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This information was contained in the old wiki. Since I'm stepping down as the project's leader and inviting anyone and everyone to take up the project, here is the information gathered so far. This isn't in stone and it can all be changed to meet the end goal of a completed game. I will monitor this section and make changes if required. Message me if you require any extra bit of information.

The following is the game overview.

1. Game Concept

The OUF game project was started around the beginning of Novermber 2009 by Daniel Lingenfelter with aid from the members of the Order of the Unifying Force (A gaming guild for the upcoming BioWare game Star Wars: The Old Republic). The project is being head by Daniel Lingenfelter (AKA Garr Talon). The project is aimed at creating a first person shooter with a Star Wars©theme based off of the time frame in which the game Star Wars: The Old Republic©, being developed by BioWare©, takes place in. The games plot will follow along a unique storyline developed by the members of the OUF.

2. Feature Set

Under Development.

3. Genre

First Person Shooter

4. Target Audience

Young adults and Star Wars fans.

5. Game Flow Summary

The gameplay will follow the first person shooter format with the inclusion of a cover system. While the game will be, at least initially, short the project still aims to fill the game with as many story elements as possible. Some RPG elements may be introduced into the project to allow the player to increase his/her characters abilities. The game will mostly comprise objective based gameplay while battling enemies and will require that the player solve some puzzles.

6. Look and Feel

The game project is currently under development. Many elements of the game are subject to change without notice.

7. Project Overview

Development of the project is currently being headed by Daniel Lingenfelter (AKA Garr Talon from the OUF) and is being supported by contributors from the OUF. The current phase of the project is the design phase where crucial storyline elements are being developed as well as concept art for the various game elements.

This project's early history started mid-july '09 when a OUF "Pong" game was created. "Tor Pong", as it was called, was a very basic pong style game with sub-par graphics and virtually no gameplay elements. While the game was ridiculously lame, the creation of the game was fun for everyone who helped out. This led to the idea of creating a better game which led to the first attempt at the "tor game" project. The game was to use the Allegro library and be a Zeldaclone with 2D top-down graphical shooter/adventure features. The project eventually fell by the wayside when development for the project came to a halt due to a lack of experience with the Allegro game library. Fast forward to November '09 and Epic Games, Inc releases the Unreal Development Kit free to use by anyone. Due to this engine's release it was now possible to develop games on proven platform and distribute them freely. Thus, the second version of the "Tor game" project was started which is now referred to as the "game project".

The following is the game story.

1. Back story

2. Plot Overview

The game follows the main character as he guards an ambassador on a mission of diplomatic importance. Upon arrival things heat up as the ambassador and the main character are attacked by an outside group. Soon the main character learns that the invaders are actually trying to rescue researchers who are being held by the facility. After an encounter with the leader of the invaders the main character learns that their new allies have a dark secret that not only might nullify their new allegiance with the OUF, but makes them officially enemies.

