Battle Royale Round One - Arashi Storm

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Battle Royale Round One - Arashi Storm

Post  Satarel Vao on Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:50 pm

Arashi Storm was assigned to commando unit 33-Bravo, a three man team. 33-Bravo was on a mission to eliminate a high valued target, code named Dr Binx, on Nal Hutta. The death of Dr Binx had to appear accidental. It was absolutely imperative the death look accidental. The commando unit had arrived on the Hut planet three weeks before a lone jedi named Bahn Durm showed up and threatened to ruin the mission. The commando unit had stayed outside city limits to remain under cover. 33-Bravo was logging all places Dr Binx traveled and trying to find a routine in his movements before striking. Bahn Durm was about to throw a hydro spanner in the plan.

33-Bravo had placed small camera's on the main routes the target had been taking. This allowed the team to keep better track of Dr Binx and also allowed them to need only one man on observation. Arashi and Bowley were busy constructing the plan to eliminate Dr Binx when Kev called over the internal com's. Kev reported that Dr Binx had a shadow. Arashi, being team leader, decided quickly he would have to get rid of the shadow. They could not let anything or anyone ruin the mission.

Arashi, being mostly raised by a Mandalorian, had brought his Mandalorian armor with him so he could travel in the city and not stick out like a Bantha on Coruscant. Dr Binx seemed to be on his way to the Mynocks Nest cantina where he often ate lunch. Arashi had no idea what this shadow might be doing, but it didn't matter what his intentions were, he had to go. The shadow had to be taken out without scaring the high value target off. He decided to call Kev in to be close by in case Dr Binx decided to run if things went bad with the shadow. Bowley remained hidden at the observation point, sniper rifle primed and ready.

Arashi was thinking the shadow was not a bounty hunter since he wasn't wearing armor. He figured that should make it easier to take him out of the picture. Dr Binx and the shadow had both found their seats inside the Mynocks Nest when Arashi arrived. Arashi went to the bar and ordered a drink while scanning to locate the two. The high value target was easy to locate, but the shadow was not. A couple minutes after ordering the drink it arrived and when it did Arashi finally located the shadow. He was sitting at a booth next to the entrance. Arashi grabbed the slimy looking drink and made his way to where the shadow was sitting. Before Arashi could say anything Bahn ask, "What do you want?"

Arashi was surprised at the question and thought he might be talking to someone else. He looked around and then back to Bahn. Bahn spoke again saying, "yea I'm talking to you, what do you want?"

Arashi replied, "Uh I was wandering if you might be interested in making some credits, a lot of them."

Bahn "Get lost."

Arashi "I'm serious man. I have already done all the leg work, all you have......"

Bahn interrupted "I said, get lost."

Arashi "Why don't you at least walk outside and see what I'm talking about. I have all the data in my speeder."

Bahn was getting very irritated and decided to get the jerk outside and knock him out so he could get back to his task at hand, killing the Sith informant. He replied, "sure why not."

Bahn got up from his table and motioned for Arashi to go first.

Arashi said "after you good sir."

Bahn replied "no way."

Arashi decided to take advantage of the change of heart and lead the way. It made sense anyway because he was the one showing the data at his speeder. He walked out of the cantina and walked around the corner heading for the nearest alley. Bahn walked behind him trying to sense for other anyone Arashi might have waiting. He chuckled at the fact that Arashi was working alone. Bahn could sense that Arashi was lying. They made in to the alley and as Arashi began to turn around Bahn force pushed him away. Stunned, Arashi floated through the air wandering what was happening. But before he landed he twisted while in the air and reached for his blaster. As he landed on his knees and left hand now facing towards Bahn he began firing. To his amazement a lightsaber appeared and began batting his blaster bolts away. The shadow was a force user!

Bahn quickly ignited his lightsaber when he saw blaster bolts coming his way. He was surprised how quickly Arashi had pulled a blaster and even more surprised at how quick the bolts were coming toward him. They were coming so fast that he didn't have time to reflect them back towards his attacker. Arashi quickly realized he would have to attack fast and hard and relentlessly if he was to survive against a force user. He had no idea if he was a jedi or sith. More likely a jedi though. Most sith used a red crystals instead of violet ones. It was difficult for Arashi to kill someone on the same side as him, but on missions like this, the mission comes first. No one could know about 33-Bravo's mission.

Arashi sprang forward from the ground and began rushing straight at Bahn firing as quickly and as accurately as possible. From his belt he pulled a throwing knife and flung it towards torso while aiming higher with his weapon. Bahn was starting to catch up with the blaster fire and began sending some of it back towards Arashi. Unfortunately he was concentrating so much on deflecting blaster fire that he did not sense the knife until it was too late. The knife landed in Bahns' leg opening his femoral artery. Bahn immediately used the force to slow the blood loss. Arashi did not waste any time grabbing his second knife from the other side of his belt and throwing it at Bahns' chest.

Bahns' concentration was now divided between defense and keeping his blood from rushing out of his leg. However he did sense the second blade approaching and was able to deflect and destroy the blade while swatting away a blaster bolt. But Arashi kept coming and firing. Bahn sensed a chance to end the battle with Arashi because Arashi was almost within striking distance of his lightsaber. Instead of using the force to wound his opponent he decided to end it with his lightsaber. This is exactly what Arashi wanted him to think. Arashi acted in his mind and physically like he just realized he was too close and tried to stopping, causing his boots to skid on the ground and his blaster to fire up in the air. Bahn began swinging his saber around to decapitate Arashi.

Arashi let go of his blaster as he aimed up acting like he was trying to back away from Bahn. At the same time he pulled his cortosis covered dagger sized blade from his armor. As Bahn swung for his head Arashi leaned even further back coming off his feet to miss the blade. Arashi's momentum kept him moving forward and he brought his blade up across Bahns' stomach as he passed by. Bahn could not block the attack since he was in full swing. He now had two mortal wounds. Arashi fell to the ground and slid another foot past Bahn who was now bent over. If Arashi still had his blaster pistol he could have ended the fight, but he was down to his blade and his rifle that was slung over his back. He got off the ground and charged at Bahn again.

Bahn had to end the fight now or he would perish. As Arashi approached Bahn summoned all his strength and force pushed Arashi while at the same time throwing his blade towards Arashis' heart. Arashi was swept of his feet and into the air. He quickly realized there was a glowing blade following this invisible wind. Arashi smashed against the wall while trying to parry the lightsaber with his blade. He was half way successful. The blade turned to his left though he couldn't parry it all the way cause his arms were thrown back when he hit the wall. The blade burned through armor and wounded his left arm.

Arashi was taught to ignore pain and it was even easier to do against a cauterized wound. Arashi decided he didn't want to attempt charging Bahn again so he pulled his rifle from his back and brought it to bear on Bahn. Bahn was already approaching Arashi and he pulled his saber back to his hands. But Arashi was able to get his finger on the trigger before Bahn could get the saber back into his hands. Sensing blaster fire Bahn used the force to deflect the bolt with his saber but in doing so the saber was pushed away from his body. Arashi took advantage and fired for Bahns heart, killing him instantly. The saber fell to the ground and Arashi was back on mission.

The end.
Satarel Vao

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