Battle Royale Round One - Jeme'Maer

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Battle Royale Round One - Jeme'Maer

Post  Satarel Vao on Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:56 pm

War has broken out at the Caaramon Temple, between what is left of the Order and Sith forces bent on snuffing us out. The Temple itself is destroyed, with only few structures left standing. Most of our order has been wiped out by traitors loyal to the Sith and those wishing to avoid death.

Smoothly making his way through the rubbel strewn hallways of the OUF training grounds, Jeme quickly begins searching through the debris for anything useful.

"Ion battery..No
D-10 blaster rifle..I have no use for this junk!"

continuing to rummage through the rubble, suppressing the blissful memories he had had training in this very area. Lost in his thoughts, Jeme had yet to acknowledge the droid, Javar, standing next to him.

"What is it Javar?"

[Exclamation]"Sir, we need to leave now! The Sith know our position, if we do not fall back we could risk more casualties than needed for trivial pursuits such as this."

"Fine, tell the others to fall back, I will join you shortly Javar."

[acknowledgment]"Why yes sir I shall do so. [Warning] If you receive major casualty from such organic error I will be unable to remain responsible for your folly...sir"

Finished scavenging, Jeme packed his belongings into his pack, setting off at a brisk pace to catch up with the rest of the group. As he was turning a corner, sudden explosions and sounds of blaster fire began echoing through the Temples ragged halls, letting loose bits of rubble from the ceiling. As fast as the explosions and sounds started they instantly stopped, leaving a certain eeriness in the air. Fearing the worst, Jeme dashes through the corridors jumping across rubble and across craters in the ground from the recent bombardments.

With increasing worry, Jeme turns a corner only to become horrified at the events that unfolded. The corridor was riddled with bodies and parts, not only from blaster wounds, but from light saber wounds also. Checking for any signs of life, Jeme spots a glimmer of power coming from Javar.

[Sur***prise] S-S-Sir how amazed it is to se-e-e-e you alive and well. [Realization] I seem to ha-ha-have been h-h-h-hit by Tor-r-r-ra..."

"Java, Java, it couldn't have been Toran, hes de-"

As he begins, Jeme realizes that the droid has fried its motherboard, rendering it unresponsive. Tracking his enemies trail, Jeme couldn't help but feel either relief or dismay that Toraniilor might be alive, and if he is, what has he become?

Having spent the last three days tracking the dark Jedi that did this, Jeme had a stark feeling that he was being expected by his prey. Ready to strike, Jeme sprang from his hiding place, activating his blade as he darted toward the Dark Jedi. Having been expecting an ambush, the Dark Jedi was already rolling, his hand already poised over his lightsaber. Jeme shortened his dash, using his momentum to create a force leap, clashing sabers with his enemy. His eyes locked on his enemies, he notices one attribute of the Dark Jedi, his eyes!.

"It is you! Toran...your alive!"

"its Darth Garrus now!"

Taking advantage of Jeme's hesitation to strike, Darth Garrus aggressively begins a flurry of moves, each time expertly cutting into the skin as if he was playing with Jeme. Scarcely avoiding decapitation, Jeme disengages, then catches his breath.

" are not yourself, what has happened to you?!"

Lowering the hood covering his face, Darth Garrus steps closer to Jeme, locking eyes once more, as if this fight were a battle of wills rather than a battle for life.

"What I have become shows just how powerful I have become....the Sith, they knew true power, not the Jedi, and certainly not the Order. I could not believe it at first, I fought the darkside, thinking it was evil as I was brainwashed to believe, but no! The Sith are not as dark as most think, they are an amazing people, they have the ability to harness the true power of the force and use it for your own ends, rather than have it control you as the Jedi foolishly made me believe!"

Standing in awe, and for the first time in many years, fear, Jeme, with great disgust added.

"have you seen what you have become? A gruesome mutation of the force, you are marked as one who abuses the force, for I have seen many, friends even. You are new to the true nature of a Sith, for you have no right to call yourself the title "Darth" for that is a title for the true Sith, those like my master during my time. You have been corrupted, I cannot stand and watch as you live in such a manner. You are right, you are no longer Toranilor, and I will not allow you to leave this corridor alive!"

Standing up, Jeme quickly raises his lightsaber, ignoring the lightsaber cuts pockmarking his body.

"I will show you the true nature of the Sith, not of the darkside, but of the force itself!"

Taking Darth Garrus by surprise, Jeme quickly gains ground, releasing his anger in one fell swoop, and viciously firing blow after another screaming insults and demoralizers such as "fool, you are no Sith, you are but a worm, a small worm under the boot of the Sith lords".

Unfortunately, Jeme's skills at Dun Moch seemed to have the opposite effect, enraging Toranilor. In a great spell of anger, Toran let out a volley of lightning bringing Jeme to the ground, shocking him time after time, relishing the constant pain coursing through Jeme.

"I win, it seems I am right to wear my name, and all other jedi shall forever name me as such once I am done with you, for you are the first of many to die under my boot!"

Bringing his blade overhead, Darth Garrus begins to let out a killing blow. Summoning the last of his strength, Jeme raised his lightsaber, stabbing it into the now surprised Toranilor. Jeme, bloody and bruised raised himself up as he could, and taking from the dying Toran, his lightsaber.

"My friend, you were once a man of righteousness as were the others like you, though the darkside has corrupted you and you die by the blade of your fellow friend, I cannot help but allow you to keep your saber, if you are to live from this, take from this engagement that succumbing to power takes you to no end"

Taking a long, drawn out breath, Jeme leaves the horrid scene of the dying Toranilor, leaving to regroup with the rest of the Order.

P.S I know this seemed pretty off, but I wanted this battle to revolve around a near future or some such thing. Hope you liked it.
Satarel Vao

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