OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Carlen Darko on Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:46 am

As Master Carlen Darko nears his destination, he reaches out with the Force to feel his surroundings. Out of all the planets that he has visited, none have such a connection to the Force as Caarimon does. From the first day he stepped foot on to the planet’s beautiful surface to his first dealings in the Temple, Carlen has felt a soothing calm that keeps his worries at bay.

“I wish my return here were on better terms”, Carlen mumbles to himself after entering the proper landing codes. Shortly after, he receives a confirmation to land just as the clouds begin to clear and the Temple comes into view.

“What was that”, questions an Ithorian to his left. This Ithorian, Iglanis Kubi, had been kind enough to detour him to Caarimon. It was a disturbing series of events that has led him to this freighter, events that would surely interest the Grand Inquisitor...that Carlen could be sure of.

“Nothing, my friend” Carlen responds as he makes his way down the ramp to exit, “I thank you for your transportation.” With that, he watches as the small freighter’s engines ignite and the ship disappears into the atmosphere.

Finally on land again.

Knowing his need of haste, Carlen puts up a Force Cloak so no one can impede his movement. Carlen begins to make his way towards the Inquisitor’s office. Along the way, he sees many familiar faces pass by, those of Elder status, those of distinguished rank, and some new faces. As he always does, Carlen takes mental note of all the new people for his own personal investigations. With the terrible information he has gained, he cannot help but be on high guard more than usual.
As he nears the office, Carlen passes by Toranilor, who seems rather torn, both physically and in his mind. He notices the familiar scars of a lesson in attentiveness as well as a box with a mighty gift. He drops his Force Cloak at the door opening that causes a frightened stir out of Toranilor. With that, he walked in the doorway of Quinlan Sa’athis, Grand Inquisitor of the Order.

“Sir, I mean not to barge in, however, I have come to pass on information of a terrible nature. I have learned a dark truth that requires our immediate attention. An attention I know you will want to deal with personally.” Before he could continue, Carlen senses that Toranilor overheard his message and had chosen to listen in.

“I suggest you move along and meditate on the Grand Inquisitor’s lesson rather than listening to a conversation that will surely make your ear forfeit to my blade”; he spoke with a stern crackle in his words. Carlen raises his hand as a fearful Toranilor shuffles away and closes the door with a wave. After making sure of their privacy, he continued.

“I apologize for that intrusion. Now, as I inferred before, we have a presence in the Order that is most unwanted...Sir, we have a spy in our midst.”
Carlen Darko

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Skeevenmac on Sat Jul 11, 2009 6:28 pm

Skeeve finds the yellow EG-32 droid near a computer terminal in the hanger. There are many other worker droid models scurrying around Ee-Gee. Ee-Gee takes a metal hand and lowers his head into it.

"I told you worthless hunks of scrap that those scratches were not on Arashi's ship last time I saw it."

Ee-Gee wops a worker bot in the opposite direction then turns to Skeeve. "What?"

Skeeve jumped slightly then filled Ee-Gee in on what was needed.

"So how was your chat with Ee Gee?

Skeeve hesitates a moment trying to digest everything he was just told. He replies, "Informative to say the least, I'm sure most of it was biologically impossible. I did to manage to get us a ship; a modified G-type transport. Unfortunately it will only seat three people and their gear at most. I would like to get cleaned and a change of clothes before we leave. When do we leave?"

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Arashi Storm on Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:53 am

Vly-Nor replies to Skeeve "Good work. I figure the sooner we leave the better. Lift off will be in two hours. I'll see you soon."

Vly strodes off towards his quarters in haste to prepare for the journey. It's hard to pack for a journey like this, especially when your ship is not very large. Vly felt that Skeeve was mature enough that he didn't need to oversee what he would be packing for the journey. A long trip in a three man ship was a quick way to get to know someone. It usually made for a very close friendship or the exact opposite. Time would tell. Vly made pretty good speed for an older man, but Lift off was fast approaching...
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Quinlan Sa'athis on Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:19 am

Quinlan looks up from the data pad he is reading as Carlen walks into his office.

