Operation Jedi Freedom

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Arashi Storm on Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:18 pm

Benson arrived just as Korrin was captured by the Sith and his apprentice. Benson decided to wait and track them to their ship and then ambush them before leaving with Korrin. As the Sith, Darth Albarr, and his apprentice, Mour Farina, were hauling the unconscious Korrin to the ramp of their ship Benson sprung out from behind a barrel and started firing well aimed blaster bolts towards the Sith and his apprentice. The Sith reacted quick and batted the blaster bolts away, but his apprentice was not as quick. The apprentice took a direct blow to his left arm causing him to drop Korrin. Benson rolled to his feet never letting up on his barrage of blaster fire. Benson wanted to use a thermal detonator and be done with the rotten sith, but he knew he couldn't endanger his friend. The Sith leaped in the air toward Benson while using the Barrel Benson had used for cover as a distraction and hurled it toward Benson. Benson noticed the barrel flying toward him but was not easily beaten by this tactic and simply lept forward still firing away. However, Benson was now between the Sith and his apprentice. The Sith quickly took advantage of this and charged Benson from both sides. Benson was holding his own against the Sith, but was loosing ground quick.

Satarel and Vly-Nor were arriving late to the call, but in time to help end the fire fight. The Sith sensed the approach of the two and decided it was more important to leave with Korrin and warn Darth Nuuk than get outnumbered and possibly die. The Sith disrupted Bensons balance long enough to land a non lethal slash to Bensons leg dropping him to the ground. He then force pushed Benson into the Hangar wall daizing him long enough to get Korrin and his apprentice onto the their ship and their thrusters sending them upward. Satarel and Vly-Nor arrived moments after the Sith lifted off. Satarel tossed a homing beacon in to the air and guided it with the force to a spot on the ship it would not be noticed.

Vly-Nor, already attending to Bensons wounds, glanced over to Satarel and said "don't we already know where they are headed?"

Satarel replied "I will not take a chance on loosing Korrin because we assume he is gonna end up where the jedi are being tortured! His sacrifice will not be for nothing."

Vly-Nor comments "Benson could sure use his healing abilities right now."

Satarel and Vly-Nor carried Benson to Garr's ship and got him in the med bay. Now all the members were gathered on the bridge ready to discuss the next move.
Arashi Storm

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Jasterk Staren on Mon Jun 29, 2009 1:46 am

Jasterk stomped through the muck and occasional flat grass covered area that layered the shadowlands of kashyyyk. He was not having a good run of luck today, first a bounty on his head, then those idiot sith taking his ship, now this! He shin length jacket had accumulated enough dirt and mud to outfit a heard of dewbacks.

With a slice of his wrist blade he cut away a sticky wet plant of unknown species, and finally layed eyes on a camp fire, surrounded by four wookies. "Rawrl!" He knew his friend understood basic and Jasterk understood wookie, and he certainly understood what came out of the wookies mouth, it wasnt good. "arrwwerrrrrr!" attack....

Jasterk took the hint and bolted back the way he had come splashing up more water and degraded plants.
He ran for nearly ten minutes and somewhere along the way changed course and found his way onto a overgrown, but solid, trail.
Jasterk had lost the wookies, obviously not his friends, and continued on the trail. After twenty minutes of conciderably better travel he came across the remains of a hut, built into a fallen tree. It seemed an odd but helpful find, since he had little to no idea where he was anymore and needed to rest.

Jasterk found a door shrouded in dangling vines and entered the hut. He had a plasma glow stick in his pouch and tapped the switch, illuminating the long forgotten haven. He inspected all of the two rooms that made up the hut and was astounded how well preserved it was. He was familiar with old things because of his ship, and this looked to be from around the same time. He checked the second room and found the remains of a old grass bed and next to it a out of place metal box.

Inside Jasterk was once again astounded to find what seemed to be a lightsaber along with various eating utensils and home made bowls.
He finished his searh of the derilect museum hidden among the trees and sat down to rest. He would catch a few hours of sleep and then assend to the top of one of these trees and see where he was.

(you probobly noticed the house Jasterk found is what remains of Jolee Bindos house from KOTOR 1, i like putting little things in their to make it more nastalgic.)
Jasterk Staren

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Satarel Vao on Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:00 am

After helping Benson onto the ship, Satarel is unsure as to what is planned next for the rescue of the Jedi captives, and now Korrin. He paces up to the cockpit to check on all who have gathered on Garr's ship, noticing that there is an abundance of assistance for this mission. "So what is our plan of action? As you no doubt know, Korrin was captured by a Sith and his apprentice.." Satarel states, "We need to get this ship off the ground and figure out what's next right away."

Contemplating the next course of action, he waits for the others to give their opinion on the situation before the move forward.

