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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:44 pm

Alicia had a hunch or maybe a sense of unease as she made her way casually towards her quarters, there were far too many strange coincidences piling up with this operation for her comfort.
So she was heading to gather the few items she thought she might need as extra insurance against the disaster the would inevitably happen.

Keeping an eye on the chronometer in the corner of her field of vision. She figured she had plenty of time to get the items and make it to the shuttle. Provided that Lita's calculations were correct of course.

'Provided my calculations were correct? Provided? Do you have any idea what the odds are that they are wrong?' The AI asked indignantly.
'Really small?' Alicia hazarded.
'Impossible! And I didn't need to run an algorithm to come up with those odds. I've even factored in the chances that you would deliberately alter your pace just to throw off my predictions!' Lita declared.

Alicia considered it for a moment, but discarded the notion just as quickly, it wouldn't be acceptable to be late for this operation, not when there were theoretically people down there who needed help on a time sensitive basis.

'See?' Lita laughed in her head.
'So? There are plenty of times where I've done something you totally failed to predict!' She argued.
'Usually followed by me declaring your actions to be clinically stupid.' the AI reminded her.
'Hey! They've been working out for me so far.' Alicia defended those particular insane stunts.
'And that is even more worrying, that apparently we live in a universe where stupid works.'

Alicia arrived at her quarters and ducked inside. Quickly rifling through her equipment locker and deep storage for a few select items and throwing them into a second ready kit.
Shouldering the ready kit when she was done she exited the small room and electronically locked the room with a highly complex holographic passcode Lita randomly generated.

With a renewed sense of haste she made her way towards the turbolift that would take her straight to the hanger-deck.

'See?' Lita sniffed as the turbolift doors closed. 'Right on time.'

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Arashi Storm on Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:46 pm

Vly-Nor quickly grabbed his cold weather clothing and made his way to the ships storage room to grab a medic bag and some thermal gear. Vly-Nor loved the Caarimon climate and did not like colder climates at all. This was going to be frigid weather. He knew he had the force to help keep his body temperature stable, but he was hoping this mission would be over quickly. Vly-Nor threw the medic bag and thermal gear bag over his shoulder and rushed towards the hangar.

Stepping out of the turbolift he noticed some of the team had already arrived. Good, he thought, the team knows how to be on time. Vly picked a seat to drop his gear on and decided to do a quick inspection of the shuttle. Vly-Nor trusted the ships crew had made all the necessary preparations, but he wanted something to do while he waited for the others.
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Carlen Darko on Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:36 pm

Master Darko, with droid close behind, silently made his way to the hanger-deck. On his approach, he took a mental check of all that he had on him. Lightsaber...check. Transmitter...check. Parts bag...check. Carefree, crazy droid, Carlen looked back to see Tee Bee prodding a strange, lifeless bug carcass...check.

"You'll be freezing out there Tee Bee; maybe you should stay in the ship," he said to the curious droid. After a series of beeps, T3-B4, igniting his thermal core, became very warm to the touch.


As Carlen neared the bay, he finished checking himself over, lifted his hood, and began feeling the Force around him once more.
Carlen Darko

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Sat Oct 03, 2009 7:57 pm

Vly-Nor stood at the bottom of the shuttle's ramp and watched as the last member of the team up into the belly of the sleek armored beast. Through the cockpit armorplast he could see the two troopers fiddling with dials and buttons as they went through the preflight checks.

"Orders sir?" came at his shoulders and he turned to see the Captain of the escort wing standing at attention, behind the young captain stood three equally young looking pilots. For a second Vly felt old, he wondered if the newest recruits were getting younger as the galactic cold war wore on and the Republic had to lower their recruitment ages, or if it was he who felt old.

"It should be a fairly routine run captain, we'll leave two of you to guard the ship, while two of you will run point for the assault lander." Vly told him.

"Very good sir." The captain came to attention.

"Nothing fancy captain, the Falcons your piloting have better sensor suits then this old tub." He patted a ramp hydro of the Assault Shuttle. "The weather is pretty foul down there, so we'll need you on your toes and keep an eye out for us."

"Can do Sir." The captain saluted.

"Very well Captain, move out!" He returned the salute with a grave nod and turned to head up the ramp of the shuttle as the escort captain and his wingman raced for their experimental Falcon starfighters while the other two headed for a rec room.

As Vly reached the top of the ramp he palmed a panel and the opening started to close, beneath him he could hear the fusion power-plants of the shuttle start spooling up, emitting a faint and gentle rumble through his boots.

Checking to see that everyone had their gear all stowed and also that everyone was onboard, he picked a seat next to Alicia and folded his robes before sitting down. Keying his comm he spoke to Mictian who was piloting up in the cockpit.
"Alright Private, we are clear, follow the escort Falcon's out, they will be running point on the whole way in."