"I trust this is important enough for you not to knock"?

"Sir, we have a spy in our midst"

Quinlan inclines his head and motions for Carlen to continue.
Quinlan Sa'athis

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Jeme'Maer on Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:12 am

Hidden from the Terentek, Jeme continues to stalk the horrifying beast through the shadowlands. Having already fought this beast earlier that day, Jeme had only three wookies left in his hunting party, the other two have long since been devoured by the dangerous predators inhabiting the region. having planned this out earlier, Jeme sends Karrabacca and Lowkassa into their positions around the beast, leaving him and Frothar to be the bait.

"(Stalking the great beast is not helping, me and my brothers need to strike now, before traveling deeper into the land of shadows)"

"yes Frothar, I understand your concern, but for your kind, you are still too young to understand the element of surprise. Your father allowed me to bring you and your party on the condition that I allow you first blood, but he is arrogant despite his years, this is no mere greyclimber that I led him to believe I was searchi-"

Giving a great roar, Frothar, claws extended rushes Jeme, anger in his eyes.

"(No one, especially an offworlder, ever insults my father, you will be bloodied by my claws, if you live, it shall only be that you travel our lands in dishonor)"

"Frothar, stop this, it is too early to alert the Terantek of our positions!"

Taking a hit to the face, Jeme crashes onto the jungle floor, rolling to his left to evade Frothar's constant pummeling of the ground. Feeling the ground shaking underneath him, Jeme quickly regains his footing. Hoping to calm the wookie, Jeme envelopes him with calming thoughts, but to no avail Frothar breaks Jeme's hold on his mind.

Finding an opening in the wookies defenses, Jeme took a quick swipe to the wookies most tender spot, his nose. The pain clearing Frothar's mind, he quickly calms, panting in exhaustion.

"(thank you, offworlder, I felt such anger, I could not control myself .)"

Chuckling lightly " I am sorry for your misconduct Frothar, but I fear that it was the dark power of the terantek that created such anger that was once a spark. Unfortunately, it seems that the beast is aware of what has transpired here, ."

Feeling the soft rumble of the approaching beast, Jeme readies his lightsaber, while Frothar readies his cerimonial ryyk-blade for combat.

Frothar, rushing into the battle first, underestimated the mighty terantek. Stabbing his sword into the rough hide of the beast, the sword broke, leaving the Wookie to fight with his claws, which could do no real harm to it.

Circling behind the beast, Jeme forced jumped jumped onto the beasts soft neck tissue. Turning his blade upside down, Jeme quickly landed the death blow slicing into its neck, killing it instantly.

With its death cries, the wailing terantek quickly rushed Frothar, making it less than two inches from where he stood.

"(Offworlder..You..You saved me from death, I will have to tell my father about this achievement, I believe he will be very happy, though I am also saddened by the disappearance of my brothers.)"

Slicing off the head of the slain Terantek, Frothar then hands Jeme its head and the holocron that he had spent so long looking for. "(This, is all I can give of you in thanks for you both giving me life, and my honor.)"

Giving great thanks, both Jeme and Frothar make their way back through the shadowlands, bruised, bloodied, and proud.

With his wounds patched, and the refreshing need to fly, Jeme calmly walks toward a nearby landing pad. To his surprise, Frothar was there, standing next to a very attractive Twi lek.

"Frothar, its a surprise to see you friend, who is she?"

"(It seems that my father feels that there is still a dept that needs to be payed. We captured this twi-lek along with a Sith scouting party one season ago. She has been our prisoner since, she is a burden to us, she has no claws, yet she threatens us as if we were beasts to the whip. My father wishes that you take her as final compensation, he believes that her kind is considered a commodity to the rest of the galaxy.)"

Taking a long drawn out breath "Fine, but I do not know how others will react to her arrival, though I cannot deny a gift from a friend, send your father thanks, I will return very soon.

With a seemingly unsatisfied look of approval, Jeme coerces the trembling twi-lek into the ship, taking the reluctant woman into the sleeping quarters.

taking the time to set his ship's coordinates for Caaramon, Jeme makes his way toward the secondary sleeping quarters, where the Twi-lek is staying.With a look of sincerity, Jeme sits down next to her, clasping both her hands into a set of stuncuffs.