"In case the Sith that captured Korrin decides to go somewhere other than where the others are being tortured, I may have to be prepared to take my Aurek for the journey. We can't be in two places at once in case they split up.. and that may very well be possible if they are on to our plan."
Satarel Vao

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Kevlar on Mon Jul 06, 2009 3:50 am

Bahn Durm wrote:While facing towards the dancing Twi'leks, he gently touches the mind of the young and curious Rodian sitting at the table a few yards away. Careful not to press too hard and distract the Rodian, Bahn gently influences the Rodian to 'remember his meeting with his contractor across the city in half an hour'.
As the Rodian gets up and exits the cantina, Bahn cannot help but feel, despite the lack of any information in the Rodian's mind saying it so, that there is someone else with interest in this gather of the Order of the Unifying Force...

<Meanwhile across on the other side of the city district, in a rubble strewn alley passageway stuck between two overly competitive multi-structured high-rises.>

The crimson-maned fire cat purred while she knelt perched upon a shattered section of plasticrete sticking vicariously out from the side of a residential high-rise.
Well, she would be purring if she had the correct vocal apparatus to do so, instead she only purred mentally as she watched her prey scuffle in between two abnormally tall piles of rubble and scorched droid parts.

The young Rodian was fairly skittish for his kind, head and antennae swiveling as he peered around at the various more deeply shadowed parts of the alley, one hand sitting at his waist near his back, where Alicia deduced he kept some kind of weapon hidden.

She idly continued to draw on the plasticrete at her feet with a piece of rubble as she waited for a few more moments for the Rodian to past directly beneath her vantage point before she placed the fragment down carefully and pitched forwards over the edge.

A couple of stories she fell face first, but as she neared the ground she twisted her frame into a sideways pose and slammed one silent step into a particularly solid piece of metal she had spotted earlier on sticking out of a rubble pile. Using the force from the kick she changed her downwards vector into a diagonal one and curled into a ball as she rolled into a spin on the alley floor, leg and one arm snapping out from her fetal position ball she brought her spin to a sudden stop, knelt a few paces behind the still oblivious Rodian. With a slight wisp of fabric and a quick check of her hair, Alicia flowed to a stand.

"Salutations Bodo." She spoke into the oddly quiet access-way, just over the faint distant dim of the sounds of Coruscant air-traffic. The young Rodian jumped with a frightened squeak and spun around brandishing a viroblade that he had produced from somewhere while he yelled words in rapid Rodese.

Alicia didn't move nor react to the sharp implement pointed in her direction beyond single raised eyebrow.

"You! Foolish human! Foolish human sneaking up behind Rodian warrior, Bodo could have killed you!" Bodo continued in basic.

Alicia choose to ignore Bodo and his shaking blade and continued instead as if the Rodian hadn't spoke, "I trust you have gathered what I requested?"

The Rodian's Tirade came to a sudden blinking stop, before he hid the viroblade away and began to gesture wildly "Of course Bodo gathered what Alicia wanted! Bodo greatest Rodian spy ever! Bodo planted Ms. Lori's bugs in booth, Bodo hid and pretended to be a canteena... a canteena..."

"Patron." Alicia added helpfully out loud, 'drunk' she mused mentally.

"Yes! Canteena Patron! So Bodo hid and watched from behind his flask, he sees the man you pointed out meet with four others..." Bodo continued to describe the OUF members animatedly as Alicia drew up a mental list in her head and saved it to one of her memory implants.

"Hmm... that's interesting" Alicia whispered more to herself out loud when Bodo finished his descriptions, "And what did these five discuss?"

"Well they..." The young Rodians excited gestures froze as his antennae twisted and pointed different ways, "Bodo best rodian spy! Bodo heard they say..." The rodian began to scratch his head, "That's strange! Bodo sorry Ms. Lori! Bodo seem to have forgot!"

Alicia laughed as she shook her head, "Never mind Bodo, its not your fault, you did well. Here is your fee." She handed him a small neat stack of credits.

The Rodian straightened as he counted his credits "Wait! This is only half what Ms. Lori promised!"

"That's because you only did half the job Bodo, let this be some incentive for improvement" Alicia patted the young rodian on the shoulder as she past him heading deeper into the shadows of the access-way "You did well enough this time" she called as she walked backwards before spinning around and ducking down a side passage, leaving the young rodian staring dejectedly at the credits in his green hand.

Alicia's brain raced as she darted from shadow to shadow under the shattered skyline of the Coruscant structures, she had heard about some of her fellow OUF member's being sighted on Coruscant, but didn't know what had brought them together, she had heard rumors of course, but she had hoped that the Rodian she hired would shed some light upon why such a large number of OUF personnel would be congregating at such a vicarious place. Its too bad that someone likely spotted Bodo's attempts at espionage and played with his mind, it would have made this little fact finding mission a lot more of a simple operation.

