OUF Ship Down

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OUF Ship Down

Post  Mictian on Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:43 pm

Night had fallen on Caarimon, the sky filled with stars and the air provided an ambience that soothes the soul yet beckons for disaster. Footsteps echoing in the distance resounding off the transport ship in the hanger, waiting for it's occupants. Mictian was already standing by the ship, alongside a fellow trooper, for they had been given orders to partake in a mission, although the details of which were unknown.

"Our first mission since arriving here at Caarimon, I wonder what we will have to do."

"Well Mictian, whatever it is, I sure as hell am gonna do my best. It's not everyday that us troopers get to carry out missions alongside Jedi."

"I guess. Here they come, stand at attention."

Jedi Master Vly-Nor and Jedi Knight Carlen and Jeme Knuxx, all of whom wore the traditional hooded robes of the Jedi, slowly approached the ship. They were in no hurry, and seemed to be in discussion among themselves, the contents of which could not be heard by the troopers. Trailing behind them was an unfamiliar person, a female who's long red hair enthralled the troopers. Every step she took in synchronicity with that of the Jedi, her eyes darting from one point to another, as if continuously examining her surroundings.

The Jedi stopped in front of the troopers, and pulled back their hoods. Mictian then came to sudden realisation that there were three Jedi. They usually operate in two man cells, this must really be important for them to set out in three.

"Identification please." Mictian knew who they were from stories he heard in the barracks, but experience taught him never to assume.

"I am Vly-Nor Takk and this is Carlen Darko, Jeme Knuxx, and Alicia De'Lories, she'll be assisting us, that's all you need to know trooper." Vly-Nor then passed a holopad to Mictian, confirming their identities as well as their security clearances.

"Very well. I am Mictian Vorenus, and this is Tyren Vaal, were are the troopers assigned to aid you and will be under your command, Sir."

Vly-Nor gave a nod, and after everyone got onto the ship, the troopers followed. Mictian headed to the helm as everyone else went to settle into their quarters. They were to convene at the briefing room once their coordinates were set and the ship on its way. He had been given coordinates to a point he knew was in the outer rim, but in a region of space unfamiliar to him.

He knew the basics to flying a ship, the military and his childhood taught him much. He settled into his seat, starting up the ship, it's engine whirring as if objecting the take off, being forced to do so.

"All systems clear, ready for take-off," said the other pilots.

Mictian then slowly pulled the ship out of the hangar an ominous feeling engulfed him as he left Caarimon's orbit. He then took awhile to punch in the coordinates for the hyperdrive, for he didn't want to make a mistake. After ensuring that everything was perfect and ready, he allowed the other pilots to take over as the ship went into hyperspace.

"It's all yours boys."

He knew it would take quite a while before they reached their destination. Sitting in his seat, he laid back and closed his eyes, daydreaming again as usual. He sat like that for several minutes, wondering what everyone else is doing and taking advantage of the peace.

"Hey Mictian, you're needed at the briefing room." Came Tyren's voice from his helmet before he could fall asleeep.

"You could've just came up here and called me down."

"Just get your ass down here already."

Slowly, he made his way to the briefing room, without even getting a chance to check his bunk. Everyone was already there, ready for the mission briefing. Mictian joined the circle and looked towards the hologram of Jacan Na'al in the centre. "The commander of the OUF? This mission must be important..." Mictian thought to himself.

"Now listen closely. 15 hours ago, we received a distress signal from a transport ship carrying a highly classified... object... we have lost contact with the ship.

The signal disappeared near an unknown planet in the outer rim. It is highly probable that they crash landed on that planet. You are to investigate the matter, and bring back our shipment. Vly-Nor is the mission leader, and descriptions of the container of the object will be sent, along with the last known location of the ship.

May the force be with you."

Images of a metallic crate, along with it's serial number then replaced the Ithorian figure.

"Mictian, how long would it take for the ship to reach the area?" questioned Vly-Nor, his voice calm and reassuring.

"Several hours at least, sir."

"Very well, get some rest everyone, and mingle around. We need to get along and work as a team, so for now, you are all dismissed."

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Tyren Vaal on Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:17 pm

Tyren Vaal sat down on his small bunk fiddling with his blaster rifle in the crew quarters. Normally he would be at the bridge helping out there, but he was nervous. Nervous and excited. It was rare for a Soldier like Tyren to be working alongside experienced Jedi, so he didn't want to screw this up.

Putting his blaster rifle aside he walked out of the Crew Quarters and went to see where the others were.
Tyren Vaal

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Sat Sep 19, 2009 9:21 pm

Something was off.
Alicia thought as she leaned back against a bulkhead, finger idly twirling a lock of crimson red hair as she listened to the briefing. She disliked being seated and preferred to stand at the back of briefings so that she could watch and gauge the members of the team included in the mission.
As her eyes tracked over each individual in the briefing room, her AI automatically overlayed names and basic information beside them by directly inputting it through her optic nerve. Most of the team she had already met and worked with before in the past, although there were a couple of new faces.

And there in lay the problem.
Who sends three Temple Jedi accompanied by Special Forces Commandos on a simple rescue mission for a downed transport?
'And us!' Lita, Alicia's AI interjected into her thoughts.
'Point', she agreed, 'why are we here?' She thought. Its not that she didn't do the odd search and rescue, but usually her jobs were ones involving a high security, dangerous situations and retrievable commodities, be it an object, information or otherwise.

Another trooper walked briskly into the briefing room and sat down before the holoprojector before Vly-Nor handed off the briefing to the hologram of Jacan Na'al.

Alicia only half payed attention to the briefing, she had received the basics on the mission parameters a short while before the operation was scrambled. But when the OUF Commander's holo was replaced by Images of a metallic crate, along with it's serial number, her focus snapped back to the projector.
'Ah-ha!' She exclaimed mentally, 'That's what this will be about. Lita ru-' she began but her AI was already on it.
'Running records search for Serial Number' Alicia peripherally felt her AI kick into action and started churning through massive volumes of information.

Across the room Vly-Nor finished off the briefing and dismissed everyone and with murmurs of conversation people begin to make their ways towards the exits.

'Records show no match on Carrimon databanks. Expanding search parameters.' the AI sounded a mite offended.
Alicia frowned and studied the holoimages of the rather nondescript battlesteel grey metallic crate more intensely, this was getting stranger by the moment.
Suddenly she felt someone looking at her and turned to see the Jedi Carlen Darko giving her a look of questioning concern. Alicia returned it with a minuscule 'don't worry about it' head-shake, a small smile, and waved one hand in a dismissive gesture.
Darko inclined his head then rejoined the Jedi Trio as the filed from the room, leaving Alicia alone to study the projection.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Arashi Storm on Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:24 am

Vly-Nor was feeling the thrill of another mission inside, but also the weight of responsibility. He was very confident in his companions abilities and knew they would accomplish any task set before them. Vly decided to check in with each person to see how they were feeling and if their gear was good to go. Tyren seemed quite anxious in the briefing room and would visit him first.