3. Plot Elements

3.1. Elite Guard (was a link in wiki to Elite Guard information)

3.2. Ithis (was a link in wiki to Ithis planet overview)

4. Game Progression

Game Start
(En route to Ithis) The camera opens to a view of inside Garr Talon's ship, Talon's Might, (in the gallery of the ship) where the main character (MC) is having a short conversation with Garr Talon about the mission ahead. The conversation is cut off when Garr Talon (GT), whom is piloting the ship, says that they are about to land on the planet Ithis.
(On the surface of Ithis) The camera tracks the Talon's Might as it makes its way through the atmosphere of Ithis. Through the windows of the Talon's Might, all that can be determined is the planet below them is mostly ocean. The ship makes its way towards a rocky island devoid of vegetation, that from the distance appears to be no more than rocks, but as the distance is covered it becomes apparent that it is a narrow island, but rising hundreds of meters above the surface of the ocean. As the ship approaches the pumice structure, a small cavern within the side of the rock at sea level just barely becomes visible. As the ship comes closer to the dark cavern, it becomes apparent that the hole is actually a landing port large enough to hold many ships like the "Talon's Might". There are intercom transmissions between GT and what is assumed to be the port officer in charge of dock clearance. The Talon's Might maneuvers into the dock and lands. GT lowers the landing ramp. A cut scene starts which involves GT briefing the MC on the situation. GT and MC start down the landing ramp.
(Inside the docking bay) The camera starts out wide so as to show off the enormity of the docking bay. There are bare rigid rock faces covering the side walls. The opening where they entered has now been sealed with a translucent energy shield that glows red. On the opposite wall is what appears to be the main entrance to the facility: a large circular metallic door (large enough for the Talon's Might to fit through) rests on large hinges that swing the metal door outwards into the docking bay. The path that connects the main entrance to the landing platform is narrow and stretches past the length of the door when open. The whole landing platform is raised off of the floor of the cave docking bay and is surrounded by railing and lighting to illuminate the, what would otherwise be, dark landing pad.
A human stands at the junction of the landing pad and the pathway to the door. As GT and his two flanking guards approach him he stretches out his hands to welcome them very cheerfully. The man starts to escort them towards the door, and as he does the door begins to swing open slowly. As they walk into the facility the man explains how this structure is left over from wars past and use to be a top secret military facility. As they walk into the facility the door swings shut behind them.
(Inside the facility) The camera follows the MC and GT as they are ushered into an elevator at the end of a hallway. The elevator's three sides are glass revealing the rough cut of the elevator shaft in the rock. The man explains that much of the facility has yet to be renovated still while he uses an ancient key card on the elevator terminal. The elevator abruptly begins to descend. As it descends the man begins to tell GT about the corporation and it's research. The elevator reaches the bottom of the shaft and the doors slide open to reveal the hallway beyond.
The facility is mostly empty, explains the man. Much of the facility's personnel have moved to an off-site location while renovations take place. The man leads them to the meeting room.
(Inside the Meeting room) The meeting room is oval shaped with an oval shaped reflective black grand table in the middle of the room. Multiple seats surround the table
and in the center of the table is a holographic projector. Sitting at the opposite end of the table are two heads of the corporation and one secretary. They sit with their backs to a large window that expands across the back wall. GT sits down at the table and the meeting begins.
Early on in the meeting a ship suddenly appears outside the windows and missiles are fired into the side of the facility. The front of the meeting room explodes and sends GT and the MC against the opposite wall. The screen goes black as the MC blacks out.
(Inside the Meeting room) The camera is outside the facility and shows three people leaving the ship on jet pack and entering the hole in the facility created by the missile. The camera takes the view of MC who starts to regain consciousness slowly. From his view he sees the three people checking the bodies. One of the three shoot an admin of the facility who is missing some of their limbs from the explosion. Another one of them walks over to GT and notices that his uniform is different. At the same time the third of the three notices you are different as well and that you are starting to wake up. They promptly knock you out again. MC and GT are taken outside of the room to the hallway and set on the floor against the wall where they are restrained. The camera is still in MC's vision and starts to fade in again when GT nudges you and whispers for you to wake up. When MC regains consciousness again he sees two of the three talking quietly to each other and the third one is messing with the jet packs by the lift. The two talking come over to the MC and GT begin to ask them why they are here and who are they. GT does the talking and explains the diplomatic mission. After he tells them they become upset and explain that according to their intelligence, nobody was suppose to be here except a handful of facility staff. They explain that this facility is holding researchers against their will and that their real research involves illegal droid creation such as assassin and battle droids. They apologize to GT for his damaged leg and explain that they need to make their way to the lower levels of the facility to find the researchers being held. They tell GT and MC that they can help if they want or they are free to leave. They remove the restraints. The two join the other by the lift doors and help pry them open. They place an explosive in the lift and it detonates, causing it to fall down the shaft. (The power is out in the upper levels of the facility) The three then fly down the shaft using their jet packs.
(In the hallway) MC helps GT up and leads him to a room where he sits GT in a chair at a control terminal. They have an exchange of words where they ultimately decide to find out whether or not the organization is up to no good. They decide that MC will head to the lower facility and find facts that support the three's accusations. GT says he will try to restore power to the terminal and help MC over the comm unit with schematics of the facility. MC heads to the stairwell and begins to descend. Towards the bottom of the stairwell he is radioed by GT who tells him he has managed to restore power to the console and that the best place to start looking for evidence is on the manufacturing level. MC reaches the bottom of the stairwell and enters the room where they first entered the facility. The room is the same except for the lift from the upper shaft which is now laying in front of the heavy metal door used to enter the facility. MC enters the other lift that takes him down to manufacturing.
MC exits the lift and begins to enter the manufacturing level which has alarms going off. MC notices that droids are patrolling the area and radios GT. GT tells him to find a weapon and take them out, but avoid them at all costs. MC picks up a vibro blade and begins to make his way to the end of the plant. When he reaches the end he encounters a larger droid and must take it down. When the battle is over MC enters the foreman's office and finds information on his terminal that confirms what the three had said. MC radios the three and tells them that he is willing to help capture the administrator and free the researchers. The three tell him that he can help by turning off the power to the lower facility by going to the power plant and shutting it off. MC finds a blaster in the foreman's office and heads down the hallway to the power plant.
Power Plant
MC enters the power plant and begins fighting his way through the tougher droids to the main plant's terminal. He shuts the power off and radios the three who tell him that the locks on the researcher's cells have been disengaged. They are cut off when a large droid appears and MC must take it down. Afterwards MC radios the three again who tell him that they have the researchers and the best way for MC to catch up to them is to go through the labs. MC radios GT and informs him of the situation.
MC enters the labs where he realizes that there are a lot of droids on this level. He finds a prototype heavy blaster in the lab and begins to take down the droids. GT radios MC and asks him to collect as much research information as possible to help build a case against the organization. In the middle of collecting the research the comm unit informs the MC that escape pods are being used. MC radios the three and asks them what's happening and they inform him that they have begun evacuating the researchers. (The escape pods jettison into the ocean beneath the facility and rise to the surface) MC finishes finding the research information and begins to leave when the comm unit informs him that a test droid has been activated remotely. MC radios GT who thinks that the administrator, in his last attempt to thwart them, has activated the assassin droid. MC fights the droid. Towards the end of the battle MC locks escapes and locks the assassin droid in the lab.
Researcher Cells
(In the hallway of the facility) MC makes his way down the hallway towards the researcher cells (sees droids killed by the three along the way). When he gets there he finds that all of the researchers have been killed. MC radios the three but there is no response. MC radios GT who tells him that he thinks they might have been tricked. MC heads to the administrator level to confront the three.
Administrator Level
Once inside the main foyer of the admin level one of the three confronts MC. A battle ensues and MC defeats him. He races to the Administrator's office and sees the other two escaping in one of the pods just as he gets there. The administrator has been beaten and shot but is still alive. The administrator activates the self destruct sequence for the facility and dies. MC radios GT and tells him to get to the Talon's Might and escape. The MC jumps into the last pod and escapes.
(On the surface of the ocean) The camera takes the view of above the facility where it starts to explode. The Talon's Might narrowly escapes the explosion and heads toward the escape pod to pick up MC. Once aboard GT tells MC that he sent a message to the OUF fleet and that they should be here soon, but the other two have escaped on their ship and have made the jump to light speed already. GT makes a promise to MC that they will track them down and find them no matter what. GAME END.