"Sure thing sir." He saw the private save over his shoulder through the open hatch between the hold and the cockpit and immediately he felt the shuttle lift from the hangerdeck.
Beside him he heard a creak of fabric. Looking at Alicia he saw her hands clenched white on the safety harness and a firmly locked jaw. Evidently she noticed the glance and spoke without turning, or even without moving her lips as far as he could tell.
"I really don't like starships."

Vly grinned slightly but left her alone.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:32 pm

Private Mictian rechecked all the shuttle's readouts and controls again for the up-tenth time even as he eased the armored carrier through the energy field at the center of the hangerbay floor and into cold vacuum.

He felt a bit nervous, not because anything was wrong, but it was his first official operation with the OUF and he really wanted to come off professional. Tyren in the co-pilot was the complete opposite as far as he could tell, the other trooper was lounging casually in the flight couch, occasionally glancing at an instrument or two.

Turning back to his console he located the two lead Falcon starfighters running point and eased the throttle forwards to propel the shuttle after them. As they took the short trip towards the target planet he studied the Falcons, they were something he was completely unfamiliar with. He'd seen a few starfighters of both republic and sith origin, but the Falcon didn't appear to be a variant of any he had seen before.

For one thing the starfighters were tiny, he'd taken a look at one point at the cockpit of the starfighters and there was barely room to squeeze in one pilot and an astrodriod, he knew the fighters were not hyper-capable, sacrificing the hyperdrive for an extra fusion powerplant. Why such a tiny fighter needed two fusion powerplants was beyond him, though he guessed it had something to do with the six pulse engines strapped to the back of the craft.
Another thing surprising thing about the Falcons that made no sense was when he asked a pilot what the fighters were packing.
Six Ion cannons in a hexal configuration, no auxiliary munitions and yet only one turbolaser in the nose-cone?

He heard the Falcons were experimental, but he didn't understand what the OUF techies were trying to experiment with, how to get killed faster? Not to mention that without a hyperdrive, the fighters themselves were not offensive capable, having confined ranges due to fuel limitations from the nearest base or capital ship.

The thing that puzzled him the most about the Falcons were the pilot's attitudes, if he was just handed a blaster rifle from that did ten things brilliantly except shoot, he'd be pretty annoyed at command.
Yet the pilots seemed eager, ecstatic even.

"We're coming up on the planet." Tyren spoke beside him, breaking him from his thoughts. The other trooper pointed at a small spherical object sitting in space that was rapidly growing in size.

"Target in visual sight." Came over the commnet from the lead Falcon. "Atmospheric entry in two minutes."

Mictian mashed a key. "Roger Falcon leader." He replied over the net.

There was silence in the cockpit for a few moments as they both watched the icy planet steadily grow in size. From the shuttle hold through the open hatch he could hear murmurs of conversations, but he couldn't pick out what the others were talking about. He just hoped that if it was something he needed to know, someone back there would clue him in on it.

Suddenly he realized, he could pick out the storm from the rest of the snowy surface, the thing was massive. A slowly swirling malevolent mass against the pristine backdrop. Here and there he thought he saw flashes through the cloud deck.
Laserfire? or maybe just lightning?

"Be advised, because of the rough weather situation, I suggest we enter far south out of storm's range and proceed to the deck then fly in underneath the main storm system." The Falcon captain, said over the comm as the planet finally grew to cover the entire cockpit viewport.

Mictian didn't know the captain that well, but he knew the guy was a veteran of countless conflicts, both in space and at the bottom of gravity wells, so if the captain 'asked' for them to do things a certain way, it was probably a good idea to do so.
"Message received, we'll follow your lead Falcon Leader." he replied.

Moisture and particles began to build up on the shuttles armorplast viewscreen as they started encountering vapor and air in the planet's atmosphere. Reaching up he flicked a switch and a faint blue energy shield covered the outside of the viewport, vaporizing the particles.

The rest of the trip down the gravity well of the planet was fairly uneventful. The ships twin stabilizers kept the ship from experiencing any re-entry turbulence and the ships particle shielding kept them from burning to a crisp from all the friction.

As the three ships pulled out of their descent at around about a hundred meters short of the ground he heard Tyren whistle. He turned to see the other trooper standing and peering out a side viewport at the terrain below.

"Man, there are a crap-load of those crystal trees down there alright, seems like the entire surface is dotted with them. Some of them look massive too!"

Taking a quick peek he saw that the trooper wasn't far off, the crystal structures seemed to cover the entire surface, as far as the eye could see, though he saw that they tended to stick to areas of lower elevation, hill tops and ridges looked to be made of normal boring snow and ice.

"Alright, we are now on deck." Falcon leader reported. "Reduce speed and drop to fifty meters, stick to the clear ridge lines, those trees look mighty sharp."

"Roger Falcon leader, Reducing speed and dropping to five-oh meters." Mictian eased the throttle back and the control forwards.

