Battle Royale Final Round - Mictian Vorenus

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Battle Royale Final Round - Mictian Vorenus

Post  Carlen Darko on Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:02 am

Sounds of hurried footsteps across the barren land defied the stillness of the night. All four of them rammed into the rocky surface, just before a small and unnoticeable red light turned on above them. They were only promised five seconds to cross the field while the motion detector with a mile long radius was jammed. No one would've thought it possible to cover that distance in the given time with full combat gear, but these were men who accomplish the impossible on a daily basis. Neither knew the other, for they were all leaders in their own right, put together specifically for the mission. They were simply known as the 'S' squad, each given his own number from one to four. Heavy breaths were stifled through helmets, and for one, panting was a luxury he couldn't afford. Hand gestures were all that were needed for communication, resulting in the opening of a vent's metallic casing. All four went into the vent, greeted by darkness, to a house owned by death.

They had been briefed on their duties, with blueprints of the underground structure encoded into their suit's computer. Without a single word, each of them started moving off to their objectives, driven soldiers endeavouring to complete a mission without knowledge of its purpose. S-Two went with S-Three, following the vents in the opposite direction as S-One and S-Four. Their steps were light, the metallic vent surrounding them, keeping their movements secret. The light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be the control room, a massive space with one main computer and three soldiers. S-Two and S-Three did not question why they were up against living beings, for their orders were clear. A flash grenade was all it took for the two of them to shoot all five soldiers, who died before they could realise their situation. A small 'Oof' was all that came out of S-Two and S-Three as they jumped out of the vents and fell two stories down to the ground. S-Three starts patrolling the control room, ensuring that all five were dead, preventing an alarm from being raised.

"S-One. This is S-Two. Do you read me?"

"Loud and clear S-Two. This is S-One, please go ahead."

"We have reached appointed desitination. Are you in place and ready S-One?"

"Roger S-Two. S-One and S-Four are ready and waiting."

S-Two then went over to the control panel and moved his fingers around with fluidity as if playing the piano. He blows up a video feed on the display, and moments later, the door on the screen opens, and S-One goes through the door followed by S-Four, rifles at the ready. S-Two lets out a sigh, his rifle hanging by a strap placed around his body, and turns to S-Three who merely gives a nod. Moments later however, S-Three lost the ability to nod as a high powered blaster shot removed most of his head. S-Two jumped back as he heard the shot, and takes cover behind some crates, his rifle at the ready.

Using a mirror, he tried to ascertain the origin of the blast, and spotted a shooter from the same vent he entered, who then shot the mirror he was holding. S-Two was confused, his mind was racing but he knew what he had to do. Wait. Then he heard it, the slight 'Oof' of a soldier hitting the ground after jumping from such a height. With confidence and alacrity, he came out of his cover, and only realised his folly once his head had a hole in it. S-Two's body merely went limp, his eyes still staring at the backpack of the mystery trooper on the floor, and not at the vent, where the shot came from.

S-Three and S-Four made their way through the corridor, finding that the doors which needed to be unlocked opened without any trouble. They had their orders, and so, they kept moving, and finally reached their objective. A door to a room. Rifles and body at the ready, they opened the door, and were overwhelmed by the sight of civilians running about. Women, children, men, all cramped up into a bunker styled room, made just big enough to accommodate the dozen or so families. S-Four started to lower his rifle, and stopped advancing.

"S-One. There has been a mistake. We've got the wrong room."

"No. We had our coordinates. We have our orders. Now Move it S-Four."

"But we can't- They're just civilians, and there's children here! There was definitely a mistake!"

"Check your coordinates again-"

"Damn the coordinates! We can't go through with this. I-"

"Are you disobeying an order. S-Four."

In a flurry of movement, both S-Four and S-One point their blasters at each other. In the second that S-Four hesitated, S-One let loose a shot of concentrated energy straight into the head of S-Four, removing his ability to question orders. Permanently. The drama that went on at the room's entrance caught the attention of everyone there, all eyes fixed on the single soldier. A child ran up to S-One, tears streaming from his face, and hugged S-One by the leg, and looked up to his expressionless helmet. The child's voice was as fragile as a whisper, yet it was heard by everyone in the room, a break in the awkward silence of the shooting.

"What's going to happen?"

In a quick and fluid motion, S-One set his blaster to rapid fire, then threw a frag grenade to the back of the room, and started spraying his ammunition into the chaotic frenzy that ensued. Men, women, and children, all died from the deadly laser blasts, screaming as they lost their hold on reality. When the screams finally followed their owners to death, S-One lowered his rifle, and knelt down to the child who hugged his leg even more passionately than he did earlier, tears streaming down his cheek. A gloved finger traced the child's jawline, lifting it up at the chin to look S-One straight in the face. His right hand still holding the rifle, S-One slowly moved his hand up to the child's head. The child only had a moment of shock, which died away as the vibroblade retracted back into S-One's plate knuckle, slowly moving out of the child's skull.