Vly-Nor was approaching the door to Tyren's quarters when Tyren walked out.

Vly-Nor said,
"Hey Corporal Ty it's great to finally be working with you on an assignment" and clasped his hands together and nodded to Tyren.

Before Tyren could speak Vly said,
"I know your a disciplined trooper, but I wanted to make sure all your gear is good to go and see if there is anything you need from me."

Tyren replied,
"Yes sir, my gear is always in tip top shape. Would you like to check it out?"

"I certainly would. I'd like to know your set up in case something comes up I know exactly what you carry." As Tyren turned around Vly-Nor quickly added "this mission probably seems like a fairly simple task, but I want you to be extra vigilant and never let your guard down."

Vly-Nor followed Tyren to his gear and decided to let him do the rest of the talking. He figured he would visit Private Mictian next.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Tyren Vaal on Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:29 pm

They both stepped out of the busy briefing room and approached a group of lockers. There seemed to already be a group of soldiers standing by the lockers talking, Vly-Nor signaled them to move to the side.

"Shouldn't take long." Tyren said quietly fiddling with the code on his locker as they approached. After a few seconds it punched in and opened revealing several small cartridges of blaster ammunition, a blaster rifle, and one or two big packs full of what may have been full of explosives or electrical tools.

Tyren pushed the contents to the side and re-arranged it so it was much easier to see.
Vly-Nor obviously already had read his Tyren's mission files and reports, so what he brang probably wouldn't be much of a surprise to him, but he decided to show it all to him anyway as he took pride in his skills.
"Just standard weaponry and ammunition here sir. Along with the blaster rifle I've also brang a heavy demolition pack if needed, it contains three thermal detonators, some mines, 4 fragmentation grenades and two ion grenades. Hah, I could blow a hole through a rancor and he wou--" Tyren then stopped and positioned himself remembering who he was talking to. Tyren often had problems with his personality, sometimes he was serious and disciplined, but other times he often said things which got him into trouble or danger during a mission, straightening himself up he then turned around to see what Vly-Nor had to offer.

Vly-Nor however didn't seem to be paying close attention, he was staring at Tyren's weapons and gear.
"This seems like a lot to carry, how exactly are you going to take all of this with you?" he asked calmly trying to evaluate Tyren's response.

Tyren leaned on the wall and casually responded, 'It isn't as heavy as it looks, stimulants and implants can do a hell of a lot, trust me. Is there anything else I will need for this mission?' Vly-Nor then thought about this for a moment.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Mictian on Sun Sep 20, 2009 4:10 pm

"...We need to get along and work as a team..." The words of Vly-Nor still ringing in Mictian's head. He never knew anyone long enough for them to 'get along' so he didn't really know what to do.

Before he got out of his seat, he noticed Alicia analyzing the projection, a look about her, as if thinking of everything at once. He had seen that look before, when people were pushed to their limits, when their natural instincts synchronised harmoniously with their conscious mind, but Alicia had that look about her most of the time, it intrigued him. He realised that Carlen too could sense the peculiarity of the red-head. She noticed Carlen, for he wasn't wearing a helmet, and sent him on his way.

"Perhaps there was more to this team and mission than I thought..."

Carlen then rejoined Jeme and began a heated discussion as they left the briefing room. With Vly-Nor and Tyren already on their way, Mictian decided to check out his bunk, and leave Alicia in peace.

It was better than what he was accustomed to; a bed, a locker, lights, table, the place even came packed with food. He then proceeded to lock the door and scan his room for bugs, one can never be to sure. Once he ensured it was clean, he took off his back pack, laid his rifle against the wall, and collapsed onto the bed. There he lay, with his eyes closed, dreaming again, waiting for something to happen.

The minutes passed, slowly, for time is never in a rush. As silence reigned, he fell asleep.

A knock. Mictian wondered who it was that woke him from his sweet slumber. He opened the door and was surprised to see the team leader right in front of him. "Another surprise inspection..." he thought to himself, "Guess these guys aren't that different from the military after all."

"Sir! Ready for bunk inspection, Sir!" Mictian was already standing at attention, confident that he would not get into trouble because he barely touched anything yet.

"Relax private, I just came to talk, could you remove your helmet?"

Remove my helmet? Talk? Superior officers never 'talked' with the soldiers. Is this a trap? "I'm sorry sir, I don't really understand, what do you need of me again?" This time, Mictian was on the edge, ready to pull out his side-arm or extend his vibroblade at any time.

An experienced Jedi, Vly-Nor was able to sense his anxiety, "It seems that the military wasn't kind to you private. Do realise that in our order, we do not ostracise our men simply because of rank.

We feel and show compassion, yet are not consumed by the dark side. You need to understand this private, or you will never be able to work as a team, and that would just be disastrous, no?"

"I guess you're right, my apologies, sir. How may I help you?" Mictian wondered if Vly-Nor still wanted him to remove his helmet, but dismissed the action when Vly-Nor simply walked into his room.

"I was just going around checking on the team, making sure that everyone had their equipment prepared and ready. Where's your equipment trooper?"

"What you see is what you get, sir. Most of it is ammunition, with a couple of essential explosives, so it dosen't look like much. I've had training in explosives, but I never really liked them. Corporal Tyren's much better at demolitions."

"I see... Very well then, as you were private, try not to fall asleep." The door closed behind Vly-Nor.

"Not to sleep eh? I'll just lie down and close my eyes then..."

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Arashi Storm on Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:50 am

As Vly-Nor left Mictian's room he couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy. He wondered if the guy had ever seen life outside the military. Maybe after the mission he could take him out for a little R&R. There was no doubt his discipline would prove helpful on a mission like this.

Now Vly made his way to see Alicia. Vly-Nor stopped when he thought of the red haired female. She was completely unreadable. Vly began thinking he would skip that stop and see Jeme. Vly shook his head and decided to continue on to Alicia. He felt it was important for a leader to gauge his companions and let them know he cares about each and every one. However he had no idea how to approach her.

Vly-Nor could sense that she was still in the briefing room and made his way there. Alicia was still standing where she had been during the briefing. She did not acknowledge his arrival at all. Vly stood there momentarily waiting for her to at least look up at him before he spoke. A few seconds passed so he reached up to touch her shoulder and began to say, "excuse me" when suddenly she grabbed the arm he was extending to her and shoved a blaster pistol hard against his throat. He never felt it coming.