"We should be entering the outer storm system any moment now." That was a pretty redundant advice, Mictian thought. The sky was already darkening as the clouds became denser above their heads. "As we enter the inner storm systems, the cloud formations will touch ground and you will lose visibility rapidly, rely on your navigational instruments, you'll be effectively flying blind. We'll map out a route in front of you, just stick to where we go and you will be fine." The Captain continued, though there was a fair bit of static building up in the background of the transmission.

"Roge-" Mictian started but was cut off abruptly when several instrument read outs went crazy and the viewport shield glitched out, almost immediately snow and water began to obscure his field of vision.

"What the hell was that?" Tyren exclaimed as he tapped a couple of keys on a sensor station.

"We just passed through into some type of energy field."
Captain De'Lories cut in on their comm channel, although her signal was heavily laced with static. "Sensors are showing massive increases in some type of unknown radiation, it doesn't appear to be harmful at current levels, but it is building rapidly. Advise you draw power to external shields."

Mictian didn't need to be told however, he was already modifying the shield strengths, for a moment some of his systems recovered, but just as quickly other systems began glitching.
"What the hell is going on?" he exclaimed to nobody in particular.

Ahead of him the Falcon leader's starfighter abruptly lost a fair amount of altitude before recovering. Mictian could see the power of a couple of engine flickering in and out.

Static burst into his helmet causing Mictian to wince. A heavily broken up transmission from Falcon leader followed immediately after the burst.
"... unkn... fiel... massive syst... ailures..." Almost as if on cue one of the subsystems controlling the engines to the assault shuttle died, causing a substantial loss in power, beside him Tyren worked quickly to rerouted it to auxiliary systems as Mictian fought to stabilize the heavy craft.

"Falcon wing." Commander Vly's calm voiced joined the channel. "You are ordered to pull out immediately, return to base, Mictian get us down on the-"

The commander was cut off suddenly as the one of the second Falcon starfighter's engines erupted in hot plasma, the explosion tossed the tiny craft out of the sky into a chaotic tumble, before the pilot could recover, it slammed sideways into a giant crystal tower and exploded into a thousand pieces of flaming airborne debris.

Tyren yelled out a warning.

One of the pieces clipped the shuttle's degraded shields and slammed into its right wing.

Mictian swore as one of the two stabilizers went out causing the shuttle to buck violently and list to one side. Fighting the craft he aimed the shuttle for a relatively clear patch of hilltop. He saw Falcon lead's starfighter pull straight into a vertical clawing burn for space on two out of six of his remaining engines that worked. The starfighter vanished quickly into the heavy storm clouds and Mictian sent a thought his way, hoping that the Captain made it.

"Alright, I've no idea what the flaming Jawas is going on, but we have multiple systems failed. This bird ain't no glider and we are coming in hot. Everyone to brace positions, you'd better pray that the ground is fluffy soft snow because this is not going to be a soft landing!"

As he yanked back on the stick and punched the throttle to the max. The engine howled in agonized torture as he tried to even out of their uncontrolled dive towards the ground.
Barely clearing a line of crystal towers he flew the shuttle over the clear hilltop, just as the shuttle's powerplant went dead and he lost all control as the console faded out.
"Brace!" He screamed out loud and over the comm. Quickly releasing the dead controls, he grabbed his safety harness and braced himself.

Then the shuttle slammed into the ground.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Sun Oct 04, 2009 3:33 pm

Chapter II

The OUF Rescue team has crashed on a icy snowbound planet in an attempt to rescue another downed OUF courier ship. As the disorientated team attempt to salvage what they can from the disastrous start.

Little do they realize, the Sith empire is close on their heels. Bounty hunters hired by the Dark Sith Lord Sinite have located the whereabouts of the downed courier ship and are amassing their forces in preparation for a raid as the Rescue team pull themselves from the wreckage of their crashed shuttle...


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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Tyren Vaal on Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:04 pm

Everything was silent. It may have been minutes, hours, even days that Tyren lay unconscious in the wreckage of the shuttle. His whole body was in ebbing pain. Was Private Mictian still lying next to him? Using the strength he had he pulled himself out of the shredded burning cockpit (if you could even call it that anymore,) and scrambled to his feet. First he took a look at the surroundings and could see that flames were burning slowly around him, large parts of debris also seemed to be scattered around the thick foggy snow field. The weather was thick, foggy, cold and also very windy. The other bigger parts of the shuttle were at least 50-60 metres spread apart, he had to admit he was fairly surprised to even still be alive. Taking note of his surroundings he then began dabbing a cut up part of his armor and knee with a Medpac, he had to find Vly-Nor and the others. If they were still alive that was.

Before he could start searching for the others he then began seeing one or two colliding figures emerging from the dark snowy surroundings far ahead of him, then a few seconds later a third one followed behind them. It was far too dark to see, even for Tyren's specially made Visor so without anymore hesitation Tyren crouched and hid behind a large jagged piece of the ship that was lodged into the snow then started sliding his gun from his back.
Waiting....Waiting...Waiting. He heard their soft footsteps in the snow, was it the others? Should he fire at them? He waited for a couple more seconds then realized that they hadn't been moving for awhile. They were waiting for him.