'At the very least it wasn't a complete waste of time' Alicia thought as she placed in her belt pouch the small recorder unit she had palmed and removed from Bodo's shoulder. With a instant check for loose or unconcealed equipment, Alicia made a leap up and pulled herself up and over onto an overhanging thoroughfare.

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Jeme'Maer on Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:56 am

Nodding in agreement, "Things may have just gotten much more difficult for us it seems, between Korrin's capture, and the fact that the Sith now know of our attempt to rescue Jedi Master Gioez."

Taking a second to judge the reactions of those listening, Jeme continues on. "Furthermore, I believe that this ship's identity has already been compromised before we have yet to lift off from Coruscant, meaning that the closer we get to Kashyyyk in this ship, the more likely we are to be spotted by both Korrins and Master Gioez's captors, hoping that Korrin is transported to the same location."

Walking over the the holoprojector, Jeme activates the machine, allowing the holoprojection of the galaxy to form. "To get straight to the point, we must leave Coruscant, as to not arouse suspicion, and travel to Alderran to acquire the help of an old friend of mine. A Human by the name of Krayt Sissdon, most know him as the smuggler whom ran the sith blockade some years back in the Alderran system. before the treaty had been made."

Jeme soon activates a holo of his associate, showing a man way beyond his prime. He seemed to be in his middle-sixties, greying hair, and a gaze that could split permacrete. Wearing a simple set of military fatigues, he took the stance of someone used to flying by the edge of his seat, having obviously done so at the cost of his eye. Showing a small degree of shock, Jeme continues his conversation. "If we are ever to complete this mission without casualty, we will need the element of suprise, which he can give, by smuggling us past any Sith orbiting Kashyyyk, or at the very least lend us his ship."

"what do you think of this plan of action Garr? With Satarel and any others track the Sith who have taken Korrin, we can at least hope to travel to Kashyyyk in a stealthy manner, as to take Master Gioez's captors by suprise." Taking a seat with the rest of the crew, Jeme confidently waits for Garrs decision.

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Arashi Storm on Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:25 am

Vly remains in the med bay of the ship to heal Bensons wounds as best as he can and also to make sure he is stable before heading to the bridge. He hopes the mood of his companions will not cause any rash decisions. Loosing Korrin is gonna be hard on everyone cause Korrin is so well liked.

Vly finishes with Benson and heads up to the bridge to see if he can come up with some reassuring words to help his companions focus on the mission at hand and not so much on the unknowns of Korrins status.
Arashi Storm

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Foilole on Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:13 pm

Waiting with his companions in the bridge for results on how Benson is Vly tells us the news on Benson and that he is going to be fine but will be unwell to continue in this operation we have going. Most of the fellow companions suddenly felt a shock go through them as they have lost a great soldier and another companion for the operation but VLY keeps things in order and tells us that we need to focus on the mission if we are to succeed.

Qautu felt the shock of the loss of Benson but didnt show his emotion. He held himself together for the sake of the operation.

Talking quietly to himself "This is a huge loss for us but we have to keep strong, No! we must not just for the mission but for Benson and Korrin too who have sacraficed alot for the mission if we dont then Korrin would have been captured for no reason".

Qautu trys to lighten up some of the companions who are devastated from Bensons lost

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:56 am

Garr stands up from the captain's chair of the Talon's Might and clears his throat, silencing the debate on the bridge over what the plan of action should be.

"I believe Jeme's idea is the best course of action given the current circumstances. However, my ship is expected to arrive at Kashyyk with no planned stops along the way. If my ship were to enter Alderan space and be noticed by the Sith then our attempt at misdirection will fall short. Instead, we will leave Coruscant and perform a couple quick jumps to lose any tail we might have picked up. Then we will head to the nearest neutral outpost and part ways. We will reestablish communications once you have all arrived on Kashyyk."

Garr sat back down in the captain's chair and began entering commands into the flight computer for the micro-jumps they needed to lose any tails. He entered them quickly and with a confidence that said he had done the maneuver before. Garr heard a few whispers of dissatisfaction at the thought of being dropped off at a random outpost. Garr put that thought aside and concentrated on the task at hand. He turned to the Might's controls and starts to lift the ship out of the port. Talon's Might accelerates sharply upwards with a force that most wouldn't expect from a ship its size. Garr lets a smile creep onto his face at the thought of finally being able to use his modifications. With his right hand he reaches over to the terminal beside him and without looking enters a quick sequence of commands. A woman's voice comes over the bridge "Hull Charged. Beacon removal complete." As the viewport slowly fades to black Garr increases the Might's speed, breaking Coruscant's invisible hold on the ship. With his right hand, Garr punches another sequence of commands. "Beginning Jump Sequence." The viewport is filled with the streak of stars and an instant later Talon's Might blinks out of view.


