Translated German Interview with James Ohlen

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Translated German Interview with James Ohlen

Post  Arashi Storm on Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:37 pm

This was a pretty decent interview. Also a couple new screenshots.

PCGames: You revealed the last three classes in a short time frame, we didnt expect that. Why did you do that?
James Ohlen: Because we're crazy (lol). Its just a part of the plan that we want our players to know which choice they have when the game is out. [names all availible classes]

PCGames: Whats the main difference between jedi-knight and jedi-consular / sith-warrior and sith-inquisitor?
James Ohlen: The jedi knight is a warrior, whose abilities are all based on lightsaber melee combat. The consular on the other hand is a supporter. He stands in the background and tries to deal damage from there or to crowd control enemies. As an example, he can lift them up into the air to smash them on the ground afterwards or just to throw them around.

PCGames: So you are bound with your class choice to one specific gameplay style? Or are there ways to play your class differently?
James Ohlen: All classes in SW:TOR can move into another direction from one point in the game. So you can chose between two different ways: One of these ways as a consular is to heal. If you want to play an old-fashioned healer class, the consular is your choice. Of course you don’t have to go that way, but as an consular you have the option to do that.

PCGames: Is it possible that you can chose more than these two ways?
James Ohlen: No. We decided for two different ways per class. Every class has to make this choice.

PCGames: How can you decide for one on of the two ways? Like in WoW via talentpoints interface?
James Ohlen: I can’t comment on that right now. But you have to make this decision on one specific point in the story and afterwards there are more options you can chose.

PCGames: Will this influence the story?
James Ohlen: Not really, maybe just a little bit. Obviously it makes a big difference in combat and gameplay style.

PCGames: As we saw in the demo the Sith-Inquisitor had a companion. Will there be companions for jedis too?
James Ohlen: We call them companion-characters. The player can chose from a variety of campanions, but only pick one. By the way: Every class can do that, not just the sith-inquisitor.

PCGames: Every class will have companions?
James Ohlen: Yes, and you can do anything with them.

PCGames: Really? Ok, thats typical for a Bioware Game.
James Ohlen: (lol) But its Star Wars, so there wont be any sex scenes like in Mass Effect.

PCGames: Does your companion levelup at the same time as your character?
James Ohlen: Yes, he will also levelup. In addition, you can do cool stuff with him. You may equip him with different equipment for an example. There are no companion specific quest lines but he will gain new abilities and grow stronger as he gains higher levels.

PCGames: Can I decide which abilities he will learn and spent his talent points for him?
James Ohlen: No. As we created the companion system we thought about two different ways to dot that. The first one was the complete control over all abilities, talents etc through the player. But its not like you own your companion. Hes more like a friend who follows the player character on his adventures. But as the story of TOR develops, you can manipulate your character. If he is an easy to manipulate kind of person, he may join the dark side depending on your decisions. Ofc you can do the same thing on the republic side.

PCGames: Just about every star wars fan has read the official web comics about star wars tor. Many things, which you showed in these comics, were presented as a game-feature after that. On of these comics features was a droid companion for one of the jedi. Will there be droid companions?
James Ohlen: Yes, we have this droid in the game. But i wont tell you which class will have him (lol). The trailer, that we already published, shows a character who points for maybe 1-2 seconds at his droid. So take another close look at this trailer (lol)

PCGames: Isnt it hard to balance this game, so the Force User Classes arent more powerful than the rest?
James Ohlen: That was one of our first concerns as we developed the different classes. Half of our classes are based on the force. But in the movies we have also strong non-force character, as jango fett. And on the other side little jedi boys like luke skywalker, who in the beginning seems more lucky than skilled. In addition the bounty hunter has a variety of technical gadgets, which helps in combat. They can manage it to hold the jedi on distance and then fight him.

PCGames: Ok, bounty hunter like boba fett are one thing, but what about common smugglers?
James Ohlen: Smugglers and Troopers depend on their traps and the ability to ambush their enemies. So a smuggler could never win in melee combat against a jedi if he doesnt use his additionals abilities. The imperial agent for an example uses his sniper rifle as he is hiding and taking cover.

PCGames: Has George Lucas ever played this game?
James Ohlen: Yes, of course! Whenever we're getting feedback from Lucas Arts, Georges opinion is represented too. We went to the Skywalker Ranch once and presented him our project. The ultimative highlight was his archive where he keeps countless stuff from the old movies.

James Ohlen: Creative Director

First Impression Box: "SWTOR is the first MMO that feels like a singleplayer RPG in some parts of the game ... it feels more like Star Wars than SWG did. The comic style graphics are beautiful when you see it in motion and wont get old after one year like in SWG or Everquest 2..." Rest of the text is very positive, they pretty much loved the game.

Mounts (i think they quoted an older interview here): "James Ohlen: All I say is Star Wars wouldnt be Star Wars if we would force you to walk the entire game"

Planets: "Coruscant is the 'capital city' for the republic. Ohlen: "There will be a capital city for the empire as well. " Many more planets to come. PCG: Alderaan would be a good guess"

Crafting: "Creative Director Ohlen said, that we could already craft something in KoTor and we could expect something like that in SWToR"
Arashi Storm

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Re: Translated German Interview with James Ohlen

Post  Arashi Storm on Tue Nov 24, 2009 7:45 pm

So it looks like each class can spec itself two ways. I guess this is why I didn't want to see four force classes. Players are not able to have as many decisions when choosing their abilities. I hate being negative about the game, and I do think the game will still be a great game. I just feel this will have a negative impact on the game. I liked how they did it in KOTOR II when you made it to a certain level you then chose to concentrate in one area. You choose to concentrate on melee, balanced, or force powers. That was a great system. I thought the new screenshots were nice!

Looks like we will get two new classes this week! That will be a first if it happens. I'm liking the speed of the updates now.
Arashi Storm

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Re: Translated German Interview with James Ohlen

Post  Tyren Vaal on Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:11 pm

This is probably what they meant when they said they were trying to change the way the Trinity System in MMO's work a little, maybe some of these "after you choose your spec" choices will give a little more free choices to your characters abilities Arashi.
Tyren Vaal

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Re: Translated German Interview with James Ohlen

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