Tyren bit his lip then dashed out of his his spot, he faced his gun at the three mysterious figures and said intimidatingly "Identify yourself now."
To his surprise he saw that they were three armed droids. What were they doing on a planet like this? They were all alike, with a scratchy silver or bronze color, a thin flexible chassis, identical blaster rifles and a menacing cold look. All at the same time they then aimed their weapons at him and the one closest to him then began talking "Ah, the one who hired us told us a Republic rescue team would most likely arrive in a matter of days. I see you are not all completely dead, me and my comrades are here to permanently fix that." the way he said 'Republic' was very hard and bitter.
"Couldn't have said it better myself!" One of the others remarked chiming with laughter. They were all well suited with their weapons in hand, any normal soldier would quake in their feet.
"Great, next time I think I'll go with a shoot first ask questions later approach." Tyren Vaal replied annoyingly, adding on to this by attempting to stand in a relaxed reassuring position. All three droids were strikingly angry at this, Tyren Vaal had to act fast now.
They began to move closer, like tigers, or panther's, kind of like Tiger-Panthers maybe, Tiger-Panther droids with guns, Tyren then stopped as he was trailing off into too much thought.
"If you're going to kill me you might as well tell me more about your mission."
"We are an advanced scouting group, there are more of us too, we have signaled them to your location and they will be here in a matter of minutes. Of course I would signal our contractor if it were not for this damned interference. I will not tell you anything more." A droid responded short and quick.

Before one of the droids could fire Tyren had already managed to edge himself back in time to roll and hide behind some of the burning wreckage as they began firing heavily at him, he needed help and fast, he started firing back at them with his heavy rifle, their shots slammed and hammered hard into the ground by his legs at a very fast pace, one of his blaster bolts then smashed into one of the unsuspecting droids, it smashed his shoulder plating off. Good. They were moving forward to him making it harder to spray anymore shots, the third droid tossed a grenade next to him, the explosion hammered into Tyren's ears and through his suit, luckily there was a lot of space, meaning they weren't exactly sure where he'd be crouching. With quick thinking Tyren whipped one of his smaller small-range thermal detonators out and managed to roll it into a soft patch of snow right by them. This one had a special trigger which Tyren held in his cold hands.
"Come out little Republic scum, we were made for killing meatbags like you." another of them said mockingly. We'll see about that Tyren though grinning to himself.
"You may have me outnumbered and outgunned, but if I'm going down, I'm taking all you with me. This thermal detonator will blow us all to bits!"
They seemed confused from this unexpected statement.
In an attempt to survive Tyren sprawled off his feet and ran without looking back, several blaster shots rained near his feet whilst he sprinted away, one narrowly missing his head, pulling the trigger a huge explosion followed, a bellowing impact pushing him to the ground. They were most likely destroyed. Just in case he began firing at the smokiness by the debris.
And they were gone from sight....three highly-trained well equipped assassin droids destroyed. Or were they?

Once again he then heard even more footsteps, the explosion and crash landing from before seemed to have rattled his sensors and weakened him.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Arashi Storm on Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:49 am

Vly-Nor lay unconscious inside the crew compartment of the downed shuttle. Suddenly a large explosion rocked the area and brought Vly back to the living. His head was pounding from the crash landing. He slowly regained his thoughts and began to quickly unstrap himself from his seat. Others were slowly coming around as well. Vly-Nor reached out through the force to see if everyone had survived. Amazingly, no one had died. Vly grabbed the medic bag and scanned his comrades for injuries. Jeme was unstrapping himself from his seat and looked to be in fairly good shape. Then Vly noticed some blood running down Carlens forehead. He made is way to Carlen and did a quick scan of his body looking for any other injuries. Vly looked over to Jeme and said "Help me get Carlen out of his seat and on to the floor." Jeme nodded and the two carefully unsecured Carlen and laid him on the ground.

Vly-Nor told Jeme
"He seems to be okay except for the blow to the head. Check to see if Alicia is okay please." Vly began applying a dressing to Carlen's wound and then called over their internal com's "Corporal Tyren or Private Mictian do you copy?" As Vly waited for a response he began using the force to help Carlens wound heal faster.
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:27 am

A diagram appeared in her noumenon, it built into a skeleton as lines of codes flew past beside it, the diagram then covered over in muscles and vessels before being shelved in flesh.
The scrolling code stopped and a few indicators appeared over various parts of the body on the diagram.

'Minimal damage, minor bruising and lacerations, zero internal damage, initiating recovery sequence'
a voice stated.

Alicia slammed into consciousness and upright. She was sitting waist deep in snow, the cold wet stuff dripped from her hair and onto her shoulders. Nearby was the severed cargo compartment of their shuttle, with a large hole torn and gaping in the side.

She remembered vaguely of been thrown clear out the shuttle's hold through the hole in the crash.

Throwing her hands up in there air she whooped, fell backwards and started making a snow angel while laughing.