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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Kevlar on Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:15 am

<A short while before back on Coruscant>

Alicia’s mood was improving steadily as she made her way slowly through the jostling crowds of the packed open market on the busy thoroughfare, venders and shoppers alike shouted and called in a variety of languages. It was, in her opinion, a great place to center one self, not to mention lose any unfortunate tails that she might have picked up.

As she sidled around a Ithornian browsing at a fruit stand, Alicia retrieved the recorder unit she had taken off Bodo from a hidden pouch and began to break it down. Tossing the various miniature casings and components as she walked, Alicia eventually ended up with a tiny holosliver which contained the entire recorded memory life of the unit.

Keeping a small part of her awareness on the crowded space, Alicia’s mind turned inwards as she strolled, into her own noumenon space she delved, searching for a silverblue thread, finding it almost instantly she follows the glimmering line through her mind to where it merges with an artificial technological construct, focusing her will and her thoughts she made the connection with the implant and poured herself through it, to find a sleeping emptiness on the other side, a slight electronic dim in an otherwise quiet static.

‘Lita?’ Alicia queried in the noumenon, listening to the equivalent of an AI quietly snoring.
Giving the AI a mental nudge Alicia continued ‘Lita, wakeup. There’s work to be done’ and gave her wrist unit a couple of finger taps. The screen remained blank whilst in her mind she heard a mumbled sleepy complaint.
Shrugging Alicia keyed a command on the wristunit and a small panel slid open to reveal a small receiving port, giving a couple of puffs on the holosliver to clear it of dirt, Alicia placed the sliver over the port and rammed it home.
The display instantly flared to life, accompanied by a startled yelp that shattered the silence in Alicia’s noumenon, followed by a stream of nonsensical cussing that was too fast for comprehension.
Alicia tuned out the angry electronic buzzing in her head while she sidestepped around two arguing Niktos and came around the otherside just in time to catch the end of Lita tirade.
‘dung-creeping slag-sucking shotta! How would you like it if whilst you were asleep, I were to creep up on you with a piece of PlastiCirc and shove it up your-'
‘Lita!’ Alicia cut her off with a quirk of the mouth ‘are you quite done?’
‘Snarking void-brained coreslime’ Lita mumbled quietly, to which Alicia grinned and raised an eyebrow.
‘Sorry, too much?’ the AI queried meekly.
Alicia ignored the question and instead asked 'Can you strip the files off that crystal I just gave you and sync the recording up with the other bugs’ feeds?'
Alicia could feel the AI start to work before she had even completed the sentence, actions and processes just a little bit too fast for even her greatly enhanced biological processor to follow, instead she followed the general intentions of Lita’s workings loosely as she concentrated on navigating the increasing pedestrian jam in the heart of the busy market.

Abruptly the Lita’s processes came to a halt, ‘Erm, problem’ the AI interjected.

The AI was just about to continue when Alicia suddenly slammed into a busy Duros carrying a lot of bags, some of which were clearly purchases from nearby foods vendors. The jarring bump sent both of the staggering past each other, when the Duros recovered his balance and spun with a thunderous frown.
“Oh! I’m sorry!” Alicia called in fluent Durese and bowed low with her hand behind her back, “My fault completely, please. My sincere apologies!” The Duros angered expression faded into one of mild annoyance and gave a small bow before continuing back into the crowed without a word.

‘You were sorry you stole his Pastry bag?’ Lita sounded amused.
“Hmm” Alicia mumbled out loud as she bit into a piece of fresh pastry, mentally she added ‘you were saying?’
‘I was saying before your larcenic collision, that there was a problem, being that there are no feeds from the bugs, in fact, I can’t find their signals at all. They were probably broken to begin with.’
‘Doubtful’ Alicia said ‘My guess is someone found them in a sweep before the meeting, a pity, but expected. What about the holorecording?’
‘The recordings are fine, but you might as well not bother, you won’t like it.’ Lita replied with a pessimistic tone.
‘Let me be the judge of that, would you kindly play it? Start at the most complete stage of the meeting’

Alicia felt the wristAI use her noumenon implant to splice into her vision through the optic nerve. Suddenly the pale ghostlike images of a crowded frozen canteena as seen from the Rodian Bodo’s shoulder flickered into existence to overlap with the inhabitants of the busy market place. Alicia immediately spotted the booth of interest in the corner of her vision, but she didn’t turn to study it, as the image was interposed over a couple of Sith patrolmen harassing a streetvendor. Instead she mentally nudged the AI into bringing the booth in question directly in front of her and enhancing the resolution. Silently she noted the individuals she recognized in her memory implant while she weaved through the crowd.