Vly-Nor's eyes were wide open as she looked at him and said,
"watch it jedi."

Vly calmly replied,
"my deepest apologies, Captain. I was just checking to see if you needed anything."

Alicia tilted her head a little to the left and said,
"if I needed something I would have let you know."

Vly-Nor, still standing there with a blaster to his neck, decided to try and lighten the mood and asked with one eyebrow raised,
"so you wanna go out for a drink after the mission?"

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:59 am

abruptly Alicia threw her head back and laughed, the unexpected outburst distracting Vly from noticing when she snapped the blaster back into its hiding place, but more to disguise the embarrassing fact that she had been so far into her mind, following Lita's complex and wide spanning search for any object of significance in the known galaxy that fit the dimensions of the crate, that she had completely missed when the Jedi had reentered the briefing room, or even how much time had elapsed since the briefing had ended.

Not to mention she had never been that comfortable around Jedi, nor people in general for that matter. She figured she should apologize, but then she didn't really know what to say. People skills wasn't a strong point with her, unless it involved taking something from said people.

Instead she dropped the laughter three quarters way through and swung her gaze back towards the still holo of the crate.
"Do you know what the odds are for a well maintained highspeed courier transport of the order carrying classified cargo to malfunction and crash?" She asked the Jedi.

"What?" Vly replied, a little thrown off by the sudden unexpected question. "I guess I haven't really thought about it"

Within her mind her AI ran a rapid calculation through records pulled from Carrimon Temple's and maintenance logs and safety records for that specific type of ship. "Infinitesimal" Alicia relayed the answer.

Vly considered this for a moment before asking "You are thinking that this is no accident? The ship was sabotaged in some manner?"

'Insufficient Data for statistical analyzes' Lita said within her mind.
"Its possible." She conceded instead.
She felt the AI pout and she returned a mental raspberry, she knew the AI hated when she relied on instinct which it could not accurately compute nor understand its workings despite the AI considerable resources.

From the corner of her eye she saw the Jedi turn to study the holo with a more somber expression, she could almost see the thoughts racing through his mind as he explored the new considerations.

"How are the team?" Alicia asked rather vaguely, abruptly jumping rails.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Arashi Storm on Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:43 pm

"The team is great" responded Vly. "I still need to speak to Jeme and Carlen. If you come up with any more idea's on what happened with the downed ship please let me know." With that said Vly-Nor quickly nodded towards Alicia and made his way towards Jeme and Carlen. As he walked out of the briefing room Vly reached up and rubbed his neck where a blaster had been shoved into a few minutes ago and made a mental note to never sneak up on Alicia.
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Carlen Darko on Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:45 am

Carlen excused himself from his conversation with Jeme, a heated discussion of the coming events, to scour the ship. In his search, Carlen found a secluded, small room consisting of a few medical supply crates and power cells. Focusing on the Force, he slowly lifted the crates. Master Darko could feel the living Force flowing through every motion he made, every molecule of the air; he could feel it surround the crates and cells lifting them from the ground and sliding them to the sides of the room. An easy task to be sure, but he could not help but feel the embrace of the Force in everything he did.

After standing for a moment, basking in his insignificance compared to the awe-inspiring Force, Carlen removed his robes and placed them neatly on one of the crates. Now only in his tan pants and weathered boots, he stood there for another moment. The burned scar shown brightly on his bared physique. It was a brutal mark that coiled like a serpent, across the entire length of his back and onto the majority of his chest. Most would see this and cringe; they would ask, " Good Master, did you receive that scar from a wondrous beast of claw and fang as you took its life? Master, did you receive that in some great battle or in a fierce duel with a Sith Lord?".

Carlen Darko sighed a deep breath; how he had wished it were so, how he wish that a beast or battle or Sith had done this to him, how he wish that his one pupil had not done this. Taking another deep sigh, he sat in a meditative stance and began feeling the Force encircle him.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Thu Sep 24, 2009 6:02 am

Alicia also left the briefing room not long after the Jedi and headed towards her temporary quarters, her internal chronometer told her she still had a fair bit of time to get ready for the operation.

In her quarters she switched on a intense light, unpacked her gear and laid them down neatly one by one over a work table, including some gear that she was already carrying. She then meticulously went over each piece of equipment visually to check for faults or wear. Then she began to strip her twin blasters down to its components and doing the same before reassembling it again.
Finally all that was left was her rifle, it was fairly innocent looking. Well, for something that was specifically designed to deliver literally mind-blowing amounts of energy to a fairly long distanced target. However it was specifically modified so that its outer shell disguised the interior.
Alicia did not strip the rifle like her blasters, it was by far too complex and complicated. Especially once all the modified parts and pieces was taken into account. She wasn't too sure if she could field assemble it without at least a full workshop suite.
Instead she pulled a thin, whitish transparent viscus thread from her wrist unit and plugging it in an uncovered a port on the base of the rifle's handle. Abruptly an image of the rifle appeared in the air in front of her and exploded outwards into its components before freezing in mid air and just as rapidly the suspended components began to turn a friendly green glow in a cascade as Lita cleared them. Then just as abruptly the disassembled image imploded back into a fully assembled unit before disappearing between a blink.
'You really should install that diagnostic gear into all your equipment and have me do it instead. You'd save a lot of time.' Lita said in her head, rather smugly.
'Show off.' She replied, shaking her head.

Alicia spend the next few moments repacking everything back onto her person or into her ready kit. Looking around the room, she decided she needed quite a bit more room for what came next then what the rather cramped quarters provided so she stepped back out into the crew-quarters passage.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Jeme'Maer on Thu Sep 24, 2009 9:01 am

Giving a quiet farewell to Carlen, Jeme turned a corridor, heading toward his quarters on the ship. Upon entering his chambers, Jeme was surprised to find that his quarters were rather to his liking. The room was Austere, with only a small round table and a mat which could be used for meditation. Setting his well worn pack down from his shoulders, Jeme slowly began sorting through his meager possessions.

Carefully setting them on the table, Jeme began to inspect them. First a lightsaber beyond repair, his first master's; second his fathers idol of their patron deity; third an ancient holding container supposably holding an even more ancient holocron, found during one of his most recent trecks into the shadowlands. Putting his eyes on the last, Jeme once again tries to make an attempt to activate the age old holocron. Jeme has tried numerous times to unlock the seemingly smooth casing, but to no end. Clearing his mind, Jeme tries desperately to remember his masters teachings at the Sith academy.