'I detected no concussions.' Lita said cautiously 'Have you finally lost it and gone crazy? Well... more crazy?'

'That was FUN!' Alicia laughed. 'I would suggest we do it again sometime, but we don't exactly have another shuttle to crash.'

Out of the wind-tossed mess flew a blaster bolt that slammed into the ground between her parted legs.
Laughter abruptly dead she back-flipped to a crouch with twin blasters in hand a cocked an ear, senses hyper-alert and probing the snow flurry.

An explosion shattered the howling silence.

'Small yield thermal detonator.' the AI catalogued. '48m 132'degrees. North-northwest.'

Alicia took off sprinting, leaping pieces of smaller debris and wreckage. As she neared the location of the blast she skidded to a stop behind the cover of a piece of the shuttles left stabilizer.

She took a quick peek and saw through the haze, two badly damaged and burnt combat droids.

"Arrogant statement. Did you really think a pitiful explosion would halt unstoppable killing machines like us?" One of them blasted over the sound of the wind to someone further away laying prone in the snow.
"Pained addition." The other more badly damaged droid added with less volume. "Though it was definitely most painful, we shall enjoy dismembering you meatbag." and fired a volley of shots towards the prone figured.

The figured rolled out of the way and got into a crouch behind another piece of wreckage. Alicia suddenly saw that it was one of the two troopers who was under fire.

She kicked her combat Pharmicope up a notch and adrenaline flowed into her blood stream, further enhancing her reflexes and accuracy. Setting her blasters on rapid fire she threw herself out from cover.

One of the combat droids must have spotted the movement because it spun with inhuman speed and snapped off a shot at her.

She tilted her head to one side as the scorching bolt sailed past where her face had been.

Her return fire didn't miss. Four shots fired from her left pistol in under quarter of a second blew the droid's chassis apart and five shots from her right removed its head in a shower of burning parts.

The other droid reacted quickly and took cover behind a piece of wreckage before retreating into the murky snow blasting winds, while under cover the whole time from Alicia, she had no clear shot.

Cautiously Alicia waited for a whole ten seconds before starting carefully towards the trooper's location, mindful for any signs of an ambush by the remaining escaped droid.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Tyren Vaal on Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:27 am

"I could have handled them myself." Tyren said weakly getting up as the woman approached. He stood up and nodded as if to say 'thanks'.
He then remembered reading some OUF Files on her, Alicia De'lories. The files didn't seem to tell much, something about a few misconducts or small incidents?
He'd also heard strange stories about her in the OUF Cantina, most of them were said by washed up Rodians that had drank too much Juma Juice however.

His thoughts were instantly interrupted when the woman began laughing strangely at him, "I'll remember that the next time you're hiding behind a thin piece of metal and two assassin droids are out to kill you." She said with veiled sarcasm. Tyren snapped himself back when she said this. Before he could make a reply he then picked up a message from Vly-Nor at least quite a few metres away, it was slightly scratchy and hard to hear due to interference and very windy weather but still easy to pick up:
"Corporal Tyren or Private Mictian do you copy?
"Loud and clear sir. Captain Alicia De'Lories is also with me, I had a slight delay as well in finding Private Mictian, I was attacked by three assassins droids, one managed to escape and is close by so be on the look out. Over."
He gave Vly-Nor his position then went off to look for Private Mictian in all of the wreckage and debris awaiting another response from the Jedi.
Tyren Vaal

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Mictian on Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:34 pm

"Cold... why was it so cold... Pain... what happened... ugh... we crashed... how... why was it so cold..."

Mictian opened his eyes, yet all he saw was white, and his entire body was numb.

"Am I in heaven..."

"Correction. You are face down in snow. Query. Are you a trooper from the republic."

"Oh crap... just what I need..." Slowly, Mictian turned his body, his back now facing the ground, the barrel of a blaster his only greeting.

"Relax. I'm an undercover spy. I work for the Sith. We're on the same side. Just gimme a minute will you," replied Mictian, remembering that the planet was supposed to be uninhabited, as well as the fact that the republic doesn't use assassin droids. They had commandos for that.

Using all his strength just to stand up, obviously not bothered with the droid. He then remembered that he switched his energy output to his suit's shield, so that it would absorb most of the impact when they crashed. He then began to casually switch his enegy output back to the thermal generators, returning much needed warmth to his body, releasing his muscles and joints from the icy grip of the cold snow. "Oh yea.... that feels good..."

"Statement. Stop what you're doing, I require identification."

"Oh, sure. It's on my right bracer, come here and scan it."

When the droid reached out to scan Mictian's bracer, he quickly stepped forward, placing his hip next to the blaster so that he would not get shot at. In one fluid motion, he extended the vibroblade in his left knuckle plate and sliced off the droid's head, while his right hand withdrew his side-arm. He then pumped the droid full of laser and jumped back as the body exploded.