‘Alright, Lita, play the rest of it out’ The ghostly canteena suddenly exploded into movement, the Bith and Twi’lek band on stage drawing most of the attention, she thought she caught a familiar figure seated in front of the stage nursing a drink, but couldn’t be certain as the view from Bodo’s shoulder suddenly began moving, turning and heading to the exit and passed the bouncer into the streets.
‘Hold on a second, reverse the record back to the bouncer. No, not that one, the other one.’ Alicia drank from a flask of hot Jova as she studied the figure. ‘That’s really interesting, terminate record’ she told Lita and finished the flask as the ghostly holo flickered away.
‘Hey! Where’d you get that from?’ The AI asked.
‘Ah! Magic!’ Alicia replied cheekily and brought the cup up to eye level in a hand ‘if you blink!’ She waved the other hand over it and it disappeared. ‘You miss it!’ She finished with mental smugness.

The Ai’s reply was cut short by the furious roar of an angry wookie further back in the crowd. Alicia spun on her feet to stand at tiptoes to give a happy wave at the angry wookie, who spotted her with its keen vision almost immediately and began to bowl its way through the crowd towards her.

“Oh-oh” Alicia gulped.
‘indeed’ the AI added.

Quickly, she turned and started to weave through the crowd towards the edge of the market and exit.
‘Lita, I need you to find a beacon’
‘The beacon of escape from angry wookies?’
‘The beacon I placed amongst the various bugs just in case someone found them, if we can’t know what was said then at least we’ll know where they are’
‘What’s the point? Me and your arm won’t even be attached to your body shortly anyways.’
‘Lita’ Alicia growled mentally as she ducked under the legs of a humanoid in voluminous robes and rolled behind a vendor stall. ‘you just find that beacon, quickly!’ she finished as she leaped into a dashing run through the exit of the thoroughfare.

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Kevlar on Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:23 pm

Alicia peered around the corner of the grandiose pillar at the entrance to the local spaceport.

'Is he gone yet?' Lita queried in a quiet mental tone, as if speaking too loudly inside Alicia's Noumenon would attract the wrong kind of attention, more specifically the tall hairy head of an angry wookie glancing about with a fierce expression, sticking out of the busy spaceport pedestrian traffic.

'he's very persistent, trust my luck to have picked the tenacious one.' Alicia complained as she darted between two tall hooded figures exiting the spaceport and flitted inside. 'Any luck finding that beacon?'

'Well, ye- erm... n-, I dunno maybe?' the AI sounded frustrated. 'its there, but its very distorted and spotty, almost like its being shielded or underground or something'

'Any indications of how far it is?' Alicia asked as she browsed some spaceport gift shop items at a near by kiosk, more specifically a shawl to cover her distinct hair color.

'Well, if it was up to the signal strength alone, I'd say it was very close, but at such a short distance, we should be getting very clear readings from the beacon. Here I'll bring it up'
Suddenly distortions appeared across Alicia vision, a faint green tinge had been added to everything in her vision and in this tinge she watched vague fields pulsate across the busy concourse filled with people. The fields were very chaotic and like the AI pointed out, spotty with ghostly pulses appearing in some spots only to disappear again an instant later to appear somewhere near by.

Subconsciously she noticed a pair of Sith patrolmen gave her a cursory glance over, quickly she ceased her looking about and headed leisurely away towards an observation window to where a handful of people stood watching the various small to huge starships rumble off into the sky, bound for distant planets.

As she stood there however she her vision was not fixed upon the scene outside, but on the slight reflection cast by the shielding on the transplast windows. There as she watched, the familiar figure of Bodo the Rodian shuffled out from the crowd and began talking to the pair of Siths.

'Erm... Alley?' The AI started, but Alicia was already way ahead, her mind racing as she factored Bodo's continued presence, the sith and the meeting between the OUF members.

Outside the observation window the green tinge began to increase in pulsing waves, like the increasing racing of her heart. Abruptly the green chaotic waves suddenly snapped into alignment as a hanger building's roof slid open, a small starship shot from the gap and quickly speed up into the sky, becoming in Alicia's view a bright green pulsating gem, shining like some artificial sun.

Alicia felt the AI begin to voice, but she beat her to it 'I know, I see it, thats Garr Talon's ship.'

In the reflection she saw a Sith Marauder approached the Patrolmen and the Rodian, a short discussion was made then credits exchanged hands, once Bodo counted the credits and had pocketed it, the Rodian turned in Alicia's direction and pointed.

"the little-" but her expletive was cut short abruptly when a bright burst of light signaled that Garr's ship had charged its hull.
The resulting feedback from the beacon operating through the charged metal exploded into her mind like a badly primed Proton Torpedo. Neurons in her brain fired madly as agony exploded with in her Noumenon, wiping out her vision with a vivid collection of exploding colors and hues.

Alicia stumbled about as she grabbed her head before her legs buckled completely and her head met the transplast observation window with a resounding thunk!