"ancient holocrons such as those of our Sith brethren require more of that of the mind than that of physical ability. I would rather it be thought of as grasping the force and using it as a tool, opening the outer shell of the casing like that of a thin shelled with the inside just waiting to be collected...which is mainly why we know so little about them. Younglings and their brutality...would rather bash it open with a rock than learn the proper technique from their masters, should be flogged the lot of them."

Remembering this teaching with much amusement, Jeme remembers his task at hand and begins to concentrate, putting all focus into opening the outer casing of the container, slowly spreading his influence in the force. As if they were extensions of his own arms, Jeme began to wrench the container open bit by bit, just as if it was just a quick repeat of the last attempts. Feeling his strength begin to ebb, Jeme increases his influence of the force, bending it to his will. Drenched in sweat and leaning towards exhaustion, Jeme, farther than he has gotten, makes a final push ultimately unlocking container.

As the container lay open like a trap revealing a pyramid-like holocron pulsing from blood red to violet purple. Jeme, exhausted from the effort, sat back on his mat, mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the ancient artifact. With his vision narrowing and blurry, Jeme realized that he had been holding his breath the whole time. As he quickly strove to catch his breath, Jeme felt a presence in the room, watching his movements. Surprised, Jeme quickly reaches for his lightsaber sending it skillfully toward his purpetrator.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Mictian on Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:43 am

Mictian turned off his suit's energy field, removing his helmet and placing it next to him on his bed. After a well deserved nap, he sat there collecting his thoughts, mental preparation for the mission to come. A brief moment later, he got up, and decided to give his equipment a final run through.

He started with his explosives; trip mines, breaching devices, thermal grenades, EMP grenades, smoke and flash grenades, all of which were checked for leaks and malfunctions, and stored safely into his pack. "Wouldn't want one of these to go off accidentally... or worse, not go off when I want them to..."

He then took stock of his ammunition, ensuring that there was enough for a long gunfight, counting and recounting, then placing them into various compartments in his pack for easy removal and use. He then proceeded to charge his suit's main energy source as well as the spare cells in his back pack. "Better safe than sorry..."

While they were charging, Mictian removed his suit, checking it's integrity, making sure that it was not damaged and would match his movements in combat, leaving it on his bed once he was done. Next, he checked his side-arm, giving it a quick look through, for he did not use it much, unless forced to.

"Don't think I forgot about you old friend..." He said to his rifle, for it was his most trusted companion, along with his customised suit.

Mictian then began stripping his rifle, cleaning and checking every part of it, as well as it's various attachments and modifications. Once he was satisfied, he put them all back together, like completing a beautiful puzzle, and let it rest against the wall.

He then extended the knuckle plate vibroblade built into his suit, making sure that it was sharp and strong, checking it's retracting mechanism. Whenever he looked at it, he was awed by its simplicity, for it was his most deadly weapon, "My only defense against a lightsaber ..." Finally, he did a couple of warm ups, sat on his bed, and checked the time.

"Hmm... almost... might as well be early just in case..."

Slowly, as if time was his servant, Mictian started to put on his combat suit, attaching his side-arm, followed by his backpack. He then put on his helmet, and proceeded to turn on the power for his suit, activating his helmet and his suit's energy field. After taking a deep breath, he picked up his rifle, took one last look at the room, opened the door, and then headed out.

Once he got to the bridge, he laid his rifle next to his seat, and began checking on the ship's status, running through every detail, making sure that it was all working smoothly.

"No need to worry Mictian, you can let us handle this, you should get ready down at the hangar for departure," one of the pilots said to him. Mictian nodded but decided to stay in his seat untill he was called.

"Just as I thought, we're leaving hyperspace soon. I wonder what this planet will look like..."

Mictian continued sitting in his chair, waiting for the ship to arrive at its destination. As a pilot, he was nervous, but as a soldier, he was ready for anything.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Arashi Storm on Fri Sep 25, 2009 8:06 am

Vly-Nor could sense both Jeme and Carlen in the force. Jeme seemed to be under some stress so Vly decided to check with him first. He walked up to Jeme's room and found him meditating on a holocron exhaustively. Jeme finally came out of the meditation and took a very deep breath. It seemed he had been holding his breath for a while. Vly-Nor didn't want to startle Jeme so he sent a little nudge in the force to make him aware of his presence. The response from Jeme was very unexpected!

Jeme, alarmed, reached through the force and threw his lightsaber towards Vly igniting it mid course. Vly-Nor could tell Jeme's hold of the lightsaber was weak due to his exhaustion. Vly reached out and slightly changed the position of the lightsaber and grabbed it with his right hand and thumbed it off. Vly sent a flood of calming thoughts towards Jeme in the force and said aloud
"Easy my friend!"

Jeme quickly realized it was Vly-Nor and began to slump over in exhaustion. Vly slipped down to catch Jeme as he slumped over to the ground. Vly asked,
"are you gonna be okay?"

Jeme replied,
"I am sorry Vly-Nor, I was lost in meditation on the holocron. I won't let it happen again. Oh, and good catch."

Vly smiled,
"I seem to be catching everyone at the wrong time. Captain De'Lories almost removed my head when I approached her a few minutes ago. I think I will just send a message to Master Darko instead of visiting him personally."

Vly-Nor continued,
"We won't be in hyperspace very long so I suggest you rest up quick or I will have to respectfully order you to stay on the ship when we arrive."

Jeme looked at Vly and replied
"we both know thats not gonna happen."

Vly said
"Good! I'll see you soon then. And here's your lightsaber. Do be mindful of how you use this thing because you could have easily killed me or anyone that might have walked in this room. We force users have less excuses because of our abilities to sense people through the force. Understood?"

Jeme nodded and replied
"Yes Captain."

With that Vly-Nor got up, quickly turned and walked out the door leaving his robe flapping behind him. He pulled out his datapad and sent a quick message to check on Master Darko. Master Darko replied saying he was in need of nothing and requested to be left alone to meditate until arrival. With that done Vly-Nor retreated to his own quarters to a little meditation of his own to prepare for what might come.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Tyren Vaal on Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:07 pm

It had been at least 5 or 10 minutes since Tyren Vaal's last visitor Vly-Nor had come to see him, so he figured he would see where the rest of the crew were, he hadn't seen Mictian since the briefing so he decided to find him first.

He then left his cosy bunk room and walked through the quarters and out into the mess hall.
There was no sign of the Jedi Vly-Nor, Jeme or Carlen Darko. A strange coincidence, but at the same time not very surprising.