"S-Two, S-Three. This is S-One. Do you read me?"


"S-Two, S-Three. This is S-One. S-Four went rogue, and has been taken care of. The mission has been completed. Rendezvous at predetermined location. Do you copy?"


S-One merely grumbled as he picked up his rifle and started to move, surprised at the lack of resistance in this supposedly fortified base. However, S-One was not rookie, so he stuck to the plan, maneuvering the vents to reach his destination, slowly climbing and falling, never knowing where he was supposed to go, following the instructions on his visor. When he reached the end, S-One realised that he had escaped out into the same barren land he crossed earlier. The exit strategy was the entrance strategy, and this fact caused S-One to pause and ponder. He looked up, and realised that the motion detectors weren't turned on. Before he had time to think about his situation, S-One heard a sound from the vent, and raised his rifle, taking aim. He lowered his rifle however, as he saw the helmet crawling out of the vent. S-One gave a sigh of relief, then spoke with a mix of annoyance and joy.

"Why didn't you respond S-Two?"

"Sorry, I was busy."

"Where's S-Three. And your rifle. What happened?"

In a quick fluid motion, the trooper kicked S-One straight in the chest, sending him flying. S-Two then jumped and stomped on S-One's hand, dislodging the rifle from his hand. S-One's mind began racing, partly due to the shock of the impact of his fall, and partly due to his current situation. S-Two then extended his vibroblade, and tried to stab it into S-One's neck. S-One quickly moved both his hands to grab S-Two's arm before it's attached vibroblade could penetrate his neck. With a quick twist, S-One managed to get S-Two off of his body. S-One then quickly stood up, panting and flicking out his vibroblade as well. As soon as S-Two managed to realise what was happening, S-One was already swiping his blade in S-Two's direction. S-Two raised his vibroblade to parry S-One's swing, then quickly brought his leg to give S-One a low kick, but missing as S-One jumps. S-Two then quickly uses the momentum of the kick to stand.

S-One and S-Two begin a whole series of hand-to-hand movements, each matching the other, strike for strike, block for block, their footwork as if in perfect synchronicity. As the battle progressed however, it became obvious that S-One seemed to have the upper hand, pushing S-Two further and further away from the vent exit. S-One finally managed to land a strike on S-Two with a quick kick to the thigh, causing S-Two to stumble backwards. Taking advantage of the opportunity, S-One draws his sidearm. S-Two quickly jumps backwards, but not fast enough. The blasts catch him on the leg. From a distance of about a meter away, S-One points the sidearm at S-Two.

"I know you're not S-Two. So who are you. Care to tell me before I kill you?"

The mysterious trooper who wore S-Two's helmet merely grins, and taps his bracelet. Before S-One could realise what had happened, his body was riddled with high powered laser shots, destroying his entire back. As he slowly falls down and looses his grip on reality, he turns and sees the red light of the motion detector blinking. The automated guns fire another volley at his body.


"There were no problems I assume?"

"The twi'lek S-One was hard to handle. But other than that, the mission went off perfectly."

"You remembered to mark their armour with Sith markings I hope?"

"Of course. Everything was done as instructed. I even let them kill the civilians so should anyone try to investigate the affair and match the residual energy with their weapons, it'll come off positive."

"Very good. You've done well. We'll take care of the rest."

"Sir, could I know why all this was needed?"

"Oh? Questioning orders now? Very well, since you executed this mission exceptionally well, I'll tell you. The civilians saw something we didn't want them to see. So, we had to tie up some loose ends. If we made their deaths look like the doing of the Sith, and recorded it, it'll turn some of the neutrals to rally to our cause. It's all politics really. Don't get your head too mixed up in this. You did what we told you to do."

"What about the four troopers? Sir."

"Have some rest soldier. That's an order."

"Am I dismissed then. Sir?"

"Yes, of course you are, Mictian."
Carlen Darko

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Re: Battle Royale Final Round - Mictian Vorenus

Post  Arashi Storm on Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:00 am

Wow! Nice story Mictian!
Arashi Storm

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Re: Battle Royale Final Round - Mictian Vorenus

Post  Mictian on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:15 pm

Thanks ^^ Your story still got more views than mine though... D: I hope it isn't -too- nice though, so I can participate next royale, haha XD

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Re: Battle Royale Final Round - Mictian Vorenus

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