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 18, 2009 2:09 am

Garr, standing next to the captain's chair drinking a hot beverage, looks at the console where a small red light starts to blink. He places his mug on top of the console and sits back down at the controls. Garr places his hands at the controls, ready to make a quick getaway if their plan hadn't worked and they were followed. As the streaking stars start to stand still the outpost suddenly comes into view. Catalysto outpost was once a large capitol mining vessel. Its large containers that once held valuable ore were crudely retrofitted to be docking ports with the lower levels exclusively used for trading. The giant rectangular shaped vessel was spotted with weld marks and mismatched pieces of material most likely scavenged from whatever trader happened to sell it to the outpost on the way through. The outpost was run by a rough group that operated more like pirates then anything else. Garr reminded himself that it is better to be amongst pirates who are not looking for them than the Sith who are. That is unless someone has already put a bounty on our heads.

"State your business", a voice crackled over the comms. One of the Catalysto outpost patrol ships hovered into view. The console chirped telling Garr that the patrol vessel had locked on to the ship. No doubt to be ready in case we were real pirates making a run on the Catalysto.

"Pleasure", Garr said with a smirk.
"Port coordinates transmitted. Move along." said the patrol man in an irritated voice. With that his small scout ship disengaged the lock and began making its way over to another ship that had also just came out of hyperspace. Garr maneuvered the Talon's Might to the port, slipping into a rectangle opening in the side of the Catalysto barely large enough. As the Talon's Might came to rest the port doors behind them slid shut and the life support systems for the small hangar kicked on. Garr stood up and made his way into the crew lounge.

"We're here." said Garr as he punched the button next to the airlock. The airlock slid open and the ramp extended below to the hangar floor.

"Remember, the combination I gave you for the lockers on Coruscant can also be used to gain limited access to my ship. You won't be able to fly her, but you can use the medical bay and supply closet if you find my ship on Kashyyk. Also, when you arrive on Kashyyk, use the codes in combination with your OUF mail accounts to send me or anyone else encrypted messages. I hope to see you all on Kashyyk in one piece."


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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Arashi Storm on Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:19 pm

Vly-Nor stands and asks Garr "will you need any help with Benson?"
Arashi Storm

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Guest on Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:40 am

Everybody begins to make their way down to the lower deck and toward the boarding ramps. Once on the lower deck Garr turns toward Vly-Nor. "I've alerted the medical bay here that we have an injured man. They should be arriving any min- "

"Hello up there! We heard you have an injured passenger" booms a voice from down the ramp.
"Come aboard" Garr yells back toward the medical officer.
Three men appear on the ramp. The first man wore a solid white uniform with an insignia on his chest. Garr guessed that he was the medical officer who he spoke to. The other two men wore Grey uniforms and were guiding a hover stretcher up the ramp behind the first.
"He is in the crew cabin." Garr said as he pointed towards the stairs leading to the upper deck. The medical team begins to make their way to pick up Benson."

Garr turns toward Vly-Nor again. "Don't worry about Benson. The medical bay here is adequate enough to take care of Benson." Garr turns toward everyone else. "The number one priority right now is to safely and discreetly find your way to Kashyyk. When Benson regains consciousness he will find that I've left an encrypted message informing him of the change of plans. Unfortunately I can't wait for everyone to arrive before we hunt this man down. So, those of you who make it to Kashyyk in four days will be apart of our rescue mission. If you do not arrive before the four days then I will assume something has come up. You'd all better hurry now, every second that goes by is another second of agony for our captured friends."

Everyone starts to leave one by one down the ramp. A few stop and watch as the medical team guides the stretcher down the ramp with their good friend Benson on it. Vly-Nor and Garr shake hands. "Good luck friend" "Take care out there" and with that Vly-Nor disappears down the ramp.

Garr, alone now, places his large blue hand on the ramp controls and pulls down. The ramp slides back up and the airlock closes back down with a hiss. He stares at the closed door for a second blankly. Good luck my friends. Garr remembers the task at hand and sprints back up to the bridge. Working with a new found energy, Garr preps the ship and locks in a coordinate into the flight computer. Garr glances out the view port and catches a glimpse of the last of everyone as they shuffle into the hangar airlock room. When everyone has left the hangar Garr inputs the command for the hangar to open the port doors. The hangar hisses with the escape of air as the Talon's Might lifts off its landing gear. Garr, standing at the controls, takes manual control and slips the Talon's Might out of the port and into space. He maneuvers the ship a safe distance from Catalysto Outpost. He reaches over with his right hand and engages the flight computer. The stars streak across the view port and the Talon's Might blinks out of existence.


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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Jeme'Maer on Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:32 am

Watching the "Talon's Might" taking off, Jeme assesses the situation. "It seems that we are on our own for the time being. I suggest that everyone form into groups, we dont know what is waiting for us. For all we know the Sith may already be laying an ambush."

At that, Jeme walks over to the rest of the group, awaiting their response.

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Arashi Storm on Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:56 am

Vly-Nor decides to step in and make the decision easier on everyone else. Vly says "Unless anyone has any objections myself, Foilole and Jeme will travel together and Satarel and Toran can team up. Time is of the essence here gentlemen. The force is with us."