Sitting there in snow, Mictian tried his communicator, "This is Private Mictian, can anyone read me? -static- This is Mictian, can anyone read me? Tyren? Anyone? -static-" From the lack of debris around him, Mictian deduced that he had been thrown out of the cockpit, separated from his team. When he turned on his night vision, it dawned on him that he was standing on a sloped surface, with crystal-like trees surrounding him.

"Well then, I crashed the ship on top of a slope, and right now I seem to be at the bottom of a slope. Figures."

Mictian was satisfied with the condition of his suit, after checking his helmet's Heads Up Display, with only a few scratches here and there. He then retracted his vibroblade and holstered his side-arm. Picking up the droid's head in one hand, and it's blaster in the other, Mictian began to walk up the gentle slope.

"This head should be of use, if I find our team then maybe we could get information out of it. I miss my blaster... I hope it's still there next to my seat... I hope my seat is still there..."

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Tyren Vaal on Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:21 pm

Tyren quickly grabbed his communication comm as soon as he heard Mictian "Private Mictian," -long line of static-"I am heading to your position right now, hold still." Tyren said clearly through the Comm.

He looked back to see where Alicia was, no where in sight. Where did she walk off to? Probably to Vly-Nor. It didn't matter though, it was only going to be a quick search for Mictian.
Finally around the radius of the wreckage he took notice of him somewhere close by the broken cockpit, quickly he ran towards him, Mictian was quite busy looking around at all of his surroundings.
"Are you hurt Private?" Tyren immediately asked him.
"I am fine, just a few cuts and bruises, and a numb body right now. I need to get my blaster too. How are the others?" The Private replied. Tyren took notice of another assassin droids head in his hand, it was identical but not the same to the other three, this meant more were likely to be scouting the area, this made Tyren feel queasy. He didn't feel the need to explain anything just yet however.
"I'm not entirely sure, so far all I know is that Vly-Nor and the Captain Alicia'Delories are in good condition. We don't have time to talk just yet, we need to get to the others first, on the way we might as well quickly check for your blaster too." Tyren told him.

They trudged their way across the deep snow and awaited another response from Vly-Nor.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Arashi Storm on Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:16 am

Jeme found Alicia's seat was empty but saw foot prints leading away in the snow. He asked Vly "Alicia is not here and it appears she was attacked. Shall I pursue?"Vly-Nor responded "No. We need everyone to regroup here right away." With that Vly said over the internal comms "All personnel prepare to copy. I am currently located at grid 2458, 3050. This is our rally point and I want everyone to rally here immediately. Takk out, how copy." Vly turned to Jeme and said, "I need you to get a good count as everyone shows up so we'll know if we need to search for anyone."

Vly-Nor then waited for everyone to check in.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Tyren Vaal on Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:51 am

The next moment the noise in Tyren and Mictians comm came to life again, Mictian took the reply this time "I copy, Tyren Vaal is with me too."

Mictian Vorenus quickly retrieved his blaster from his seat, it seemed slightly scratched, but what really puzzled him was what his seat was doing way out here in the snow, sans the surrounding cockpit and how he wound up at the bottom of the hill.
"Might want to hurry the hell up will you?" Tyren told him slightly impatient.
He nodded briefly and they trudged all the way to the other side of the snow field to see the bunker part of the ship submersed in the snow in a sprawled wreckage.

Jeme took note of the two troopers as they stepped in and ticked them off Vly's 'list'.
Vly then began to shuffle his medical supplies bag and checking the two troopers for injures.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:30 am

Alicia crouched atop the shattered hold of the broken shuttle, staring into the blasting frigid snow flurries.

she slowly scanned the depths of the winds, her modified optical nerve picking up partial bands of UV, she could have tried Infrared, but in this frozen terrain with its howling winds, any heat was being sucked up by the gusts and any normal colored was bleached away by the snow.

Instead she gazed about the debris strewn landscape viewing in UltraViolet. UV behaved differently to normal light, she had once tried to describe to a acquaintance what it was like to see in a spectrum not of normal vision. She fail miserably, there was no way to describe the oddity, she wasn't seeing a new color, exactly.

UV behaved differently from light, for one thing it reflected from metal with extra flare, while being absorbed and altered by organic material. Seeing a flower in UV was enough to mesmerism one with its brilliance.

At the moment she was seeing something in UV through the snow that amused and puzzled her to no end. Part way down the hill towards the two climbing troopers was a seat.

To be more accurate, a Pilot's seat. What was puzzling her about it? Well, just that, it was a pilot seat, sitting upright in the middle of the snow, completely untouched, missing the cockpit surrounding it.

'Ah... Lita?' she queried with amusement.

'Don't ask me, my calculations show such an event to be impossible.' the AI complained. 'Clearly you suffered head trauma and are having hallucinations.'

Alicia laughed but was interrupted by a transmission over the wire.

"All personnel prepare to copy. I am currently located at grid 2458, 3050. This is our rally point and I want everyone to rally here immediately. Takk out, how copy." The Commander spoke over the net.