Finally he stepped inside the busy bridge of the ship to see Private Mictian sitting down on his pilot chair. Among him were at least 4 or 5 others working on different parts of the bridge.
"I see things are running smoothly in here Mictian, are we ready to emerge out of hyperspace?" Tyren asked observing the room carefully, many noises were humming all at once.

"Oh? Should just be a few minutes, prepare yourself." Mictian replied startled as if he was deep in thought.

Tyren bit his lip and waited, there was a long following silence after that.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Carlen Darko on Fri Sep 25, 2009 7:35 pm

Carlen swept in and out of the energy surrounding him. He could feel every sway, every molecule of it breathing. Though his eyes were closed, he could see everything around him. He could see the supply crates and the dim glow of the power cells, the smallest dust particles between the plated walls, the framed doorway, and the small T3 utility droid beeping as it came around the corner.

"Hello Tee Bee. Did you have fun wheeling around the ship?" he asked as he stood. As the familiar droid beeped and buzzed away about his day, Master Darko took up his robes, placed them back on, and began walking back towards the others.

"Well, I'm glad you did. So, why don't we see how my modifications are holding up?"

"beep burrrr beeeeepp beep beep burrr."
The Jedi and his companion made their way back to the main sitting area where some of the others still resided. Carlen made a salutation to each then sat in front of Tee Bee. Using the Force, he floated a small pouch from inside his robes to the seat next to him. After opening the T3 B4 unit's chest plate, he took a small soldering tool from the bag and began working on the droid's complex architecture.

"You more chipper today than usual, I like that Tee Bee," he smiled at the droid. Though just a droid, Carlen couldn't help but look upon him and smile. Tee Bee had been with him through thick and thin; he had seen his Master's best days and his very worst. Tee Bee was there the day Carlen was born, he was on The Juniper as it was attacked. He saw how the bounty hunter killed without cause and watched as his former masters were slain in cold-blood.

"Are you thinking about something? You look a little down all of a sudden," said Carlen as he noticed the droids movements alter and his beeps slur.

Tee Bee looked back into his memory banks. He remembered pulling baby Darko into the escape pod. He remembered the pod's malfunction and the red flashing. He remembered his Master's admission into the Jedi and his rise to Jedi Master. He also remembered the tears Master Carlen shed, fifty-two, onto his slain Padawan. Tee Bee remembered these things...he remembered everything.

"Well, you can't be getting all depressed droid on me," Master Darko said with a smile, "Now remember, when we arrive, you have to watch my back. I expect you to do nothing less than slay the villain, save the girl, and dine with the king."

"Beeeeeeep burrr."

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:28 am

Alicia walk down the crew quarters corridor, headed hopefully towards a turbo-lift that would take her to the ships hangerbay situated within its belly. She came upon a cross corridor and quick stepped back as she narrowly avoided running over a T3 Utility droid as it wheeled by, happily chirping and beeping to it self until it rounded another corner and disappeared from sight into a storage room. She looked the other way down the corridor and then turned back to the side the droid had gone down.
'You are lost aren't you?' Lita asked with a rather mock tone.
'I'm not lost...' rather unconvincing was the reply.
Lita's unique tone of electronic laughter rang through her head and she could feel the AI's amusement at her predicament.
'Here, allow me' Lita said rather smugly after she finished laughing and a large red translucent arrow appeared in her vision against the bulkhead ahead of her, pointing to the left, accompanied by a thin red line the ran down the middle of the corridor.
"I hate starships" Alicia muttered out loud, under her breath and proceeded to follow the line.

She arrived shortly after at the hangerbay and took a look around as she exited the turbolift. The area was not particularly large, it had enough space to house four starfighters, two on each side of the hanger and a medium sized armored assault lander on the far side of the hanger. In the middle of the hanger was a bay that opened to space, covered by an powerful energy field that kept the hanger pressurized.

Alicia could see she was not alone in the hanger's bay, three individual's were busy running checks on their starfighters and one other on its astrodroid. Pilots she recognized, The ones that were tasked to escort their ship on this mission. She only knew a couple of them vaguely, the OUF was a rather fair sized organization and she hardly knew all its personnel and now was hardly the time to get introduced, even if she had had the inclination to do so. She was far too busy.

She located a clear space in the hanger in a corner and deposited her ready kit. She then began stripping herself of equipment until she was down to just her black skinsuit. Stepping away she took a deep breath and centered herself, then dropped into the first form in a long sequence.
To anyone observing, the forms would appear to be a rather odd mixture of certain martial disciplines mixed in with graceful half dance, half gymnastics maneuvers. Though to real combat veterans would scoff at some of the poses and lounges, knowing that such a pose had no real combat value except to get yourself killed more quickly.

In actuality Alicia was not practicing any form of martial arts nor combat disciplines, instead this particular long sequence of flowing moves was something she had pieces together from observing various people of different skill groups over her years in business, it was designed specifically to stress test each individual muscle group and skeletal structure over her entire body, one group at a time. To her mind it was rather like running an intense diagnostic on a complex piece of machinery.

She kept her eyes closed the entire time, watching the various read outs and graphs as she gauged the effectiveness of each part of her body.
'Your getting soft.' Lita said rather cheerfully in her mind. Alicia mentally scowled back. But her AI was right, overall red-line was down by 3% since her last test a few weeks ago. Lounging around the OUF compound was making her weak.

She felt eyes observing her as she bent over backwards and placed both palms against the cool metallic plate of the hanger floor, ignoring the onlooker she kicked one leg straight up followed by the other and balanced unto a free float handstand, slowly by increments she bent her arms until the top of her head touched the floor. Then she tucked her head and rolled forwards to sit in a meditative position, something she had known since a very early age, though she couldn't quite remember where she had learned it. Her part was over.

'Do I have to?' Lita asked, rather put off. 'You know this is stupid right? I'd know if something was wrong.'
'Look, its only fair. If I have to do something, you have to do something too, that's how this works.' Alicia reasoned, to which she received some grumblings and felt the majority of the AI's attentions turn to running a in-depth diagnostic into its own systems.
Alicia calculated that if nothing went wrong, by the time she finished, they should just about be ready to exit hyperspeed.