"I do this out of caution, you are not a prisoner on this ship, but you will not be allowed to freely walk my ship. I have learned that a good foundation of trust is the ability to get to know one another, what is your name?

Giving a smirk of amusement. "I will only tell you my name if you get these kriffing cuffs off of me."

Pondering this, Jeme deactivates the stun cuffs, letting them fall to the floor. "Now, what is your name"

"Nalan, Nalan Una to be exact."

"Nalan, I like that name, as for me, my name is Jeme Maer, member of the Order of the Unifying Force"

With a quick smirk, Jeme stands up and walks out of the room, setting the security lock as he passes.

With a gasp of fear, Nalan rushes the door. "You said I was no prisoner!"

"You are now dear Nalan, for you have chosen your path, for you only asked that I take the cuffs off, you only implyed that I would give you free reign of my ship. I am not as stupid as you may think miss Nalan."

Walking back to the cockpit, Jeme could faintly hear all manners of twi-lek curses, some he had never heard before.

Entering Caarimon's orbit, Jeme is eager to be home. With the holocron on his mind, Jeme hopes to take the time to activate the forsaken knowledge hidden inside the small, pyramid shaped object

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Tyren Vaal on Sat Jul 25, 2009 9:00 pm

This might be a bit rough, I don't really know much of what the OUF temple is like, but I figured I might as well make my introduction. I'm no big writer or role player or anything, so don't expect any fancy words or well structured sentences and paragraphs in my first post.

A small ship arrived slowly dropping into the temple's hangar, the weather seemed warm. In it was Tyren Vaal, and a group of at least four other Republic soldiers who had all been on a long mission in Ord Mantell. From what they knew they were to be shipped off planet to a temple in Caarimon. Tyren's position was to guard the temple and continue his elite trooper training.

Tyren stared at his surroundings, from what he could see it was a wide grassy area, shaped into an odd triangle, three big towers at each end, it seemed to be well set up."This it? Nice and steamy here, just the way I like it." Tyren remarked carefully. Feeling no need to follow the others, he decided to head off and look for his quarters.
Tyren Vaal

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Skeevenmac on Wed Jul 29, 2009 3:45 am

Skeeve reports back to ship in the hanger and sees Vly-Nor waiting for his arrival.

Skeeve reporting for duty. I'm ready to go. Sorry it took so long, that two hours felt longer than a standard galactic week.

Skeeve stows his bag holding his armor in the ship's cargo hold and walks over to EG-32 to let it know they are ready to go.

The foul-tempered droid hurls insults at Skeeve who beats a hasty retreat back to the ship.

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Mictian on Sun Sep 13, 2009 5:35 pm

Search. Hunt. Destroy. Kill. Death. Kill. Kill.

"I think we've over worked our ace. He's only 20..."

"22 actually. Anyway, I think you're right, perhaps we send him for a less intensive detail?"

"Intensive?! Intensive is what we put our soldiers through, what you're doing is just crazy! I'm sending him over to the Order of the Unifying Force, I don't trust us."

"That would be a good idea, I guess he can train and serve there until we truly need him. Let's hope that day never comes."

"Agreed. We'll send him over, and let them use him as they please."

"Are you sure that's advisable? Considering his extensive... trainings..."

"What would Jedi need with an elite soldier? They'll most probably put him on guard duty and basic training thinking he's a fresh recruit, it'll give him some time to relax at the very least..."

"You don't think they'd realise sooner or later? I heard that these Jedi aren't your usual kind, wouldn't it be better to send him to a temple directly under our control?"

"Like I said, I don't trust us. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?"

Mictian sat quietly on the transport ship. He had been briefed about his new home, thou what intrigued him was the sudden change in his duties. He had grown accustomed to classified missions day after day, never a break. Eventually, he stopped questioning why he had to do what he did. Why did he have to let his comrades die? Why did he have to destroy beauty? Why did he agree to be a soldier? Why? Why?