Down the hill the troopers reached the lonesome seat and one of them walked around it, finally taking something attached to its side.

Triggering her comms with a thought she transmitted. "Copy, Here."

'That's helpful.' Lita added, Alicia rolled her eyes and stomped on the battle steel beneath her twice with resounding clunks to let them know 'here' was 'up here'

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Jeme'Maer on Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:42 am

Jeme, hearing Alicia's confirmation, puts in the final checks on his datapad.

"That, Vly-Nor, leaves us with only....four whom have not checked in at this time. If they have not responded to the message that was sent out they are either out of range or-"

Jeme gave a short pause, hearing a faint whisper among the howling wind, feelings of desperation, fear, and despair. Remembering a favoured poem of his, Jeme begins to recant.

"Do you hear the whisper in the wind little Nerf? Listen, and it shall show you to a dying soul..one fearful and broken by the weight of his mission upon which none shall know. "

Suddenly, appearing through the blanket of snow and ice approached a trooper. Rushing to catch the trooper, he realizes it is Private Starken, one of the four missing troopers. His armor was shattered with blaster burns pocketing the surface. His helmet was gone, possibly lost in the battle, showing eyes that have seen what none should. the trooper attempts to speak, but utter horror grips stops him from uttering any word but those of nonsense. Then, slowly processing what had happened.


Attempting to calm the soldier, Jeme begins sending soothing thoughts toward Private Starken, effectively calming him. Taking a few large breaths, the fatigued soldier, fear in his eyes, begins again.

"We...what was left of our group. attempted to rally with any other survivors after the crash, but could not sense any immediate contact from anyone else besides me and me squad mates...we assumed the worst had happened...that everyone was dead!"

"calm yourself, you can speak more of your hardship when we return to the rendezvous, then everyone can listen."

soon after, Jeme had finally gotten Private Starken back to the rendezvous point, Vly-Nor already at the scene with med-kit in hand....

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Fri Oct 09, 2009 9:09 pm

Alicia was still crouched atop the shattered hold of the broken shuttle, below her she could pickup muffled sound of activty and murmured conversations as the team regrouped.

She crouched there mesmerized by the scene before her. They had finished their scan of visible space via UV spectrum in an effort to spot the missing assassin droid, but evidently the droid had decided the odds weren't in its favor and retired from the field, she had a feeling that wasn't a good thing however.

So she had Lita switch her optics overlay to energy fields, not something her modified eyes could pickup, but rather information gathered by embedded sensors in her suit, the information is then interpreted by her brain as colors, hues and textures.

What she was staring at was the storm, at least, the direction towards the center. She crouched there completely entranced by the sight.

The thing was what she'd imagine if someone where to somehow turn an aurora hyped up on stimulants into a giant storm-like inferno. Colors and hues of every description she could envision flowed, blazed, bled, merged and flared together then apart.

'Wow, that's pretty' Lita said somberly. Alicia was in complete agreement.

Towards where she thought the center of the storm was a gigantic dome of impenetrable cauldron of boiling energy, far away in the distance. She guesstimated that it was at least a couple of hundred klicks. They had a long few hours trek through this mess if the rescue op was still a go.

Turning her attention to another problem she asked the AI.

'So, any conclusions as to what caused the crash. Obviously it wasn't mechanical or pilot error. It wasn't only us that were effected by whatever brought us down.' She mused.

'I'm not sure about the other vessel, I didn't manage to get a data dump off its black-boxes before it went offline. But recordings from our shuttle show a massive cascading system failure across the board and eventually the failure of the containment field for the fusion power-plant, evidently the fail-safes kicked in, otherwise we'd all be hot plasma at the moment.'

'Any speculations as to what caused the cascade? This unknown energy field?'

'Its definitely likely, the particle shielding on the shuttle view-ports failed almost immediately upon passing the event horizon of the unknown energy field'

'Event horizon?' Alicia felt uneasy at the direction this was headed. Evidently the AI could see where she was going with the line of thought.

'The field is definitely contained within a rough dome shaped sphere, just within the weather system. Rough calculations show that it is 91% that this field is artificial in nature'

'Any signs that show this energy field is harmful to lifeforms? How are the radiation shielding holding up?' Alicia manually checked the tiny readout on her rad shield projector mounted on her right arm. The telltales looked fine.

'So far the unknown field has shown no detrimental effects in human physiology, I'm showing normal readings across your biometrics, there are a couple of spikes, but that is normal considering the circumstances.'

'So this thing only effects what? Sensitive flight instruments?'

'Well...' The AI cautioned. 'I'd wager that the field is somehow disruptive to any unshielded systems that operates by some form of electronics discipline, but I've no desire to test the hypothesis. Currently all systems are shielded at maximum charge and I don't want to risk something just to test out our theory.'

'So shielded systems are fine? Alicia asked.