With that said Vly turns and begins walking away from the now vacant landing pad. Vly decides that using the force here to search for a person that might be able to help them in some way reach their destination is not wise.

Vly turns around to face Jeme and Foilole, saying "are either of you two skilled in art of acquiring things that are not yours?"
Arashi Storm

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Jeme'Maer on Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:45 am

Walking toward Vly-Nor, Jeme secures his lightsaber inside his sleeve. "I for one do not expect to steal a ship, but instead borrow it in the sense, we are in an installation full of pirates, smugglers, and all other manner of cutthroats, I am sure that one of them has the quality of ship we need."

Making his way off the makeshift landing pad, Jeme hooks into the outpost's database, finding a map of the installation and uploading it to his holopad.

Pointing to seperate locations on the holo map. This here, is our first stop, its a cantina called "Cutthroats Fancy". We will probably find someone willing to take us to Kashyyyk, hopefully with as few questions as possible."

"Forgive me, but I must make preparations while I am here, I will regroup with both of you when I can" said Foilole.

further discussing this plan of action, Vly-Nor, and Jeme walk out of the air hatch, and into the sparsely populated corridors of Catalysto Outpost.

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Satarel Vao on Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:28 am

As Garr takes off into the distance, Satarel turns and replies to Vly-Nor, "Good idea. It shouldn't be too hard to find a ship here.. even if we have to take it by less than noble means."

Satarel glances over to Toranilor and motions for him to come along. "Let's see if two handsome guys like us can find some way out of this place." Satarel seems very care free considering the situation the group has been forced into, but it is always good to keep spirits high.

Walking out into the crowd with his cloak hood raised, he looks around the area hoping to find a hint as where to start to look for this transportation. Satarel steadies his heartbeat and expands his mind so he can listen among the general populace for any whispers of travel by frieghter or frigate.. when his senses pick up the voice of what seems to be a female Chiss, standing in a shadowed area with two other individuals. She insists to one of the others that the transport will be ready within the hour, with a slight undertone of fear towards her company. They split up, and the female walks on her own towards the local watering hole.

Not wanting to waste any possible chance, Satarel shadows her to the cantina and motions for Toran to hang outside so the Twi'lek can work whatever magic he thinks he has on the Chiss. He enters, and takes a seat in the table next to her and orders a drink. While taking a very long, yet casual drink from his glass the two meet eyes. He removes the glass from his lips and gives her a slight smile. He receives a similar smile back.

With the ice broken, Satarel casually goes over to sit next to her while attempting to flirt, "This doesn't look like the type of place I could run into something so rare and gorgeous like yourself. What could such a lovely lady like you be doing in such a sketchy place like this?"

After several minutes of small talk, things seem to be going very well. Satarel seems to be choosing his words very well, and a little persuasion with the help of the Force never really hurts either.
Satarel Vao

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Jeme'Maer on Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:14 am

"-Installation full of pirates, smugglers, and all other manner of cutthroats, I am sure that one of them has the quality of ship we need."

Making his way off the makeshift landing pad, Jeme hooks into the outpost's database, finding a map of the installation and uploading it to his holopad.

Pointing to a specific on the holo map. "This here, is our first stop, its a cantina called "Cutthroats Fancy". We will probably find someone willing to take us to Kashyyyk. We are pretty close to the Emperial border, hopefully we wont encounter any problems of the kind with the local rabble".

Giving what could be thought of as a forced chuckle, Jeme puts the holopad back into his robes, walking off the dock and into the crowded corridors of Catalysto outpost.

Walking along the corridors, Jeme suspiciously begins to notice a small group of men, clad heavily in formless cloth, appearing on the edge of his sight with every turn that he and Vly take.

"Vly, do you notice those men in cloth, It seems that they may be in pursuit of us."
"yes, it seems they have been in pursuit since our exit from the docking bay"
"They cannot be Sith spies, their footwork is too sloppy"
"I do not know yet, we are heading in the direction of the cantina, so it could be sheer coincidence that they are heading in the exact direction. Keep wary still, for we do not know if their motives are good or ill to our mission"
"Yes, and besides, who would dare to take on two experienced members of the OUF itself?"
"Ha, your arrogance deceives you, but not so much as many might think."
Both of them taking a much needed chortle of laughter, the two enter the crowded cantina.

Entering the "Cutthroats Fancy", Jeme and Vly sluggishly sift through the drunk, steady
stream of patrons crowding around booths and tables with large, if not outdated, Twi-lek holovids. Walking away from Vly, Jeme makes his way to the bar over in the corner.

"where are you going, Jeme"
"to get a drink, you have to blend in if you want to find a good pilot, and besides I havent had a flameout in months."

Sitting at the bar, Jeme notices one of the men clad in rags sitting on the other side. Motioning the bartender over.