No matter what happened, he knew that his rifle was his only friend, and his combat suit his only home. When his ship landed, he got out and stood at attention, waiting for his new commander to issue his orders. He didn't have to wait long, for he heard footsteps approaching. He was ready for anything.

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Jasterk Staren on Wed Dec 02, 2009 7:26 am

Caarimon Space-

The battered old Core Galaxy Systems Dynamic-class freighter had seen better days and that was clearly apparent to Jasterk as it reentered normal space above Caarimon, fresh from battle. The inner structure moaned like one of the old planet based submarines and the secondary storage room was sealed because of a hull breach. To top it off crusted mud covered the top of the hull and blaster burns pot marked the sides and front view port.
Jasterk wasn't in very different condition then his trusty ship, with wet dirt covered boots, blackened Beskar plates and his sore muscles and bones almost made him moan but he was more of the strong silent type. At least he was alive.

The lone bounty hunter and smuggler guided his ship closer to the only place he had been able to stay without being blasted this side of Mandalor, the base of The Order of The Unifying force. He began his approach and sent his admittance code to land. In a few minutes he glided across the tree covered land scape until the main temple came into view. Upon seeing the familiar hanger floor he finally let him self relax and eased the ship into position in between two others.

Jasterk was a mandolorian of course and practiced military discipline when he could but only managed a few lazy salutes as he tiredly made it to his quarters for some much needed rest. He stripped of his array of weapons and armor before falling onto his cot, immediately falling asleep, he would wake in a few hours and start repairing his armor and ship, but first he would find out what was happening around base.
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Jasterk Staren on Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:55 am

sun down

The three dark figures were just staring at him, staring into his soul. A overwhelming feeling of fright and distraught pooled into Jasterks mind and all he wanted to do was run. The figures were moving closer, floating closer. His head hurt like hell!

ZWAP!!ZWAP!! Jasterk sat in his bed ,drenched in sweat, staring at the two smoldering holes on the opposite wall. It must have been a bad dream, but he could of sworn they were really there, or he was really there...

He heard a commotion in the hallway and slid out of bed to let them know it was nothing but a dream when the feeling abrubtly returned with no warning. Jasterk Dropped to the floor in pain, his backup blaster sliding under the cot. A image flashed through his head, once, twice, then it was gone. He saw the outside of the base, the three being were here!

The pain receded as quickly as it had come and Jasterk stumbled to his feat and moved the few feet to the now opening door, grabbing one of his blasters on the way.
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Arashi Storm on Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:33 am

After the fairly long mission Vly and Skeevenmac were on was finally over, Vly-Nor was looking forward to sleeping in his own bed again. As he was making his way down the hall towards his room he heard a couple blaster shots go off a little ways behind him. Feeling no danger for himself he reached out with the force before turning around to feel for intruders. The only thing he could feel were some startled OUF personnel. Vly then made his way to the room the blaster fire had come from, while double checking he had his lightsabers on him.
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

Post  Jasterk Staren on Thu Dec 03, 2009 9:50 am

Jasterk stumbled into the hallway almost colliding with a jedi a didn't take the time to identify. He just said "Come with me" and began a fast jog. He didn't stop till he was out side and then he only paused to focus on where the outer gate was in the dark night.

Jasterk ran as fast as his aching body would allow and pushed his way through the gates. He looked behind and guessed the jedi wasn't there yet but he couldn't tell. Jasterk desperately focused at the dark blackness in front of him. Three dark figures began to sharpen as his eyes adjusted and he knew it was them. They stood there in the night mocking him. He took aim with his revolver and fired 10 or more shots in quick succession, he didn't count. This time they were in his sites and all he hoped for was that they would just die.

As they had years ago on the forested planet, they merely seemed to die as normal beings would, falling limply, but then their body's dissipated as before.

"BLAST!! Why do you torture me!"

Jasterk looked down at the earth. Anger is a weakness..
He did a quick about face and started heading back toward the gate, he needed to speak with a jedi.
Jasterk Staren

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Re: OUF Temple on Caarimon (15ATC)

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