Still with her eyes closed and sitting in a meditative cross-leg, Alicia took a deep breath and exhaled to clear her mind. Then promptly fell asleep, something else that was picked up in childhood no doubt.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:30 pm

"You have a strange definition of a few minutes Mictian." Tyren told the other trooper while he leaned back and rested his boots on his console.
From behind the two seated troopers came a muffled snort of laughter and Mictian turned around in his seat to give the pilot who's name he couldn't recall a pointed look, with his T-shaped Visor.
"You have something to add pilot?" His helmet speakers making his voice artificial and inflectionless.
"No sir! Sorry sir, slight respiratory dysfunction sir!" The pilot replied quite straight-faced.
Mictian gave the pilot a raised eye brow, which he couldn't see.
"You should really get that checked out the next time you are by the Medbay."
From behind him his console beeped a warning and a red light began pulsating.
Turning back he said to Tyren via their suit comms. "See? A few minutes."
Reaching over his console he keyed the ship's CommNet on. "All hands, we are leaving hyperspace in ten." He gave the cursory warning.

It was quite unnecessary of course, since the invention of the hyperdrive, there had also existed the accompanied inertial compensator that prevented them from disintegrating into very small atoms when their ship dumped massive amounts of relative velocity upon exiting hyperspace. However, despite all the advances in technology since then, no one has yet ever invented a compensator that didn't lag the slightest bit behind realtime, causing a slight motion to occur when the ship exited hyperspace, which would mean trouble to anyone on the ship involved in highly delicate work, say micro-mechanics or surgery. So as a courtesy, pilots usually gave a warning before hand if the ship wasn't in an active battle zone.

On his console the pulsating light turned a solid red, indicating they had arrived that the preset coordinates. Mictian pulled back upon a lever and the kaleidoscopic canopy of the bridge collapsed into a tranquil starscape, a field of muted glimmering stars, like diamonds amongst the smoothest, darkest Corellian velvet.
"Initiating near space scan" He said to no one in particular, Mictian's fingers began to dance across his console with surprising dexterity despite his armored gloves.

Almost immediately a hologram appeared at the front of the bridge, near space objects, asteroids, planets, moons and the local binary stars began to appear in a rapidly expanding ring around the central point, a tiny holographic representation of their ship.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:24 pm

At the rear of the bridge the access hatch whooshed open and in strode the team's commander Vly-Nor followed closely by Jeme Knuxx who was subconsciously running a finger along his lightsaber attached at his belt.
"Sir!" Tyren quickly took his feet off the console and started to stand to attention but Vly waved him down.

"Any sign of the missing courier ship yet?" He asked the bridge in general while he walked up to stand beneath the hologram at the front of the bridge.
"No sir, the scanners have detected no trace of the ship yet." Mictian replied while he studied his console readout. "We are also not picking up any signs of wreckage, debris, escape pods or any signs of combat."

Boots rang in the hall outside the bridge access way and Vly turned to the new comer too see Master Darko rush through the hatch followed by a utility droid.
"Excuse the tardiness." Darko apologized quietly as he joined the two Jedi by the holodisplay.
"Don't worry yourself." Vly told him before turning his attention back to the holo. "What about the ship's distress beacon?" he asked the trooper. But he wasn't that hopeful in the answer, he was briefed before leaving Carrimon that the compound's subspace arrays only picked up a partial distress transmission before the signal was abruptly cut off, he had come on the search and rescue mission fearing the worst.
"Sorry sir. No signs of the distress beacon at all and the original carrier wave is so dispersed and diluted that its difficult to get a hard fix on where it went. There might be something I can try, give me a few seconds sir." He tapped a few keys and a blue dot appeared near the miniature representation of their ship.
"This is the last clear position placed by the distress signal and this..." he pressed another key and a large uneven semi-circular area glowed teal. "Is the dispersion of the carrier signal that we've picked up. I should be able to..." He began to tap at his console furiously.

Vly felt a presence at the entry way and turned his head to see Alicia getting comfortable in one of the empty seats without a console at the rear of the bridge, she gave him a nod to acknowledge his attention but Vly perceived the odd impression that she wasn't really focused on him, instead she seems to be staring at something he couldn't see in the air in front of her. Shaking his head at her odd eccentricities he returned his attention to the holo.

On the holoprojection the teal shape slowly started collapsing inwards and change slowly into green. Finally the green shape congeled into twenty or so blobs spaced out in a informal cone shape leading away from the single blue spot. Vly felt the increase in frustration and bewilderment in Mictian.
"This is bloody odd..." he muttered and redoubled his keystrokes. "There should be a single line leading us to where the courier is currently, instead we are getting multiple scattered points of convergence. Its almost like the signal is being warped or distorted some how." He explained.
"Like someone is attempting to jam the signal?" Carlen asked.
"Right. Sort of... Kind of... Well, more like something is altering the signal, scattering, dispersing it and in some parts destroying it, but that shouldn't be possible, subspace transmissions are not susceptible to tampering." The trooper stated while he scratched his helmet in an unconscious gesture of confusion.

Vly leaned closer and studied the cone with one hand folded behind him while he combed his beard with his other hand and spotted something near the far edge of the cone's broad end, just on the outer rim.

"What is that?" he pointed at the white object.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:14 pm

Tyren peered closer at the object the commander pointed out. Almost by rote his vision telescoped until the image nearly filled up his helmet's entire field of view, he still couldn't figure out what it was though, seeing how zooming in didn't improve the resolution of the hologram.
All he could tell was that it was white and it was round.

Beside him Mictian hit a couple of keys and execute and abruptly his vision whited out.
Disorientated he dialed his zoom back and looked at the newly expanded hologram of a planet.
"Its a planet!" Tyren pointed out loud, helpfully.
"Very observant, Corporal." Vly said blandly. Tyren decided then to keep his mic shut.

Calling it a planet was being generous though in his opinion, the thing was a giant snowball or maybe it was snowglobe? The visible surface on the day side was completely snowed white with planet wide coverage and he felt a sinking sensation in his gut.

"The ship is down there." Jeme said with quiet certainty, speaking for the first time since he had entered the bridge with Vly-Nor.
"I'm inclined to agree." Vly answered. "At the risk of sounding like a bad holo-drama. I sense a disturbance in the force."
'A disturbance in the force?' Tyren thought and turned to look at Mictian with a tilt to his helmet to indicate a question, the other trooper shrugged.

"What do we have on the planet?" The commander asked the other trooper who looked through his console and scrolled a couple of times.
"Honestly? Not much sir. This sector is pretty far out from any settled regions and far from any normal shipping lanes. The Republic space survey service only made a cursory documentation of the area. Here, I'll bring up the relevant data."
On the holo some basic information appeared beside the floating sphere.
"Planet has no name, Designation is: HK06182, classification is ice locked earth, has one orbiting moon, no official designation, classification minor gas giant." He finished.

Tyren spotted the moon as it came around from behind the planet. "More like a gas midget."
There was a silent moment but he could swear Mictian was laughing.