The following is the Sentinel overview.

1. Overview

The Elite Guard is run by the Director who is appointed by the Military Executor. Under the Director of the Elite Guard (DEG) are the Sentinels. Sentinels are the ground guard units that accompany specific personnel and intervene in situations which become hostile.

2. Sentinels

Sentinels are experienced combat operatives who show exceptional combat proficiency in all areas including ranged and close quarters combat. The selection process typically requires applicants to run a obstacle course and pass a barrage of physical strength and endurance tests. Upon acceptance into the Elite Guard the title of Sentinel in Training (SIT) is given. The new SIT is placed in a training program that teaches skills from basic encryption hacking to advanced weapons training. Once a SIT's training program is complete they attain the rank of Sentinel.

The following is the character overview.

1. Unnamed (Main Character)

1.1. Back Story

He comes from a back water planet. His mother was killed by slave traders when he was at a very young age. His father enlisted in the ranks of the assault militia but has since retired from their ranks. He grew up surrounded by the OUF. He played a sport and became very good at it. His father died when he was a young adult and he decided to join the ranks of the Assault Militia to follow in his father's foot steps. His father's old friend, Garr Talon, helped him join the militia and he soon earned a high rank. The Elite Guard took notice of his skills and encouraged him to sign-up for the trials. He completed the trials very quickly, although some think that his quick entrance into the Elite Guard was through his connection with Garr Talon.

1.2. Personality

Something to prove. Hard working. Natural born leader.

1.3. Physical Characteristics


2. Garr Talon

2.1. Back Story

Was abandoned at birth and found as a tadpole in a gutter. Placed in an orphanage. Adopted by a Nobel Chagrian family. Traveled to Coruscant for further studies in law. Forced to abide by Sith law during the sacking of Coruscant to continue studies. Finished law school in 3650 at the Coruscant College of Law. Won fixed elections by the Dark Council for local public office.

He heard of the OUF through secret sith channels. Joined them and began doing operations for them. After Operation: Jedi Freedom he didn't want to be anybody's tool anymore and left the senate to join the OUF full time. His past as a senator made him ideal for the Judicial Committee which he serves in as the High Chancellor.

2.2. Personality

Cold at times, but loves the people who are close to him. Likes to make people laugh and enjoys having a good time with friends. Enjoys having a drink or two. Likes to stick to himself. Often appears lost in thought.

2.3. Physical Characteristics

A 2 meter tall Chagrian, 2.2 meters from horns to feet, with light blue skin and eyes. Medium build and slightly athletic.


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