'Well, shielded and cruder systems which aren't effected by a little disruption.' Lita replied with a little bit of haughtiness. 'I am however, detecting a small drain in shield strength and grade.' she cautioned.

'Keep an eye on that, I have a bad feeling about this.' Alicia looked around at the windswept hilltop.

'Usually your feelings are unreliable instruments, but this time. I'm afraid I'm inclined to agree.'

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Arashi Storm on Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:09 am

All members of the OUF squad that survived the crash were now at the rally point. The fifteen member squad was down to twelve. Vly-Nor had finished giving aid to those that needed it. It was time to either get on with the mission or figure a way off the planet.

Vly-Nor spoke to the squad "It has been a rough start to our mission. Sadly we have lost three good men. It's time for us to move on. Captain De'lories has informed me that she believes our target is 200 kilometers north of our current position. Our team lay out is now Carlen, Dent, and Millard at point; followed by Alicia, Draygo, and Braum; then myself, Tyren, and Mictian; with Jeme, Starken, and Sylor bringing up the rear. If we get separated this will be our rally point for now. Everyone has ten minutes till we continue mission. Are there any questions?"
Arashi Storm

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Kevlar on Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:43 am

when it didn't look like anyone had any questions to ask, Alicia spoke up.

"It seems like there is some sort of phenomenon occurring within the storm systems, some of you may have noticed already that certain electronic systems are not functioning. I would suggest from this point on that you do not switch off any shielded systems, not unless you don't mind not being able to switch them back on." One corner of her mouth twitched in amusement at the thought.

"Every make sure to stay close to each other, as we progress deeper within the storm, I wouldn't be surprised if visibility drops dramatically and since we have no eye in the sky, it would be pretty hard to find anyone who gets lost. So don't get lost." She finished and glanced at Vly-Nor.

The Commander gave her a nod and turned back to the unit.
"Alright, grab what equipment you can find and recover, we move out in 10."

The group broke up into action.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Mictian on Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:54 am

Everyone scattered and some began looking around for supplies, while others started checking what they already had. He could sense their feelings, although he never knew how, the desperation, fear, suspicion. He has seen it time and time again, whenever a mission was failing, when all hope was lost, when people were given nothing yet forced to achieve everything. The Jedi along with the red-head female hid their feelings well, but Mictian knew, everyone had a breaking point. Nevertheless, he knew that success of the mission took priority. Always.

He sat there, among the stones of the cave, rifle on shoulder, and decided to take a nap, dreaming of what could've been, and what could be.

"Mictian, get up! Now isn't the time to be asleep!" the sound of Tyren's voice ringing in his ears.

When Mictian got up, he saw that they were already in file, rows of threes facing out towards the swirling menace of the unknown. The Jedi and Alicia took the center, in the predetermined order, troopers at their sides. Everyone was ready, and although he took his position next to Vly-Nor, he was unable to hear what he shouted, it was all a blur.

Slowly, they all started to leave, heading for an undetermined source with an estimated bearing, pumped and adrenaline filled soldiers taking cautious steps to face a mysterious foe.

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Re: OUF Ship Down

Post  Jeme'Maer on Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:45 am

Seeing as the rest of the search group was beginning to leave, Jeme could barely resist the urge to push the still traumatized Starken off the cliff nearby. Sending Sylor to scavenge for spare ammunition, Jeme approaches private Starken.

“Pvt...I understand what you went through, but this is no time to stay in one place. Grab whatever you need and move into position, there is nothing more you can do if you continue to be this wa-

Turning his head upward, Pvt. Starken suddenly lashes out , himself on the brink of insanity.

“How do you...a..a squid-head! Know if I could have done differently? I could have saved my commander, I could have saved my brother...but no. NO! I ran...I ran to save my skin, only to find you Jedi and those others...alive and well, nothing but a care in the world! You saw nothing of what I saw...the blood, the crushing of bones, the constant cry...the bloodcurdling cry of those beasts..those..thos-"

Decided that he had had enough, Jeme quickly struck Pvt. Starken across the face, effectively silencing the man. Letting some time go by, Jeme soon addresses Starken in a calm, yet commanding tone.

"Fool! I have no doubt that what you went through was traumatizing beyond what your mind can comprehend, but what true soldier of the OUF cowers like a womp rat, to scared to go into his hole?, Get up, take this helmet, and get yourself together....Now, I will ask you once more...move into position with Sylor...You either stay with us, or we leave you in the biting cold with whatever excuse of a creature that calls this rock home."

Sobering up instantly, Pvt. Starken slowly takes a deep breath, letting his training take effect of the trauma, and continues to stand up, grabbing the helmet from Jeme.

“Thank you....sir. I needed that.”

Making their way out of the makeshift shelter, Jeme could not help but ask

“Pvt. Starken, if I may ask, what beast would have sheer power to fully take down two OUF soldiers and wound the third?”

Stopping right at the entrance of the shelter, Starken takes off his helmet, sets it in his arm, no longer afraid, and answers..."Gundarks".

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Re: OUF Ship Down

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