"That's all the information on this place?"
Vly asked.
"Like I said, its really pretty scarce sir. I guess the Republic never felt this place had any value economically or militarily so they never investigated further." Mictian replied reproachfully.

"There is more."
A smooth contralto voice added from the back of the bridge. Tyren turned in his seat to see Alicia leaning back into an observers chair near the rear with one leg crossed over the other.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:10 am

Abruptly, the hologram of the ice planet with its basic information wavered for half a second, when it normalized there was suddenly a whole column of new information being updated onto the stats.

"What the?" The other trooper exclaimed over through Mictian's trooper CommNet. "What was that?"
"I'm not exactly sure." Mictian transmitted back "I think Captain De'Lories just spliced information into my console or something by remote."
"How? I was watching her. She didn't do move. Is that even possible?" Tyren asked.
"Well, scuttlebutt in the barracks is that she is some kind of covert ops or EW specialist. So she might have some kind of advance tech that allows her to remotely access electronic systems."
"Blast! Does that mean she can hear us now?" Tyren quite irrationally whispered back.
Mictian had his mouth open to reply but snapped it shut as he considered it. He turned his helmet slightly and eyed the red-hair captain from the corner of his field of vision for any signs she was listening in.

On the holo the information finally finished updating and Alicia cleared her throat.
"As you can see, the information provided by the RS3 is entirely accurate, but some what lacking in depth. As Private Mictian stated, the planet is completely ice locked and not of particular interest to any group. The planet day is approximately 1.6 standard. Day side temperatures range from chilly to arctic while the nightside is deep in sub-freezing. Needless to say basic life-support suits and thermal shields will be a necessity for any operation in such hostile environment." Alicia listed the information as it was highlighted on the holo.

"Begging your pardon for the intrusion captain. but where is this information from and how reliable is it if it is not included in the survey service's databanks?" Carlen asked politely.
"The information was stripped from the holocore of a sith Advanced Reconnaissance Fleet vessal, evidently the empire considered using the planet as a hidden forwards operations post for resupply for forces pressing into core space but apparently abandoned the idea for a unspecified reason." she explained before she continued on as if there was no interruption.

"The planet is classed as a level three biosphere."
Mictian quickly and covertly brought up the biosphere distinctions on his console to refresh his memory, he never did pay much attention during some of his courses at basic, who knew some of the information the DI's at boot trying to cram down their neck-seals would ever be of any use afterall?

Biosphere classifications usually came in six distinct levels that describe a planet's life forms, he quickly skimmed.
Level 0 means that the planet is completely barren and devoid of life.
Level 1 meant the planet contained microbial lifeforms.
Level 2 was for planets with more complex lifeforms, such as types of jellyfish, fungus growth or basic coral reefs.
Level 3 planets like the ice planet and above were illegal for terraforming projects under republic law, planets with established complex ecosystems, usually three specifics, vegetation, herbivore and carnivore.
Level 4 planets were planets which have been identified to be home to intelligent life.
While lastly Level 5 biospheres were home to spacefaring species.

The captain continued speaking while he finished reading the summary.
"The primary life-form on the planet is a large vegetation like mineral growth, crystalline in nature. It appears as large towering crystals growing out of the ground, Some specimens have been recorded to have been several stories tall. During daylight they appear to use some form of unknown bio-mechanism to use the energy absorbed by sunlight from the local binary and pull sustenance from deep beneath the ice crust, using the resources to grow in height and also to grow off-shoot crystal formations from the main crystal trunk. During nighttime these offshoot crystals detach from the main truck and fall to the ground to form new primary trucks.

The resulting herbivore life on the planet survive largely on consuming these weaker offshoots and is kept in check by a carnivorous population that feed in turn upon them. Unfortunately for us the sith never recorded any visual footage of any of these lifeforms, so we have very limited information on the potential dangers from the wildlife."
She finished simply.

"Not to worry ma'am, there's nothing the fauna can throw at us that a good blaster can't solve." The other trooper beside Mictian patted the rifle beside his seat.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:32 pm

Jeme Knuxx had been studying the holo-projection of the planet while unconsciously listening to Alicia's summary. He felt certain within the force that the ship that they were seeking was down on the surface of the frost blasted desolate wasteland, whether the crew of the missing ship was still alive he was less certain, but none the less he thought they had to at least attempt a rescue, if only to find out the circumstances behind the disappearance.

From somewhere behind him the red-haired captain finished her briefing, something about the specifics of the planet and its wildlife, he wasn't particularly concerned and felt confident that he could handle whatever challenge arises.

There was silence in the room for a short moment as the team digested the information, Jeme decided to use the time to advance the pace of the mission.

He turned to the Private behind the pilot seat, Mictian if he recalled correctly, though it was hard to tell the troopers apart with their almost identical visors and armor. "Private, have you run a scan of the planet for any trace of the ship?"

"Er, no sir." The trooper hesitated. "I'll run it now." and resumed tapping on his console.

A grid of sectors appeared over the planets holo, overlaying the actual real time display and a line began to sweep through the grids one by one. Here and there different color symbols began appearing in singles and sometimes small clusters. He wasn't sure what it all meant though. Scan Tech was not a discipline he had invested much of his time in.

Finally the line finished with the last sector and the trooper scratched his helmet. "There are no conclusive signs of the ship sir. I've also scanned for artificial anomalies, concentrated thermal sources and metallic artifacts just in case there is wreckage and I have gotten some hits, but its fairly small scale, easily bits and pieces of equipment the sith recon fleet that Captain De'Lories had mentioned left behind or just wildlife. Are you sure they are down there?"

Jeme rubbed his left arm for a moment as he consulted his feelings before replying.
"Definitely." he finally said quite simply and turned to Vly-Nor with a slight questioning look. The commander nodded his head in agreement.

"What is this?" Master Darko pointed out a large area of about three by three sectors on the hologram on the northern hemisphere where there were no markers of any kind, Jeme had noticed the emptiness as well but wasn't sure if that was of any significance.
The hologram for the sectors switched back to real-time as Mictian entered a command into the system to reveal a fair-sized storm system.

"This is bloody odd, there appears to be some kind of weather system there that is preventing our sensors from penetrating. That shouldn't be possible, the sensor suite on this ship is top of the line as far as I know, its graded to scan stuff clear on the otherside of the planet!" The trooper growled in frustration.