"bartender, you are a man who supposadly knows much about the average man, who is the individual over there?"
"aye, that person is one of them workers, they mostly just mine small asteroids around the asteroid fields nearby. We don't see them often, especially wearing their gear off duty at that. Its queer though, just the past few days, I have had a boom in customers, they must be the crew of that freighter that just recently docked."

Giving thanks to the bartender, Jeme takes a seat next to the unknown asteroid miner. Noticing that Jeme had sat next to her, the woman takes off her concealing wraps around her face. Her face was an immersive blue, only to be made darker by the presence of several scars littering her face. Taking a closer look, she had dark, ruly hair, put up into a pony tail...a chiss.

Suddenly feeling a small hold out blaster poking into his ribs, Jeme slowly turns his neutral smirk, into a scowl.

"so you were tracking us, didn't think they would just send bounty hunters to do their dirty work."
"they didnt, look around you, look at the patrons in that table, and that, and that one over there."

Sure enough, Jeme could see the blasters so carefully concealed among the patrons of the bar. slowly reaching for his lightsaber, Jeme is threatened again with another jab in the ribs.

"Move and I fire, you are better to us alive than dead, though I don't believe my employers would care much if I kill just one of you."

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Arashi Storm on Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:15 pm

Vly was never a fan of cantina's or being around a lot of people that had lost control of their wits. He sensed danger all around him and he felt Jeme was moving too fast. As Jeme went to the bar for a drink Vly decided to find a spot in the bar where he could get a better view of everyone. He noticed one side of the bar was empty due to the bar tenders equipment blocking anyone from being able to order a drink from there. Vly moved there quickly and just as he started to scan the room he felt Jeme's mood suddenly change.

Vly was now wishing Foilole had come with them. Three sabers was better than two. No time for wishing now. The last thing Vly-Nor wanted was to start a fight that could delay them finding passage to Kashyyk, but there seemed no other alternative. Vly quickly began looking for a way to get the upper hand. He noticed one of the not to well trained Sith Scouts had his weapon in hand pointed towards Jeme. With a little nudge from the force Vly pushed blaster slightly to the left and squeezed the trigger causing the Sith's hold out blaster to fire straight into the Chiss womans chest sitting next to Jeme. The fight was on.

Vly-Nor took advantage of the same Sith he used to fire the first shot and fired another one with his blaster at a Sith drawing what appeared to be a DL-10 about 5 meters from where Jeme was seated. Now the whole bar was erupting in chaos. Vly drew his lightsaber as two bounty hunters began firing in his direction. Vly could sense Jeme was now in the action as the life form that had been seated across from him ceased to exist. Vly deflected bolt after bold back into the approaching bounty hunters but their armor withstood every shot. Now in range, the bounty hunter to the left pulled his left arm from the bottom of his repeater and aimed it at Vly. Vly-Nor leaped up and over the bar landing in the middle just missing the flames from the flamethrower. The bartender, hiding behind the bar, turned to face Vly as he landed and began firing his DH-17 wildly. Vly-Nor, not wanting to take the mans life, force pushed him away and leaped over the other side of the bar away from the bounty hunters.
Arashi Storm

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

Post  Satarel Vao on Sat Aug 01, 2009 9:18 am

Moments before this altercation started, Satarel managed to convince the lovely Chiss lass into sharing a bit of information about her work. Apparently she is involved with a large smuggling ring, distributing various goods to different people for very generous prices. He also finds out that this women is the pilot of a freighter that is set to leave with her command.

Obviously, he sees an opportunity. What better place to smuggle yourself to a distant planet than a smuggling freighter, right?

Satarel finishes his drink and looks deep into her eyes. He has done his best to make her feel comfortable.. enough to get information not many would be willing to give up, so he feels confident. He then inches towards her with his gaze unbroken and says, "How about my friend and I tag along, make you feel a little bit more safe? Free of charge, of course. We just need to make a stop somewh--"

Interrupted by blaster shots on the other side of the cantina, Satarel stands up and notices his comrades in a battle against some bounty hunters. The chiss looks shocked, and decides to head for the door to evade any possiblity of harm. Satarel does not wish to lose this lead, but he has to help his friends. Noticing the numbers seem to be even, he places high trust in his allies and starts to walk for the door, following his pilot.

Before he leaves, he gives a quick and simple wave of his hand towards some tables, sending them towards the bounty hunters that are keeping Vly pinned down. Hopefully that will give them an edge, but he cannot stay behind and blow his cover. He must make it to the captured Jedi at all costs.

With a glance towards his allies, he exits. Tapping Toran on the shoulder to follow, Satarel dissapears from the scene. He hopes that Vly-Nor and Jeme can handle it... they are Knights of the Unified Force, after all.
Satarel Vao

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Re: Operation Jedi Freedom

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