face the Intruder. But he wasn’t there.

“Who are you?!”

“You don’t wanna know!”

The voice came from behind and Jasterk began to turn when a boot caught him in the helmet faceplate. His reflex action squeezed the trigger but he uselessly fired into the floor and he flipped back wards over the table pushing its contents to the floor.

It was obviously a force assisted strike and his fears of a force user were realized a moment later when he heard the familiar snap hiss of a light saber igniting.

Its purple glow illuminated its holder, a cloaked figure wearing completely black clothes. His face was obscured but he took an enhanced image that illuminated the face and saved it to his databanks.


He made the quick order to his helmet, it would find out who he was fighting in a few minutes.

Jasterk had lost his blaster in the flurry of activity and drew the red light saber from his belt.

With a similar snap his crimson blade came to life, its bright color clashing with his opponents across the walls. They appeared trapped inside the dome of light, darkness extending outward from them.

The intruder wasted no time and struck with masterful skill. If Jasterk had not been trained as a swordsman from youth he wouldn't have had a head anymore. His own blade blocked the horizontal strike with a crackling of energy and the smell of ozone filled Jasterk’s nostrils, overpowering the air filters in his helmet.

The intruder struck again and Jasterk rolled off the table to the side opposite his opponent. This didn't hinder him and he merely flipped over the table landing gracefully with a flourish of his cloak.

His helmet beeped and a name came up at the bottom with an option to open the rest of the information.
Jasterk didn't have time for that but he read the name quickly.

Quinlan Sa'athis

The name was somewhat familiar but he had no time to pursue the matter as a strike came for his leg but he blocked it, only to be met by a quick kick to the chest sending him flying backwards down the row of tables.

He light saber cut through the table next to him as he struggled to stand up.

In this low lighting his forceless hand to hand combat skills was becoming increasingly difficult to use effectively and the obvious master level skill of his opponent didn't improve the situation.

He held his saber high to deflect another attack from Quinlan who approached slowly in front of him.
But he stopped at half the distance and just stood waiting.

What is he doing?!?!

The building began to shake beneath Jasterks feet and without warning a plume of flame rocketed through the doorway he had entered through that was now forward and to his left. The flame obstructed his view of Quinlan as it rushed between them. What happened next nearly killed Jasterk. The entire floor began to fall away to his left and then it seemed the whole cliff that these facilities were built into was coming apart, and it was. Jasterk stepped back from the forming edge on his left and shielded himself with a raised arm. Light began to show through from a sun that was nonexistent when he had left the outside world.

The entire side of the room began to fall away forming a new cliff side where he stood.

A cloud of dirt and debris filled the air and when it cleared a minute later he was looking out at the battlefield a thousand meters away and directly below the remains of the cliff were settling in a cloud rock and debris from the underground facilities.

Jasterk could only stand in aw for a moment when he felt a piercing pain in his lower abdomen. He looked down slowly at the purple blade that now protruded from him. It then dissipated as his attacker, Quinlan Sa`athis, deactivated the light saber. It had pierced between his plates but there was no blood to be seen. The blade had instantly cauterized the wound, but that would only last so long.

A ship was coming into view and swinging around, most likely to pick up Quinlan and the ship weapon.
Jasterk fell to his knees, though unable to accept that this was the end. His vision dimmed around the edges giving the surrounding a slightly calming look, despite it being the destroyed side of a room.

Sunlight shined across his face plate as he fell to his hands and he sat watching the ship as it drifted to the edge of where the rest of the room used to be. He began to think of the strangest thing, how Quinlan had destroyed the cliff. It seemed he had used some sort of force bomb that completely destroyed most of the cliff face in this section but just to the point of not completely destroying this room.

Jasterk could now see that the cliff stretched on far away on both sides but the section had been blown away leaving a large crater below.

Jasterk put his hand over the wound and got a hold of him self.

C’mon Jasterk, you're a mandolorian, this isn't the worst wound you've ever sustained.

It certainly was but he had to keep that out of his mind.

With a grunt he hauled him self to his feet and using his helmet interface diverted all suit power to his heavy blaster that was attached to his gauntlet. This shut down most subsystems in his helmet and only left a target retical.

To his right Quinlan used the force to move the ship weapon into the back of the waiting ship that floated silently outside the remains of the room. The ships door closed and it rotated to expose another door that opened to receive Quinlan. He leapt gracefully from the room into thin air, his black attire diffusing the bright sun.

A second later he landed, appearing not to show any effort, on the edge of the doorway. He didn't look over at Jasterk and just moved into the blackness of the ship interior.

Son of a rancor, doesn't even look back at his opponent, bad idea.

Jasterk raised his right arm and clutched his wound with the other. He adjusted his aim till the retical in his helmet blipped assuring correct aim at the port side engine. It was a boxy freighter with one engine protruding from each side of the aft side, suspended on two struts.

Jasterk fired the blaster and it connected with the strut.