"Has anyone noticed anything else strange about this storm system?" Alicia asked from the rear of the bridge, though Jeme had no idea how she could see the holo clearly from back there.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Wed Sep 30, 2009 4:12 pm

Master Carlen Darko considered Alicia's question as he studied the storm in closer detail and tried to sift through his mind on what he knew about storms, which he decided quickly, wasn't all that much. He wasn't too sure about the supposed Captain De'Lories either, as far as he knew she wasn't directly within the operation's chain of command and was a bit weary on why she was assigned to accompany them on this operation in the first place.
Or maybe, he decided, he just didn't like it when people asked others questions that they themselves already knew the answer to, it just seemed like a waste of breath to him.

Jeme however seem to take her up on her question. "The storm has no eye?" He ventured.

Carlen realized the younger Nautolan Jedi was completely right, the storm had no visible eye. Now Carlen was no weatherman, but of what he knew about storms, he knew that they had a calm eye at the center surrounded by a circular wall of intense high speed winds.

"That also" Alicia acknowledged with a nod. "But I was going to point out that in the time Private Mictian initiated the surface scan, the storm has not moved position the slightest during the entire period of observation."

"I admit I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to weather systems, but how is this significant?" Commander Vly who had remained silent during the entire finally spoke up. Carlen knew that the commander usually liked to remain silent when his team was at work, allowing the members to fill in the silence with information which he could then use to make informed decisions, instead of dictating to his subordinates on how things should be.

"In very basic terms, an eye is a calm patch in the center of the storm where the pressure is the lowest, while there are certainly storms without visible eyes, such storms are usually small-scale in nature and on the lower-scale of power. This storm is clearly quite up there on the massive scale while having no visible low air pressure point. Also of note is that by its very nature, a storm system is constantly on the move, in fact some experts would argue that if you could theoretically freeze a storm upon a single spot, the very volatile forces involved would shred the already unstable center to bits and disperse the storm." The red-head explain matter of fact.

"So we have a giant impossible storm formation centered impossibly on a unmoving spot yet it shows no sign of instability." Jeme summarized for her.

"Which begs the question then what is causing this impossible storm?" Carlen asked the bridge in general, not really expecting an answer.

"I suspect whatever is the cause, we will find our missing ship right at the center of it, if you will excuse the pun." Vly half-joked and received a couple of chuckles, slightly lightening the foreboding mood.

"So we are attempting a rescue in a unknown snow-storm on a frost-locked snow covered ice-ball. You know, I've been on a couple Republic Search and Rescue Ops back when I was fresh out of basic and it was always to places like this, its either a ice-ball, a fire-ball, a sand-ball or just a dirt-ball. And usually with its native population of xenophobic psychopaths intent on killing everything." Tyren growled.
"How come people never crash on some watery tropical paradise planet where our biggest challenge is to save them from being ravaged by hordes of exotically beautiful wome... err." The Corporal abruptly stopped as he must have remembered who else was on the team. Carlen rubbed at his mustache in a attempt to hide his grin.

It was the other trooper who came to his rescue however.
"Regardless of the circumstances of the downed ship, the fact is Sir, we can't take this vessal down on planet, it isn't rated for unaided landings let alone in rough weather." He said to commander Vly. "We will likely have to take the armored assault shuttle in the ship's hanger." he suggested.

"I'm inclined to agree private. Very well." Vly turned to the silent pilot who Carlen had forgotten was in the bridge. "You and Pilot Shaasa will have the Con while we are on-planet, I trust you will take care of her. While the rest of you." He returned his attention to the rest of the bridge, "As you all know I am the Commander for this mission. We are following chain of command here by OUF rank. This means Captain De'Lories is second in command in case I go down. Everyone is aware of our mission here. Unfortunately we are not able to get a good recon of the area, so constantly be mindful of your surroundings. I will be the designated team medic and as we all know Corporal Vaal is our demolitions man. Captain De'Lories will be our scout if we need one. Order of movement is as follows; Carlen I would like you to take point with your cloaking ability with Dent and Millard; Jeme, Starken, and Sylor will watch our six. Captain De'Lories, Draygo, and Brawm will follow Carlen; then Corporal Vaal, Kent, and Edge; Myself, FLex, and then Private Mictian next. Private Mic is our heavy guns guy if we need suppressive fire. Channel one is for internal comms, channel two is for private comms and channel 9 is our medivac. We are to use everything at our disposal to accomplish our mission. Grab your kits, fetch whatever you have forgotten or think you might need to add to your equipment from storage and meet down in the hanger-bay in 10 minutes. Remember that there are people down there who's very lives depend on our vigilance, Let's get this show on the rails." and with that simple speech Commander Vly-Nor lead the team from the bridge, Carlen himself brought up the rear, just to make sure the two troopers didn't get lost on the way.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Tyren Vaal on Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:03 pm

Tyren grinned slightly under his visor as soon as there was no one in sight and he was at his locker, he had to admit this was a very odd circumstance and twist to the mission.
First he grabbed his heavy equipment out of his locker: Blaster rifle, tools and demolitions pack and also his weak secondary blaster just in case he was in need of a little extra defense and back up. Check. Next he would quickly head off to the hanger to grab his thermal shield and snow jacket from his speeder. But when he came to think about it, why did he need a snow jacket? His armor seemed to be warm and covered enough. Then again it was good to be prepared, knowing the stake of the mission he decided he'd grab it anyway.

"That's odd..." Tyren thought to himself very bemused as he stepped inside the big metal room, the whole hanger area was deserted."Ha, well I guess I was in a bit of a rush to get going." he answered to himself. Although he did like quiet moments just as much as having company, so he took a moment to admire and absorb all the ships and emptiness, it gave him a lot to think about. This was a common 'practice' for Tyren before missions, knowing he could die or anything could happen he felt he had to relax, think, and have time to himself. Snapping out of his state of trance hoping no one was watching him he then began fumbling in his Speeders equipment box for his thermal charger.

Once he'd finished charging his thermal shielding he waited inside the hangar bay by the shuttle for Vly-Nor and the others to come. He then remembered some of the words Vly-Nor had told him earlier, "Stay Vigilant," "never let your guard down." those words still seemed echoed in his mind. He was ready for anything now.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Mictian on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:12 pm

"Great... Ice... like everyone isn't cold enough already..." Mictian then took out a thermal energy filler from his backpack and attached it to his suit's energy shield generator. The thermal energy filler altered the energy particles to vibrate more rapidly, the magnitude of which was controllable through Mictian's helmet interface system. The filler heats the suit up, but at the expense of the shield's strength. The hotter it needs to be, the weaker the shield.

Mictian preferred this method of keeping warm compared to wearing thick garments which usually impaired his movements. However, Mictian is always prepared for anything and everything, so he made his way to the armored carrier first, checking that there were garments available just in case. After making sure that all preparations were ready, he stood outside the vehicle, rifle in hand, waiting.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

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