The engine was completely ripped from the ship and a magnificent shower of sparks was sent washing over the ship then the engine pod ignited as it fell only a few feet below the freighter.

The explosion shook what was left of Jasterk and the room.
He was knocked backwards and with what little strength he had he braced his fall with his right arm. A sudden silence came over the room again when the ship drifted downward leaving a smoke trail behind and Jasterk dragged himself to the edge to gaze down upon his kill.

“Hahaha, not so tough!”

He was basking in his triumph when a black gloved hand reach over the edge before him and grabbed his neck.

“Ahhhh shi-!”

He was pulled over the edge with magnificent strength and before he knew it he was reaching out for the edge. Hanging beside him was Quinlan, suspended by one arm, the other holding a light saber.

Jasterk didn’t know what to do, he looked at his helmet systems that were regaining power.

What do I have what do I have?!!

Flame thrower..

“That was a bad mistake Mandolorian!”

He seemed to be injured and was having trouble holding on and activating his light saber. He flipped the hilt over to reach the switch but it was to late.

Jasterk activated the flame thrower and as the gas began to ignite and come out the end he pulled his right arm back and with all the strength he could muster, planted his fist in Quinlan’s face.


Quinlan lost his grip as the punch connected and flame shot from Jasterk’s gauntlet, practically erasing his face in the cloud of red.

Quinlan fell for at least a thousand meters before Jasterk couldn't look or hold on anymore.


His left hand slipped and he knew this was it, he wouldn't have nearly enough fuel left to break the fall with his jetpack.

He was unready to face death, but a gloved hand reached out at that moment and grabbed him.

He was hauled up and he only saw a mandolorian helmet before he passed into pain induced unconsciousness.

Three days later....

Jasterk opened his eyes, dry and unadjusted to the hospital lights.
Obviously he had survived the fall, then he remembered.

One of the lieutenants must have survived, this brightened Jasterk’s spirits but suddenly the whole fight came flooding back to his minds eye.

Quinlan Sa'athis!

He knew that name now, a famous master of espionage. Jasterk had been sent to find him on a bounty hunting mission years earlier, but had failed. He was the only bounty Jasterk was known to have never found.

He sat up in bed and looked around at the room. His helmet and armor were gone but he saw them hanging in a closet to his left. In front of his bed was a holoprojector with a remote on the table to his right.

He looked down at his stomach and pulled away the blanket. A clean bandaged was wrapped around him.
He heard the door open and looked up with his slowed reflexes, most likely from pain killers.

It was one of the lieutenants.

“Lieutenant, you survived!”

“Yes sir, that guy really conked me hard over the head though.

He was wearing his armor, absent a helmet and Jasterk could see the thick white bandages around his forehead.

“What happened?”

“After you burned his face off I ran to the edge and grabbed you're hand to pull you up but as soon as you were on you're back you blacked out. I radioed for a medical ship and here we are.”

“Thanks for saving my old Mando ass then.”

He smiled but remained serious.

“Anytime sir!”

“So, did they find his body?”

“Who sir, the man or Lieutenant Ak`Ta?”


“Well they didn't find the man, although I think he's probably buried somewhere. As for Ak`Ta we found him in five or six pieces.”

“Im sorry to hear that, but death is a part of war, you're brother will be honored. As for you I think ill recommend you for a medal and a promotion, for saving my arse.”

“Thank you sir!”

“you are dismissed lieutenant.”

He nodded and marched out of the room, the door wishing shut behind.

Jasterk put his arms behind his head and leaned back to watch a holo show with a sigh.

“Well, that's the last I'll be seeing of Quinlan Sa'athis, the sneaky bastard he was!”

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Jacan Na'al on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:06 am

Poor judges, only 3 days to read and vote...

And kev... I didn't get on the ship. I was right behind you and swish, my lightsaber decapitates you LOL.
Jacan Na'al

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Mictian on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:36 am

Mmm... this is not going to be easy... Well, at least everyone submitted their entries, haha

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Jasterk Staren on Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:06 am

Thank you for having respect for you're opponent Quin! Very good story!
Jasterk Staren

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Quinlan Sa'athis on Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:07 am

Jasterk Staren wrote:Thank you for having respect for you're opponent Quin! Very good story!

yours too, the judges have a tough choice.
Quinlan Sa'athis

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Carlen Darko on Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:59 am

Judgments will be announced tomorrow.
Carlen Darko

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Jacan Na'al on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:03 am

Carlen Darko wrote:Judgments will be announced tomorrow.

That sounds so... gloomy and undesirable lol.

What about: Winners will be announced tomorrow! or... no pretty much just Winners sounds happy lol.
Jacan Na'al

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Carlen Darko on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:07 am

lol, as you wish.


Did I take it a step too far...probably.
Is it awesome though...fersure.

Carlen Darko

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Jacan Na'al on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:15 am

Awesome fersure.
Jacan Na'al

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

Post  Jasterk Staren on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:41 am

Jasterk Staren

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Re: BRII: Round III Entries

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